Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Welcome Christmas

Not a creature was stirring...
Not even a mouse.

You know when you have something new
 and you give it all your attention
 and you tend to ignore 
the old tried and true?

 That is happening to me
 this Christmas season.

As I told you at Thanksgiving,
 we have just finished the dining room.

 I am so happy with it 
that I have spent a whole lot of time
 putting its best foot forward 
and that doesn't leave much time
 for the rest of the Cottage.

Well, actually,
 there is enough time
 to primp up the rest of the place
 but, when you are talking about me,
 I don't always stick
 to my original plan of less is best.

 Every year I say
 that I'm going to 
and when I start out 
I have the best intentions,
 but for some reason
 I am just not able to stick to it!

 I have so many bins
 of Christmas decorations
 that I go through one
 and pick out the things
 I think I want to use,
 then the lid goes back on
 and the box is ready to go
 back into storage.

  Before it goes back, however,
 I have removed the lid 
another few times,
 either getting something else out to use
 or forgetting that I have
 already looked through it!

 Please tell me that you do the same thing!

 I am trying to fix me!!!
 And I think I might just make it!
 And in case I don't,
 I believe that can be OK too.

  So welcome to the
new me just plain old me,
 and I hope you enjoy
 what I have done so far.

We are hopeful
 that the kids will be able
 to join us for Christmas. 
 If not,
 we will go down to their home
 and enjoy Christmas with them.
  Either way, 
we will all be together.

I have set the table in anticipation
 and the Captain and I
 eat here every night
 and it is so much fun 
that we have six seats to choose from
 (of which two chairs still have not been painted).

The very first Christmas
 that I began blogging,
 I saw these really cute dishes
 from WalMart all over the place. 
 I don't have close access to WalMart
 but whenever I was able to shop there,
 these dishes were always gone
 until just a few weeks ago.
  The set has different woodland scenes
 but this particular time
 there were only the tree scenes in stock
 and I was able to
 pick up the amount I needed. 
 I did find two of the deer plates
 that will work for when
 just the Captain and I
 are having dinner...

...I have paired the
 Better Homes and Gardens Heritage Collection 
from WalMart
 with The Old Curiosity Shop,
 made in the USA, 
that I picked up a couple of years ago
 at Good Will in San Diego...

...I put the table centerpiece together
 to tie in
 with the plates.

In the little corner cupboard 
I added the cow picture
 that I painted from a paint-by-number kit
 from Country Living
 along with the best smelling
 Christmas pudding scented candle.

I wanted to share with you
 what my sweet daughter 
gave me for my birthday.

 Tami is the best gift giver,
 she always picks out small things
 that have a strong meaning
 to her and the receiver,
 and they always are so special.

 This little sign 
has the words to a song 
that I used to sing to her
 when she was little and
 we haven't spoken of it in years,
 but she still remembers...

...she also included
 these two beautiful little angels,
 one from the heart
 and one with a phrase
 we always said to
 Jake as a baby.

I have had this little tree
 for a few years
 and have always used it
 in the dining room.

 In years past
 it was decorated in vintage Shiny Brites
 and tinsel garland 
that matched
 the yellow and pink rose wallpaper
 that was on the walls.

 Now it is dressed
 in a more country primitive manner
 with ornaments that I have kept
 from years ago
 but haven't used much until now.
  It is sitting
 in a small tin wash tub
 that I found
 at an antique store
 a few years back.

The star of the room though
 is this blanket chest
 that my dad made
 in wood shop
 when he was in high school.

 That was eighty years ago.

Somewhere along the way
 the lid got broken and lost
 so we had this old top
 from a dresser
 that fits pretty well.

 I love how it is
 chipped, crazed and distressed
 and I have thought about
 painting the chest
 to somewhat match
 but still have not made up my mind
 on that score.

  My mom was always
 painting pieces of furniture 
and my dad was always 
on board with her,
 so don't think
 he would have
 a problem with it.

"Christmas is a spirit
 that flows from one heart
 to another. 
 It is more precious
 than rubies 
and better 
than gold."

Agnes M. Pharo

 I need to get back
 to the decorating 
so I can share more with you.
 I am joining in
 a new Christmas Open House Link Party,
 Come As You Are,
  Thank you,
 Debra and Brenda.

 It will be lots of fun,
 and in the meantime...

...guess what
is spending his time


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  1. Beautiful dining room. I like the two dining room chairs being different , a different color. I would definitely want to have Christmas at your house and love your decor. Did you use to design or decorate for a living, if not you certainly have a flair or calling for it.
    Kai is just so comfortable and knows he has it made, got his little pillow and special spot to nap.
    Your blog header is one I like , especially "Christmas tide" very nice.

  2. Judy your dining room is beautiful I love how you've styled the table and the two hutches with all of that gorgeous white dinnerware...it is stunning. But I have to laugh because you and i have the exact same taste in dishes. I too have the same salad/dessert plate from Walmart and the Old Curiosity Shop plates are the same ones we had when I was growing up. I love them and am always on the look out for them at flea markets yard sales and so on. I love the two paired together. And your tree is just perfect. What a wonderful time of the year! XO Barbara

  3. Oh my - worth the wait to see all your lovelies. I want some of the christmas scene plates that you have - but I want last year's - they have snowy owls on them. Ebay is much too spendy for my taste - so I wait. I love how you have set your table Right now mine is set in sewing machine and doll clothes preparations. Hee Hee. I have those same Old Curiosity Shop dishes - we used them at thanksgiving. They are just wonderful. I found them at a yard sale this summer. Everything you do is so sweet and clever - my house looks pitiful in comparison. Your chest is such a treasure and I think that it is perfect the way it is.

    Your dining room is so special - love that you have two china cabinets in there - so I'm not the only one with multiple china cabinets. Everything is simply spectacular.

  4. Your cottage looks lovely - and Kai is adorable!!!

  5. Everything looks so lovely with warmth and love! Your table setting is wonderful!

  6. Oh Judy, everything is so pretty and comfy in your dining room. I love all the Christmas decor and how it all plays so well with the traditional and everyday feel of the room. Always inspired! Blessings, Cindy That sweet Kai :)

  7. Your home is done in the style that I love..........cherished pieces, simplicity, patriotic and I love your plates from Walmart.. Everything is so pretty.......I love the rag balls and pine in the wooden bowl. I have some rag balls so will do the same here.......Thank you for sharing your Christmas décor with everyone.
    Merry Christmas from Virginia.

  8. Once again, you have done a beautiful job, and you have inspired me :)
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful decor and home with us.
    Love those darling and thoughtful gifts that Tami gave you for your birthday!

    Last night, the UPS man dropped off my darling herb boxes. Can't wait to get them up and decorated :)
    I have some of those cute plates from Walmart too. I pair them with some deep green and pine bough embossed plates.


  9. Judy, your place always looks just perfect and so charming. I love all of your treasures.

  10. Your house is very warm and inviting. Love the traditional touches throughout. That spelling toy with Merry Christmas is absolutely wonderful. Merry CHristmas!

  11. Oh such a pretty display here there and everywhere! I was in love with the little mouse, then the blackbirds and pie and everything else I saw :)

  12. Hi Judy, your little Patriotic Tree is so wonderful, just perfect for this Christmas Season. thanks so much for joining in for the party!

  13. Your dining room is beautiful.... I saw the dishes at Walmart and love them so much, but no room to store them. I have so many already. I love what you've done and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Judy!! I love everything that you shared and how you showcased it all is stunning!! I have those same green dishes but I have been picking mine up over the years.......
    The Dining Room is gorgeous!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! You know the Victorian saying that "More is More"!! I definitely went with that this year!!


  15. Hi Judy. Your dining room is so beautiful. I love that you painted the chairs. The china plates are so pretty as is the centrepiece. Everything is just perfect and cozy. Have a wonderful weekend. Pam

  16. Judy, your home is full of warmth and charm. I love seeing all the details of your decor. Love the patriotic tree with the flags and the stitch work. The sign from your daughter makes me smile, because my husband often says that to me. Can't wait to see more of your decorated home.

  17. Hi Judy, I came over from Common Ground. I had to visit because I have the same reindeer with the red eyes.
    Everything looks perfect. I can't believe those dishes were from Walmart.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

  18. Hi Judy! So much to love about this post. The WalMart dishes are so pretty, and they have added onto the collection over the years. I have Old Curiosity Shop dishes, too, and use them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I adore all your pretty holiday touches. Jane

  19. loved your warm decor and dishes..so inviting
    Fun ideas. You might enjoy my husbands Christmas music. We come to gold county...this March I think. Www.johndoan.com. Merry merry

  20. You decorated everything very cool! My co-worker a writer at essay-writer-club says that your decorations are totally in a Christmas mood! Besides as a ceramist I'd like to say that your plates are very beautiful and were made very qualified!

    1. Thank you Ginger. I appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed it..Merry Christmas..Judy

  21. Oh, Judy, your dining room is as charming as can be! I simply love the china with the bunny on it! How wonderful that you found those at Walmart. I'm going to have to shop there more often. Love your father's blanket chest! That is precious indeed. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.


  22. Beautiful post, Judy -- your dining room looks wonderful!! I love the black chairs. :) That little mouse in the first picture is PRECIOUS -- I want one, too. ;)

    Don't you love it when your grownup children remember special things (like a song) from their childhood? That always means SO much to me. Your daughter sounds very thoughtful, just like her mom.

    Little Kai is just adorable!! He seems very well-behaved. Duncan thanks you for the compliment on his pictures -- he is a handsome rascal. ;) Thank you so much for your visits and kind comments, Judy. I'm really behind on my visits due to illness in the family. Trying my best to catch up and still get things done here.

    Wishing you much joy in the coming week, my friend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  23. Judy, your post has been featured at No Place Like Home today. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    Christmas blessings,

  24. I really like that first piece. The birds on a block of wood. Nice
    all your decor is really nice. I really like the idea of putting the tree in the old wash tub. Too cute.
    What a sweet item to still have after all these years. The chest that your dad built
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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