Thursday, December 31, 2015


The Cottage is all a-twitter 
because it is the first of the new year 
and almost time 
for the sixth, and final, season of
 Downton Abbey 
to begin.

The Grand Duchess of Snow
 is setting the pace 
for the opening act.

 You may remember her 
from last January 
when she was referred to
 as a Foster Farm reject 
by none other than 
the usually complimentary Captain.

 This was a very unlikely situation 
but he is 
still sticking to his story!

 the insults just roll off of her
 like water off a duck's back 
and she still maintains
 her calm and aristocratic demeanor. 

 She is aware 
of her station in life 
and she stands tall.

Lord Victor Snow

Lady Victoria Snow

a part of the party
 will be Lord Victor Snow
 and his elegantly beautiful wife,
 Lady Victoria.

 They are a handsome couple 
and always fulfill their obligations
 with charm and grace.

Of course,
 there are the downstairs groups
 that can be seen in various places
 in the Cottage
 during the month of January.

 They have been
 tidying up the Cottage,
 putting away the Christmas decorations
 in record time
 so that they all might convene 
in front of the telly 
to watch 
the long awaited festivities.

The nanny 
is plumb tuckered out,
 as she has been working long and hard 
to teach the Snow twins
 the perfect manners 
they must present 
as this will be their first time
 allowed as part of the story...

if this doesn't work out,
 she might be going
 from the frying pan
 into the fire!

Let me introduce to you...

Master Peter Snow

Mistress Penelope Snow

...otherwise known 
by their loving parents as:
  The Snow P's.

They are all dressed 
in their finest 
and are waiting for Albert 
to bring the car round.

"Master Peter, 
you must put that snowball down
 before we commence our journey."

Downton Abbey 
begins their final season on
 Sunday, January 3, 
at 9:00 PM 
on Masterpiece Classics. 

 Check your local listings for time in your area.

Hope everyone 
had a Merry Christmas 
and my wish for you 
is a 
New Year.


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  1. Hi Judy:
    They are so cute - I love them all. I have to tell you our TV died this morning so we went and got another. After an hour - my hubby finally has Hallmark on but still has a lot to figure out. How could we not be ready for Downton Abbey - right?

  2. Dear Judy:
    I meant to say more about the snow "people" as they are so cute. I love the way you personalized them with names and characters too! Happy New Year!

  3. Your snow people are darling. Thanks for reminding me about Downton Abby, I really hate that this is the last season. However, I read that they have a new series coming up about the Civil War, it's called Mercy Street and premieres Sunday, January 17th at 10 p.m. Looks very interesting.

    So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you a Very Happy New Years.


  4. Judy did you create your snow people? They are so fun and such wonderful personalities...I cannot wait for Downton Abby...I just hate that it's the final season...there is so little on television as it is...I am not sure if Call The Mid Wife is returning...another favorite...Happy New Year to you...

  5. Judy, you have me smiling and giggling. Love this little story vignette! My snow folks are arriving within hours. The Christmas trappings have been packed and stored with the exception of our tree. We wanted to bring in the new year with twinkling lights. Tomorrow it too will settle into a long winter's nap till next fall. January is my birthday month, so the snow people like to help me celebrate. I'm excited for them to arrive, and you can be certain we will all be there Sunday evening to welcome the final season. See you there, but in the meantime .... Happy New Year to you and that handsome group at Gold Country Cottage.

  6. Happy New Year Judy! You have quite a collection of snowmen (and women, and children)! Very cute, and cute dialogue. I really like the family on your mantel, are they paper mache and did you make them? The feather one is way too cute!

  7. Que le chemin de l’année 2016 soit parsemé d’éclats de joie, de pétales de plaisir, qu’il soit éclairé par la l’étincelle de l’amour et la lueur de l’amitié.
    Bonne et heureuse année !

  8. Happy New Year Judy from our home on the East coast to yours on the West coast.
    Your snow family and extras are adorable. My snow people will be spending January with our family. Am still wondering how I will ever get all of Christmas put away here.
    It's getting colder here in our "neck of the woods" and I heard our weatherman say something about snow, maybe in the not too far distance future.
    Looking forward to visiting your blog in the new year.
    Charlotte in Va.

  9. Happy New Year dear Judy!! Your snow folk are a lovely bunch and will go a long way in keeping the January slump away. Plus, they have a fascinating story! :) Wishing you lots of joy and good health in 2016. Jane

  10. Darling snow folk for sure - love their story. I fear I may be the only person in the entire world who has never watched a single episode of Downton Abbey. I suppose not having a television might have a lot to do with that. LOL I really enjoyed this post - it is always such fun to visit.

  11. I love the Snow P's and their parents, too...precious! I'm looking forward to watching Downton.
    Happy New Year, Judy! xoxo
    P.S. Magoo says thank you for recognizing his artistic abilities. LOL

  12. Such cute snow people! You are so talented!!

    Hard to believe that the new season of Downton Abby is beginning!! Yay!!

    Smiles :)

  13. Happy New Year, Judy! I hope 2016 brings you peace and joy! Can't wait for Downton Abby! Hate to see it end, too! Love your Snow family, so cute!

  14. Haha. "Foster Farm Reject", I remember those California commercials. I love your wreath. Happy New Year. xoox Su

  15. Judy,
    Amazing! You have the best collection of Snow People that I ever saw!! The family of 4 is stunning! May I ask where did you buy them? I LOVE them!
    Thanks so much for sharing!! I will be slowly taking down Christmas and decorating for Winter...
    Happy New Year!

  16. Beautiful creations! Did you make them?


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