Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Good Morning from the porch!

This is what 
the early morning sun looked like today.

 We are enjoying
 such beautiful weather now,
 but before long,
 the heat
 will return.

A wondrous view
 to happen upon
 on the way home 
from the 

We spent 
the Memorial Day weekend
at the kids.

 The garage sale
 was very productive
 and Tami raised enough money 
to put her over the top 
for her breast cancer walk in July.

  We all went to dinner
 on the wharf 
to celebrate her birthday 
and had a 
wonderful meal.

Shame on me! 
I took my camera 
but neglected to take
 any pictures.

I scored 
a few great finds 
at the garage sale...

...a large steel orb 
that will have a special place
 in the
 back yard project...

...a vintage Pepsi Cola carrier...

...and this 3-D art piece. 
 Although it is very interesting,
 I won't be using the art
 as it is definitely not my style, 
but I will be painting the frame 
and using it in another
 up-coming project.

The kids 
gave me this beautiful lantern 
with candle 
for Mother's Day. 
 It is another piece
 to trade time between 
the back yard project and
 the Cottage.

I picked up this wreath 
at JoAnn's last week
 and plan to embellish it 
with my growing stash 
of dried 
sun flowers.

Hope you all enjoyed
 a fun filled Memorial Day weekend 
and our special thanks
to honor the many 
who have served 
to keep our country free 
and to keep America 
as great
 as it always
 has been.


Another view 
from the 
road home.

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  1. Found your dried sunflowers to be interesting. Never thought of doing that, but sure will in the future.

  2. HI Judy, Hard to believe that tomorrow is June 1st. Loved reading about your weekend. We had a very nice one which included a family bbq. Have a great week.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Judy! Great finds! :-)

  4. I love a good sale like the one you were at, Judy! Smart buying art for the frames...I love to use them for props. And the cola case...what are your plans for that? I know crates are super popular but my mind goes blank when I wonder what to do!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.


  5. I'm glad you had a nice weekend and found some "good stuff" ! We had a quiet but nice weekend. We had a most enjoyable meal at a Logan's Roadhouse, out on the deck. The breeze was delightful but the heat and humidity is on it's way.
    I love the "orb" and everything else you found at the yard sale. Your lantern gift is wonderful.
    Your dried sunflower wreath will be very special.
    Have a wonderful week and weekend ahead.
    Charlotte in Va.

  6. Your pictures are always interesting, Judy. You capture the outdoors so perfectly. I love the lantern your family gifted you with. Glad you enjoyed your weekend and thank you for sharing with us. Have a lovely day.


  7. The view from porch is so pretty!
    It looks like you did very well with your thrift shop visit and you'll have lots of fun moving things around and finding the 'just right' place.

  8. Great finds, Judy! I love the lantern that the kids gave you...you are sure to enjoy that year round. Glad you had a good weekend with them! xoxo, T.

  9. Nice finds and I love that globe with candles for the yard! Your photos are always so fun to look at.. love the horses in the field too. Our Memorial Day was nice and spent with my two sisters and families.

  10. Dear Judy:
    I love your charming photos were are always so full of love and "down homeness". Is that such a thing? I think you have that touch. It looks like a wonderful place to live! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  11. Judy, as always I enjoy your photos. Glad you had a good time and found some fun things at the sale. Quiet Memorial Day weekend here. Raining most days. '-)

  12. Beautiful photos Judy!Love the one of the horses...there is just something so peaceful about watching horses. Love your MD gift too...you can never have too many lanterns! Can't wait to see your wreath. Wishing you a wonderful day!
    XO Barbara

  13. Hi Judy, sounds like a wonderful weekend. Your photos are simply gorgeous. So glad your foot is better and you had a good report at the doctor. We had a nice weekend too but it's been raining ever since and flooding in many areas of Texas. Happy June sweet friend. xo

  14. Judy, lovely photos. So glad to hear you had a great weekend. Sounds like good fun at the sale. Such a wonderful gift of the lantern. The orb is a great find. Just to let you know your orb is being featured for this Sunday's link party. xo

  15. You found yourself a few fun pieces, Judy! I love when I can find a piece or two that can do double duty (inside and out). I hope you are enjoying some beautiful weather. We are forecast to hit 117-118 this weekend, pool here I come! Blessings, Cindy xo

  16. I love that old Pepsi crate! What a nice find. The orb lamp is sweet and would look lovely outside on a porch or pergola. Enjoy your nice weather. It's been nice here but appears we're in for a spate of not nice weather the next few days. Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Hope you are well. Lovely finds especially the beautiful vintage Pepsi Cola crate. All the best for your daughter's fund raising walk.

  18. Great and fun week end Judy. Love all your wonderful treasures. So happy your daughter is raising funds for the Breast Cancer Walk. Happy Week End.

  19. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Valerie. I just love it and it is really heavy..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  20. I am drooling over that orb too! Great post!


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