Tuesday, March 8, 2016


As I sit in my office car,
 looking out over snow capped mountains
against a soft blue sky
 with ribbons of clouds
 and a spring flowering bush
 in the foreground, 
the happiness of spring 
doesn't seem 
too far away...

...I open an old, thick decorating book
 that I use as my desk,
 and I see a small note 
that states, 
quite simply, 
that happiness is a journey,
 not a destination.

I think I must have this premise 
ingrained in my soul,
 as I have always been happier 
looking forward to what is to come 
than the actual event.

 That is not to say 
that I don't always enjoy 
the event itself, 
I do.

I just think
 the possibilities 
of what is to happen
seems to take longer 
than the end result
 takes to
play out 
and it seems to be over 
before it begins.

For example, 
the Captain's birthday 
was last week
 and the kids planned a surprise visit
 to celebrate.

 I almost gave it away
 a few times 
but was able to recover 
before I let anything slip
 and it was a
total success.

They brought home-made tamales,
 rice, broccoli casserole,
 green salad fixins 
and all the condiments,
 along with that wonderful 
carrot cake
 you see above.

(Tami was a little miffed 
at Tim for not ordering 
'Dad' on the cake
 instead of Jerry, 
but in Tim's defense
 it was a natural mistake 
as this is how 
he refers to him.)

 They even did 
all the set up 
and the clean up and 
Jake got in 
and washed the dishes.

 It was such fun 
and I forgot
 to take pictures 
and we were left with
 a few nights worth 
of delicious left-overs.

 We are so fortunate 
that our kids are so loving
 and take such 
good care of us.

 The weekend passed too quickly
 but it was a very 
special time.

Another happiness journey 
is the reason 
for all of the camellia pictures
 I am featuring today.

 The buds have been showing 
for some time now 
and finally have blossomed out 
into the best crop of flowers
 we have had
 for sometime.

I guess
 the lack of water 
didn't hurt them 
nor the downpour 
we had 
a few days ago.

For as long as
 you might have been reading my blog, 
you have seen my picture.

 I started writing in 
February, 2012
 and the particular picture 
I used
 was already 4 years old
 at that time.

 It was taken 
on an Alaskan cruise 
we took in 2008.

I have shown 
a couple of others 
such as the one on Face Book 
which was taken at 
Jake's high school graduation 
and he is now 22.

 Since then,
 I let my hair go gray 
and was never satisfied,
 but it was so much easier. 
 I have seen women 
who have gray hair
 that are much younger that I,
 and have admired it,
 but for some reason
 I could not reconcile myself
 to it
 for me.

 I always felt so old
 and it didn't match what
 I felt like inside,
 so I took the plunge
 and decided to go blonde.

 After I made the appointment,
 I could hardly wait. 
 I was so sure 
there was going to be a drastic change
 in how I looked and felt.

 There is that
 happiness is a journey
 thing again!..

Long story short,
 it wasn't as drastic
 as I had hoped for,
 but I am going to live with it awhile
 and see if I want 
to go lighter.

 The Captain, Tami and my sister
 all love it 
and I guess I'm getting more used to it.

  Thoughts on the subject
 would be greatly appreciated...

...as you can see,
 there has been a little bit 
of a journey 
between the time we first met 
and now.

The happiness
 is to grow old gracefully
 and the destination is 
still looking bright.

Picture courtesy of Victoria magazine

One journey 
that has not been as happy 
involves Downton Abbey.
We knew 
this was the last season and, 
that in itself, 
is an unhappy occasion,
 but our satellite dish went out 
earlier last week
 and we lost a lot of programs 
that we had taped 
and it didn't record some. 

 Dish Network 
sent out a technician 
who had to replace
 the old dish and the DVR receiver
 with new ones,
at no charge to us.

 I do say 
that Dish Network
 takes care of their customers,
 but in the meantime
 as I am setting up the new system, 
I notice that this coming Sunday
 there is a "Tribute to Downton Abbey".

 Did I miss the ending?
 After waiting six seasons,
 I can't believe that is the case! 
 If true,
 this is one instance 
that happiness certainly isn't
 the destination...

...but thanks to Netflix,
 there will most likely be
 another happiness journey.


I would like to thank 
 for including my post from last week 
as one of the features on her BttCG party.

 I appreciate so much 
all the work and time 
that goes into providing a place 
where we all can display
 our particular talents 
and I feel so honored 
to be a part of
 any one of them.


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  1. Hi Judy, You did miss the ending but you can watch it on PBS.org right now! No waiting. Have a lovely evening. Angela

  2. Your hair looks great Judy. Some beautiful photos you have shared. happy birthday to your captain. I heard you got some snow recently...
    Stay warm! Thanks so much for sharing at DI&DI.

  3. Dear Judy:
    You have a blonde personality - I can see that! Looks great. When I was young I always made fun of people who got older and kept using their younger photos and yes - I now find myself doing the same thing. Ha! Love the photos of the Camelia bushes with what looks like snow on them. So glad you shared.

  4. I feel the same way you do...looking forward to something is the best part. Maybe that is why I enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. The anticipation and planning is always so much fun.

    I love, love, love you hair. You look adorable.

  5. My mom often told me that the anticipation is greater than the reward and I have found that to be true quite often. I just love your hair!! Love the new pictures too. You look fabulous!

  6. Oh so much to comment about - first your hair - very pretty - which ever way you do it - you are just downright cute all the time. My hair has been grey for so long that I can barely remember when it was dark, dark brown. I've had comments on it - one day in a restaurant the ladies behind us stopped at our table and said - you have exquisite hair. That made my day. Another lady asked me how I got my hair the color it is - and I said - guess Mother Nature did it. LOL

    You look so much like my best friend from school - we have been best friends since 4th grade. I guess I'm no help - I like all the ways you've done your hair.

    The photos today are especially lovely - oh those flowers. And your kids - so sweet of them to do a lovely party for the captain. Family is so great!!!!

    I like the anticipation and the preparation running up to an event - and then it is over - but we do have the sweet memories. Next is my birthday - wonder what the kids will do? I think we'll combine easter dinner and my birthday since they are just two days apart this year. The table will be easy to set, that's for sure.

    Whatever you do with your hair - you will still be the same cute sweetie pie that we all adore. You look wonderful!!!!

  7. I like your hair in all its versions! It's your smile that makes the pictures lovely!

  8. A big Happy Birthday celebration, Judy...your kids know how to pull off a great time for "Jerry" for at least trying!

    So much here but I have to fast forward to the lovely pictures of yourself over the years. I am at a point where I know that nothing---not the best lotions or potions or makeup are going to change the the years on my face. I get a lot of help by taking great care of my skin, and I do keep my hair color light as it suits me. Gray can look gorgeous on so many women...very authentic. In some cases like yours, it brightens the face and make your eyes and smile stand out. Hurray for you!!! I applaud you for finding what you like, what fits. Most of all, cliche as it is...you are as beautiful outside as your are inside! :)

    Jane xxxxx

  9. Happy Belated Birthday celebration, my new friend !
    I think you to be such a lovely lady, so sweet and delicate in your look, indeed, I do prefer your look now, than that of a few years ago, believe me !

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for another so enjoyable post

  10. Happy Birthday to your captain! My son made me a carrot cake for my birthday at New Years and it was almost identical to your captain's. Even had the carrots decorating it and it was the best! It's the first homemade birthday cake I've had since I was a girl. That's the trouble with being a New Years gal and no daughters to bake me a cake.
    I like your hair. It looks soft and pretty but you have a great smile which makes you attractive no matter what the colour.
    I can watch the Downton Abbey finale again this coming Saturday night on PBS which I intend to do. It ended very well although I am going it miss it terribly. A show like that doesn't come along often enough. Thanks for joining me this week and have a beautiful day.


  11. Hi Judy! First of all, your hair looks so adorable and fits your perfect! Good move! Happy Birthday to the Captain and his cake looks like it was a delicious one, Jerry or Dad! :) Downton Abbey ended quite nice I thought, but does make me sad. Your flowers are beautiful! Have a happy day!

  12. Judy, you are beautiful, and I do love the 'new' hair~do.
    Sending belated "Happy Birthday" wishes to your hubby too!

    I think I am a lot like you.. waiting anxiously for the next thing.. planning and preparing. I love your little quote about the journey, and I need to remember that!

    Oh, we 'cheated' on Downton Abbey. We pre~ordered the entire season, and then we waited until Amazon shipped it, then we watched all of the last episodes at once!!
    Loved it!

    Have a beautiful day.

  13. Happy birthday to Captain Jerry! How nice the family surprised him and brought all the food. I must say I like your new hair colour, but you have such a beautiful smile that any colour would be great! My hair has been grey for 13 years and there are many days I think I'd like to colour it again but then I think of the upkeep of the roots etc. and forget about it. :) Happy Wednesday to you. Hugs, Pam

  14. Judy, You've been busy.. I love that your flowers bloomed, so pretty too. Speaking of pretty...I don't think you have changed much..I think about not putting color on my hair and think...yikes I don't think I am ready yet to be gray...cause I don't know what it will look like. Your hair looks good both ways...well you have a great smile and that helps , don't you think. We need to keep smiling no matter how gray we get. LOL. Happy belated b-day to the captain. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  15. Judy, I think your hair looks great with the blonde. I am 50% gray, but I love it that way. Been going gray since I was in my 30's, and so it is just natural to me, but I know that even though gray is popular right now, it isn't for everyone! My sister colors and she's older than me, but I can't even see her with gray hair, it wouldn't be "right"! So, my opinion (for what it's worth), is to do what feels right for YOU! You're a lovely lady! Oh, those camellias are so beautiful! Wish I could grow those. . .

  16. I love your hair! I let mine go from a lifetime of black to white! I have thought of trying blonde! I have always said that I enjoy the anticipation of an event more than the actual event it's self!

  17. I love your hair! I let mine go from a lifetime of black to white! I have thought of trying blonde! I have always said that I enjoy the anticipation of an event more than the actual event it's self!

  18. Happy belated Birthday to the Captain, Jerry!!!!!!! How sweet that your whole family was able to be there to celebrate it :O) Your camellia blooms are so beautiful!!! I love your hair....very pretty as is your smile!

  19. I totally agree with you about the preparation and looking forward to an occasion is the best part...... It sounds like you and your family had a lovely birthday celebration. I love carrot cake. A belated Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Your camellias are gorgeous. I've only seen them in southern Virginia. Don't know if they'd grow in my yard....farther north.
    Your hair style is very attractive and I really like the color. You have a lovely smile.
    Have a splendid journey during this week.
    Charlotte in Va.

  20. Hi Judy, LOVE your new hair color and your newest photo. You are beautiful!!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby. Sounds like the party was so nice. Your kids are special to come in and do everything. What a blessing.
    Your Cameilla bush is gorgeous in white. Mine is blooming in red and so pretty. It's been blooming since Feb.
    Have a great weekend sweet friend. xo

    1. Thanks, Celestina. We had a great time with the kids and always do when we get the chance. I have a beautiful dark red camellia bush too, but the Captain TRIMMED it back a while ago and so there are no blooms on it this year! Happy Weekend.xxo Judy

  21. Your hair is so cute, Judy! Really like it! And, guess what...we have ALL had a few changes in the years behind, and we've Earned them!! So good of your kids to surprise The Captain! How fun! Many Blessings, Cindy xo

  22. Judy,
    You know that I am one of those younger people who let their hair go gray at 57 years old. It is a year now since I did it and I have never regretted it. It was liberating to me. I have it highlighted blonde for many years since I started to go gray in my mid 30's. I was so tired of having to sit for 4 hours to have it colored every 3 months and to have to pay $125 to do so every 3 months. My hair is still salt and pepper as they call it and is healthier than it has ever been. I have never once wanted to go back to blonde. But you have to do what you feel is right for you. I just had a 95 year old patient that had jet black hair and she looked rediculous. If I were to dye my hair again, it would be blonde even though my natural color is drak brown.
    You look lovely in your pictures!! And as long as you are happy, that is all that counts!!

    Happy Birthday to your Captian!!


  23. Hi Judy! I think your hair looks lovely - no matter how you do it. You are a sweetheart - inside and out. Jane


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