Tuesday, May 10, 2016


What started out
 to be a
 wonderful weekend...

The Captain 
his apprentice...

...were gathering together
for a much awaited 
back yard 

...but before that,
 the lawn needed mowing 
and as much as Kai 
NEEDS to be
 at the Captain's heels,
 he just can't abide 
the sound of the weed whacker
 so he follows the progress 
from door to window,
 as long as that part
 of the job is
 being done.

 during that part of the job, 
the weed whacker broke 
and Papa used a few potty words,
 so that moved the apprentice
 from the door and the window,
 but only as far
 as the

 it was my time
 for my Mother's Day present.

 A trip to Hobby Lobby 
and a few items to use
 in that much awaited 
back yard 

It was a great day.

 It rained really hard 
on the way to Hobby Lobby 
and I love riding in the car 
when it is raining,
 as long as I'm not driving!

 We stopped at our favorite 
In and Out Burger joint
 and that made Kai
 very happy. 

When we returned home, 
we caught up on
 some back stories
 of the Alaskan Bush People 
and went to bed early.

  On the way to the bedroom,
 I felt like my foot
was swelling. 
It hurt to bend it.

 Now here, 
I guess, 
is where I bring you 
up-to-date on my health issues. 
 They are not bad, 
and at my age,
 I feel very lucky 
that I am as healthy as I am
 along with these 
wonderful golden years,
 sometimes there is
 a price to pay.

Some of you
 have heard this story before,
 or parts of it,
 so just stick your fingers
 in your ears
 and sing la, la, la,
 if you don't want to hear it again.

  About 6 years ago,
 I had a blood clot
 in my lower right leg
 and I was rushed to
 Mercy Hospital in Sacramento.
  It took a few hours 
to get the situation taken care of 
and in that time, 
the surgeon thought 
he might have to remove part of my leg. 
 What he did do, 
 was cut one slit 
on the top of my foot 
and one on the side 
of the ankle, 
and using an instrument 
he pulled the clot out. 
 That took care of that problem but,
 in the meantime, 
the circulation was shut off 
long enough 
that it killed three of my toes.  
I had to have them amputated 
and I was put on Warfarin 
to stop the problem ever happening again. 
 It was supposed to be
 an out-patient procedure 
and usually 
when I have to have anesthesia 
I never have a bad reaction
 and wake up free of pain,
 but this time 
that was not the case. 
 I woke up screaming
 because it was really painful 
and they admitted me
 to the hospital. 
 I stayed in 
for about 4 days. 
 During that time 
 whenever I had to get out of bed 
and put my foot down, 
I didn't think 
I could stand it. 
 I couldn't do
 any physical therapy at that time 
as it was too painful 
to put weight on. 
 I promised I would put weight on it 
when I got home 
but all I did 
was hop on my good foot
 to get any place.

 If you have ever had
 any type of surgery
 where you can't use certain muscles 
right away,
 you will know 
what I'm talking about here. 
 I didn't know 
you could lose 
 so quickly.

I am only showing you
 pictures of flowers
 as I didn't think 
you would enjoy
 seeing the outcome 
of a toeless foot! 

Long story short, 
I had to learn to walk again 
by using a walker for quite sometime 
and then going to physical therapy, 
then walking with a cane 
for a while longer. 
 Even putting
 a regular shoe back on 
took about
 three months.

My foot is always 
slightly swollen 
compared to my other one, 
but I started having pains
 where the toes were 
a few nights ago 
which felt like 
little bursts of lightening 
going through.  
This went on at night time
 for a few nights 
then stopped and
 I was able to sleep. 
 Then, Saturday night was when 
the swelling got more pronounced
 and after soaking it in hot water
 and keeping my foot up for three days 
it feels somewhat better now. 
I really don't want 
to go to the doctor 
but will give it 
a few more days to see.

 I have seen the commercial on TV 
for diabetic nerve pain
 and the pictures look like
 what it kind of feels like, 
although, thank heavens,
 I am not diabetic.
 So we shall see. 
 I hope I don't have to go on
 any medicine
 as it is hard to regulate the Warfrin 
when you introduce new medications, 
and I do 
really well
 on it.

I really don't know why 
I wrote about all this 
except so many sent me
 Mother's Day wishes 
that I wasn't able to answer right away, 
I just felt I needed
 to explain...

...and all of the flowers
 were from a bouquet 
that Kai sent to me 
for Mother's Day 
and I wanted to share them 
with you...

...and if you
 are really into this sort of thing,
 I have a great story 
about a punctured bladder 
that I can tell you! 
But that is 
another story for
 another day.

I hope everyone had
 a wonderful Mother's Day 
and we will be going down 
to the kids in a couple of weeks 
and will celebrate with them then.

  I am looking forward to it.


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  1. Oh Judy - bless your heart, rather your foot! That sounds so painful. I'm so sorry you are having to go thru this. Doesn't sound like much fun. Isn't it amazing how when your feet hurt, your whole body aches?

    Hope you get a good doctor's report. Take care.


  2. Oh Judy, I did not know about your toes and that blood clot and surgery six years ago. I hope your current problem clears up quickly.

  3. So, status post weekend, I guess you backyard project didn't get done! I am sorry that you deal with the foot issue, I can't imagine! I do hope that you seek medical advice if it gets worse though!! That Kai is such a sweet kiddo, beautiful flowers you received :) Sending hugs and prayers your way! Blessings, Cindy xo

  4. Ok Judy this is the nurse in me. I would call your doctor . Sounds like neuropathy. There are a few neuropathy's that can happen other than just with diabeties. So you can get neuropathy not related to diabetes. Usually that is the most common reason. So I hope you will follow up with your doctor. Ok enough of me being a nurse!!!! Just worried about you.

  5. wow JUdy you've sure been through alot and I sure do hope you are feeling better by now? have you called your doctor? I wish you would. Please keep us posted okay?

  6. I am glad to hear you had such an enjoyable Mother's Day. You sure have been through a lot with your foot and I hope you find some relief with that soon. Kai sent you some beautiful flowers. Loved seeing his pictures this morning. Take care.

  7. I think it is brave to share your story with us all. Sometimes it helps to let people know what is going on because you can get strength from them! I'm sorry you're hurting right now and I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing your story at Dishing It! & Digging It!

  8. Oh, dear Judy, what a weekend you have had! I didn't know about your foot issue and I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. I agree with Kris, you should go see your doctor. I think you are brave to share this with us all. Those of us who believe in prayer can pray for you. God bless you! The flowers from Kai are beautiful. You take care, my friend.


  9. Oh boy, Judy, that does not sound like a fun story. I am sorry that you continue to have pain and trouble from that foot and I hope that this week brings you better days! :)

  10. Aw, Judy! I feel for you! What a horrible thing to go through, but thank God you had a smart surgeon who was able to "save" your foot/leg from being amputated. My son had a wonderful doctor save him from losing a leg when his foot was crushed in a horrible work accident (2004), so I know that the timing can be very crucial in those kind of situations. Your flowers are just gorgeous, and thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Oh Judy, I'm so sorry to hear that your foot is giving you problems again. You've been through so much with it already. My dad is dealing with a similar issue, except his has been caused by an ongoing infection (he's lost two and a half toes now). He's not diabetic either. I hope you get this resolved easily, my friend.

    Oh I love that little Kai!!! He's so adorable, and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of him watching his Pop. :-D Thanks for sharing. Your flowers are lovely, too.

    I hope you have a good visit with your children and a safe journey!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. Hi Judy, I don't mean to laugh when you are down but you gave me a huge laugh! lol It's so nice to know that others have days like yours. Have a great day! lol Jo

  13. So sorry to hear about your foot and toes problem... but thankful you almost fully recovered from the blood clot. How awful and sad to have to go through that. I will pray that it gets better and/or you find a good doctor who knows how to handle it and take care of it. When we don't have our feet, it's hard to do much of anything. I spent a year (about 3 years ago) with a swollen and very painful foot and never did know what was wrong! Went to ankle and foot doc several times, wore a boot (which made it worse), he never could figure it out. I just kept walking on it as much as I could, soaked it in epsom salts (wonderful things to use) and prayed for it to go away. It finally did! Strange things happen to our bodies. Loved all your beautiful flowers and your sense of humor. I so hope you feel up to walking normally again very soon and the backyard project gets done! I love the things you bought at Hobby Lobby... the blues are so "in" and so pretty.

  14. Judy, I am so sorry about your foot problems. Sound incredibly painful and I hope you feel better real soon. Your little dog is such s sweety. I loved the flowers and enjoyed your photos. Sending a hug and healing energies your way :)

  15. Dear Judy ~ I am so sorry about your foot problems and hope this latest issue will be resolved safely and easily.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  16. Judy dear, what an ordeal.you deserve your very own pity party. Sometimes we need to.m I hope your foot problem is taken care. You need to be able to enjoy your life and get your backyard project finished. Love your accessories from Hobby Lobby. In and Out is my favorite burger. Take care and thanks for sharing at DI&DI. Xo

  17. So sorry! I have had quite a bit of foot surgery involving bones so I know how painful it can be. I hope you recover soon without further treatment.

    Your little dog is just too cute, what a wonderful companion.

  18. Dear Judy:
    What a lovely posting of photos but sad about your foot. Hugs and prayers on that issue as you really need a heavenly touch Judy! I am so sorry for your trouble and pray for a speeding healing.

  19. Judy! You do what Kris says and get to the doctor. I'm hoping you have, since you posted this a few days ago. You have been thru the wringer, kid. I hope you have gotten better and have it sorted out...neuropathy is painful, I have it from hip to foot after shingles left me with all that fun. I loved the pics of Kai watching the Captain in the yard...so cute! And your flowers are breathtaking.
    Be well, sweet friend! xoxo

  20. Judy, I so hope your foot and leg are doing much better by now and that you got some medical attention. That sounds quite serious to me. The flower photos are beautiful. Take care of yourself. Blessings and hugs. Pam

  21. Well darn - that is an awful thing to happen to such a sweet person. I hope your pains are gone soon. After I had emergency back surgery 2 1/2 years ago the surgeon told me that night pain was nerve pain and I do really notice that i have more of it at night - not good for sleeping - but eventually I get to sleep.

    Your flowers are so pretty - and indeed, I didn't want to see pictures of the other stuff - thankyewverymuch. I hope your week continues to improve and you have a lovely visit with your kids.

  22. Praying you feel better soon. I love your doggie and glad you got to get some yummy food. We watch Alaskan Bush People too.

  23. Praying you feel better soon. I love your doggie and glad you got to get some yummy food. We watch Alaskan Bush People too.

  24. Ooh the pain, gosh! I imagine it took some time to get used to not having three toes as you use them to grasp the floor when you stand. Your brain still thinks they are there I would think.
    A friend of mine had to have the same thing happen as she had a blood clot in her leg years ago and they did the same procedure removing it.
    I am praying you are back in tip top shape very soon.
    Sounds as though your moms day was very good with those very pretty flowers and some fun finds for your garden.
    God Bless,

  25. I keep checking to see how you are. I hope your foot hasn't taken a turn for the worse.
    Take care.....Thinking of you !
    Charlotte in Va.

  26. Hi Judy, Im so glad you liked my post about the mermaids. And I stopped in to see how your leg/toe/foot is doing??? Was thinking about you! And hope you are better!

  27. Hi Judy, Im so glad you liked my post about the mermaids. And I stopped in to see how your leg/toe/foot is doing??? Was thinking about you! And hope you are better!

  28. Ouch you have had a time of it. I'm just now reading this so I hope by the next post I read you're doing better.

  29. Ouch you have had a time of it. I'm just now reading this so I hope by the next post I read you're doing better.


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