Monday, March 21, 2016


Spring arrived
 on Sunday morning
 with sunlight streaming 
in the windows...

...and shining its spotlight
 around the

No wait, 
that's not exactly 
how it

found the sun hiding 
behind a sky of
 gray clouds...

...and it looked like winter 
was here to stay awhile longer.

a few light touches 
around the Cottage 
will keep the spirits up 
while waiting for
 the real thing.

Lacy touches of white
 mixed in 
with an assortment of
 spring greens...

...a vase of dried hydrangeas 
from years past 
that have held onto 
their verdant hues...

...taking some liberties 
with Picasa 
(which won't be around much longer)...

...and adding in 
a few old books
green bindings...

...a sprig of clover 
on Irish Belleek
 to pay tribute to
 St. Patrick's Day...

...a small
faux primrose
 for a 
blush of color...

...and a touch of 
spring yellow 
to pull it all 

Some good news to report: 

 I finally figured out
how to set up
 my "follow by email" button.

if you would like to receive 
Gold Country Cottage 
in your inbox,
 just sign up 
(top right corner of blog, under header)
 and you shall receive.


Welcome to spring everybody!

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  1. No doubt about it, have brought spring along just perfectly!! I hope the real thing stops by soon, but in the meantime it certainly looks bright and sunny at your house!

  2. Your pictures are lovely, Judy! I love that softened look around the edges. Spring is showing up little by little, actually a little bit early---love it!! :)


  3. Everything looks lovely and very "springy" in your home. I love the spring greens, yellows, pinks, etc.
    Our weather is being very changeable. It's warm one or two days and then back to the 30s. Folks along the eastern coast even had a bit of snow last week. The weather man said that that is "winter fighting with summer".
    Enjoy your week.
    Charlotte in Va.

  4. Judy, I like the lacey touches along with the green colors. Our spring came a little early and then was gone since Saturday. I was cold yesterday. I want those hi 50's and 60's back. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. Well, after another storm yesterday it is bright and beautiful today. Cold though and windy. But Spring is here and we have warmer days to look forward to. I love your daffodils and the lace in the windows. Have a lovely week, Judy.

    Easter blessings,

  6. Spring arrived with snow in our neck of the woods, but is supposed to be back tomorrow with green grass and temps in the that's more like it! ;)

  7. My sweet Judy,
    I love your new header !!!
    And thank you for the lovely corners and details of your so cozy home you've shared with us, I'm truly delighted to be here, wonderful friend of mine !

    Hope you're having a blessed week
    I'm sending love to you


  8. Everything looks very pretty to welcome spring in your cottage, Judy. Some of us have to keep thinking positive about spring when it doesn't look it outside. I noted you said Picasa won't be around much longer and nearly freaked out. I hadn't heard this and all my photos are on Picasa for the last 4 years - thousands of them! What is going on with it? I may have to start putting my photos directly on to Photos on my MacBook. I like editing in Picasa too and will surely miss that. Fill me in please. :) Have a lovely week and I hope your weather improves. xx Pam

  9. Ahhhhh Judy so pretty. Love all your spring touches. Happy week and have a wonderful Easter week end.

  10. Spring is full of new life and new promise---I just love it. Your home looks lovely, Judy!

    We may get a light snow tomorrow and it should melt quickly. I put down my crab grass preventer/fertilizer this afternoon. My hoses are still packed away so I figure snow is as good as rain to make it sink in!! I love my flower gardens but I'm also a lawn freak!!!

    You mentioned the flats I bought. Not sure how you lost some of your toes, I hope it wasn't a painful accident. I have to work hard trying on flats, they are either too tight and hurt or too large and the backs slip. I float between a size 7-7 1/2. So far the temps in Vancouver haven't gone over 50 so I may be in boots the whole time!


  11. Spring is looking mistily beautiful at your house, Judy. How pretty everything is. We are getting a foot of snow in the next 24 hours...and it is almost Easter. What is wrong with this picture? lol xo Diana

  12. We are enjoying a bit of an early spring here and I am so very ready for it! Your spring touches around your home are just lovely.

  13. I always enjoy dropping by and seeing your lovely decorated home! Happy spring to you and happy Easter, too!

  14. Dear Judy:
    You have such sweet pictures that welcome spring and your home looks so lovely and friendly! I wish you a Happy Easter. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  15. Even if there was no sunshine your house sparkles with happiness and wonderful decorations. Happy spring my dear.

  16. Judy you are so ready for Spring!!!I love your vignettes and your pictures are so pretty. Yellow is the color this spring...I have it all over our home. Thank you so much for sharing all of your loveliness at SYS and wishing you and the Captain a very blessed Easter!
    XO Barbara

  17. We have snow on the ground in chicagoland too---kinda takes the fun out of trying to decorate the porch. I think the easter hunt will be inside this year, lol. Your house looks delicious, Sandi

  18. Replies
    1. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate them..Happy Weekend..Judy

  19. It certainly does look like Spring is finally here. Lovely where you are and do like how you present your pictures. I am wondering to, what kind of plant is that in your last photo. I have been pulling up some that look just like yours thinking they are weeds, maybe they are not.
    Happy Easter to you and your family


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