Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 has got her foot in the door,
 or at the very least,
 depending where you are in this world,
 a toe.

We just need to be
 a little more patient,
 but for us humans,
that isn't always 
as easy as it is
for some.

Hope everyone enjoyed 
a happy Easter.

 We drove
 down to the kids' 
on Sunday morning,
 had a fantastic meal
prepared by our 
talented SIL...

...topped off
with a Three Berry Crumble...
and were back home in bed 
by 11:30
 Sunday night.

Tami had these beautiful tulips 
as a centerpiece 
and sent them home with us 
as her two cats 
have been known to eat 
whatever flowers 
they find laying around..

...the culprits! -- 
 I certainly 
can't complain!

While we are on
 the subject of tulips,
 I thought I would share again
 these beautiful flowers
 from a couple of years ago.

These photos
 are from a tour we took 
of Ananda Village.

 It is a cooperative
 spiritual community 
outside the town of Nevada City. 

 Two hundred residents 
of all ages 
live on 700 acres of land. 

 They choose devotion 
through the path 
of Kriya yoga.

 Every fall
 the residents plant 
thousands upon thousands 
of tulip bulbs...

...and come spring time 
they open their gates 
to share all the beauty with 
anyone wanting to visit.

 It really is 
a spectacular sight,
 one that the photos 
cannot do justice.

I hope you enjoyed the return trip.


 In last week's post, 
I mentioned that Picasa
 was eventually going away.

  The truth of the matter is
 that it is not going away,
 we will still be able 
to access it
 and use it for editing,
 but Google
 will no longer back it up,
 so if anything were to go wrong 
they would be of no help...
for those of us
 who love and use Picasa,
 fingers crossed!

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  1. Your pictures are stunning and what a beautiful place to visit. Looks like you had a great Easter dinner. The tulips are so pretty, but they don't last long do they. I also love Iris, but they don't last long either.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. How lovely to spend the day with family - the food looks delicious. And the tulips are beyond beautiful - thank you so much for showing us the amazing displays. Happy week ahead my friend.

  3. Such gorgeous flowers, Judy. Although I wouldn't understand living in that type of community, they certainly have added beauty to their section of the world, haven't they?! I'm happy you were able to enjoy Easter with family! Kai is such a cutie! Blessings to you, Cindy xo

  4. Thank you for explaining what's happening with Picasa, Judy. I only use it for editing, not for storing, so I should be okay (fingers crossed here too). What beautiful photos of the gardens, and what generosity that community has!

  5. What a lovely post Judy. I never tire of looking at the tulips. Kai is so sweet! Darn Google for not supporting Picasa. It is such a great program. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

  6. O My!! How beautiful!! Spring has definitely sprung there!! It was in the 30's this morning and will drop down to the 20's this weekend!! It was warmer in March here!! Glad you had a lovely Easter!

  7. Oh my goodness!! For a tulip lover, like myself, that was a dreamy post! Thank you for sharing, Judy!!

  8. Wow! The tulips are gorgeous; what a beautiful place to visit. I can imagine that it must be quite spectacular in the Spring. We're a little bit away from our tulips blooming. Can't wait to see how they'll perform this year.

  9. Glad you enjoyed your Easter. Those tulips are a glorious sight. What a beautiful place and I'm so glad you took us back there. Spectacular! I won't see our tulips for quite some time. It's still very cold here. Fingers crossed it warms up soon. Thank you for sharing with us, Judy, and have a lovely day.


  10. Your Easter tulips are beautiful, Judy. Sounds like you had a perfect day.
    These photos from your visit to Ananda Village are amazing...I'd love to visit one day to take in all that beauty and peacefulness. Kisses for Kai. xoxo

  11. Judith, I would love to see this. Thanks for taking us along with your wonderful photos.
    Spring has fully arrived in Texas. The bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush are lush along the roadsides. My iris are in full bloom, and a few spring annuals have already finished blooming. Spring arrived in March for us. Happy Spring to you!

  12. Judy, What a nice Easter with your children. Love the cats and tulips. :):) Thank you for showing us all the gorgeous flowers. I love seeing gardens in full bloom. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. Gorgeous Tulips! Looks like a gorgeous adventure!

  14. Tulips are my favorite flower Judy. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous pics of them. Sounds like you and the Captain enjoyed a wonderful Easter! God bless and happy weekend!
    XO Barbara

  15. Dear Judy:
    What a lovely Easter and the meal looked wonderful. It sounded like a perfect day with family and delicious food at the beautiful table. The tulips were a real treat and better enjoyed and you can plant them for next year outside. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  16. The fruit looks so good and juicy. Tulips are such a beautiful flower.. Can't grow any here unless in pots, the moles or voles get them.
    Wonderful pictures and enjoyed your post.


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