Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This is the Cottage garden today, transitioning from late spring into summer.

I would like to thank everyone
 who commented on my flower pictures 
from last week.

 You all had such kind things
to say about the garden 
and about my 
gardening habits.

Right here and now, 
I need to set the record straight.

 In the past, 
I have said 
that my garden grows
 with no help from me
 and that is the honest truth 
as it still stands.

The Captain
does all the mowing, trimming
and keeping up the curb appeal,
 and my expertise lies,
 pretty much, 
in giving orders only, 
although they are 
not always followed.

I will say, however,
 the placement of furniture 
and choosing colors
 of plantings and accessories 
(all the fun stuff)
 I will take 
full responsibility

...and I do have fun
 putting together
 some charming vignettes.

 But when it comes to maintenance,
 I count on Mother Nature
 to help me out...

Here are a few 
of her little soldiers
 that work so hard 
to raise the standards
 around here...

...so that the rest
 can just keep putting 
their best feet forward
 each year.

Even though 
my intentions are entirely honorable,
I cannot take 
any of the credit.

I have an excellent staff
 always willing to help out,
 but sometimes things happen 
and stories get told 
a little out of context, 
or to be more accurate, 
my fingers get working 
faster than my mind, 
so the facts, 
as I know them, 
don't translate too well. 

 As I got a few comments 
about the why's and where-fores 
of the kids 
taking out the swimming pool 
at their house..
this seems to be 
one of those stories, 
so let me try
 to clarify it.

Once upon a time,
 a family moved into a house, 
(can't you tell the family is partial to blue) 
and as time went by,
 they built a pool 
in the back yard,
 so that the kids
 could have fun.


The kids grew up 
and moved out of the house
 and the parents moved
 to an entirely different part
 of the state
and to an entirely different type 
of house.

When the parents moved out
and into their entirely different 
type of house,
 the daughter moved back
 into the family house 
with her husband 
and after a few years passed, 
their son was born.

They lived 
in the family house
 and played in the pool 
for many years,
 but one day
 the baby grew up...

...and went to college,
 got a job and a social life,
 and his parents had jobs
 that they worked really hard at
and which left them
no time at all 
for a social life...
so since there was nobody swimming 
and not much free time 
left over for maintenance, 
they decided to remove it...

...and to answer some of your questions:

The pool is not at our house,
 and I don't plan 
to put my brown thumb 
on the garden renovation. 

 The kids have worked so hard 
on this project
 and they will have 
a more manageable yard 
to take care of 
and enjoy
when it is all done.

When we installed the pool 
back in the 1970's,
 a swimming pool was a great 
selling feature 
but since then 
times have changed. 

 I know 
they are still a wonderful addition 
to properties in warmer climates
 but in the 
northern part of this state, 
especially on the coast, 
there aren't that many
 warm days
 and a pool in a rental house
 can be a liability. 

 We would have had 
to remove it 
a long time ago 
if our children 
weren't the ones 
living in the house.

So now 
you know 
the rest of the story 
and I will keep you 
up to date 
on the progress of 
their new back yard 
as it happens.


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  1. Great post Judy. I am sure you and the Captain have worked very hard on your beautiful garden along with some of natures help.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Stop by my latest post and see some stunning gardens on another tour. I am toured out LOL.

    Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day.


  2. Dear Judy:
    This post is full of revelations! I enjoyed every word. The Captain does a great job. At my house I am the opposite as my hubby has bad allergies and although he does mow the grass and bring around the dirt and mulch - that's about it. I dig the holes and I dig out the grass which I have been doing a lot of lately. Also, I wanted you the know I don't have a public tea room as businesses like that are forbidden in our HOA Covenant. I do plan to have lots of teas though and the photos were actually my kitchen in case you thought that was the Tea Room in the basement. Having said all that that the pool story sure set things straight too! Lovely photos and lovely yard!

  3. Judy - We seem to be the same kind of gardener. I love picking out the plants and then deciding where they should go but ---- after that, I don't want to have to fool with them a whole lot. John always mowed and edged and watered. I do the watering now, but have a grandson who does the rest.

    Your yard looks so pretty. Hubby does a good job,


  4. Like I mentioned last week, being a widow who works full time and has many other things to manage, there are Many days I think about doing the same thing. Yet, instead, I may just purchase a little condo and allow someone else to tend the pool and yard! For today, thanks for sharing, 'the rest of the story' and filling us in. Blessings, Cindy xo

  5. Your garden sounds like a perfect partnership and one that is producing a lovely effect.

    Filling in a pool in our drought ridden climate makes perfect sense to me...and it give more space for gardening.

  6. Judy your home is so beautiful and i love the way you've decorated it! I did think the pool was at your current house tho! I was wrong. I bet they love it when the job is completed!

  7. lovely yard. Good you have so much help in many different ways.
    Jake looks like a dollbaby with his mom and dad.
    I wish I had a pool. Loved your post.

  8. Good morning Judy. You know, it takes two to make a "thing" go right ! You are so blessed and fortunate to have your "Captain" to cut, edge, etc. your yard.
    I love the pink rose against the colors of your home. Very Victorian.
    You do have a wonderful talent when arranging your vignettes. I look forward to seeing what you're doing next.
    You have a lovely family. I know they enjoy living in your former home.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day.
    Thinking of you.
    Charlotte in Va.

  9. Well dang girl, somebody has to supervise. LOL. My Teddy does the mowing and weed whacky...and I help with all other outside things...wait I do no burn the yard debris...cause he's a pyro when it comes to that. I love your beautiful house. All the wonderful flowers. I loved reading about your family. The little baby is grown now. :( Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  10. We have a pool and I love it, but it is expensive and can be a lot of work. Everyone uses it regularly right now, but I have a lot of friends who are empty nesters and would love to be free of the responsibility.

  11. Judy, your posts are always a pleasure to read. My, the work that must have gone into filling that pool! Here at our home, my hubby does all the outdoor work and he doesn't enjoy it. If he was retired that would probably make a big difference. My back can't take yard work so it's his job. He is a very busy guy and so yard work comes last on his list of things to do. Sometime this year we are planning to put our home on the market because I have too many health issues to care for this place much longer. A place with no stairs to climb would be bliss! Thank you for another entertaining post and bless that husband of yours and all the little creatures that help to make your property so beautiful. You're all doing a fabulous job! Happy May, my friend!


  12. Fun post, Judy. Lots of gardening going on here of recent. We are enjoying a beautiful spring. Perfect days! Happy Spring!

  13. Love all your explanations of the different events and houses - though I find I was pretty up to date with them anyway - but your way of telling a story is super and I love to read what you write. The new yard for the kids will be such fun to plan - and can't wait to see how they update the yard. Your house is so pretty and your yard ( and gardner) are wonderful. We have a gardener that comes once every two weeks and mows and weeds (the joy of being older, no one expects you to mow and weed if you don't want to) and I putter around on the deck with my flowers in pots - perfection. Happy week ahead my friend.

  14. Love all the photos of your helpers, Judy. I'm happy that you have blooms and all the critters to keep them healthy.
    I still can't imagine how many wheelbarrows of dirt it took to fill in that pool, but my back aches at the thought! xoxo, T.

  15. I love seeing the old photos of your family! How fun to look back and to share it all with us. Thank you for linking up to Dishing It! & Digging It!

    1. Thank you, Jenny. I appreciate your kind words..Have a great Mother's Day..Judy

  16. I miss our pool but my husband says no more pools. That has to be a lot of work filling in the one you had. But I don't miss the maintenance. Wow. Love the single rose bud.


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