Tuesday, May 24, 2016


See this shelf? 

 Decorated for the upcoming holidays 
and looking so smug...

is it possible 
that something so unpretentious 
could be responsible 
for a smidgen of pain and suffering 
and a whole lot of 

Over the past two or three weeks
 you have sent so many caring inquiries 
about the problems 
concerning my foot
 and I can't tell you
 how much I appreciate
 each one of them.

As I told you last week,
 the swelling had gone down
 and the pains had stopped 
and a visit to my primary doctor 
showed nothing wrong. 
 The foot was fine
for a day or so after that visit
 then the swelling
 came back.

I tried to think 
what I had done differently 
that might cause the problem to return 
- then it hit me - 
I had just re-arranged the shelf.

As you can see,
 the sofa sits directly 
under the shelf.

 Short of moving the wagon,
 pulling the sofa out from the wall 
and dragging the ladder in,
 it is much easier 
to just stand on the sofa. 
 What happens
 when you stand on a squishy sofa, 
without shoes,
 and try to reach up high?...

...your feet tend 
to rock back and forth
 and you end up on tippy-toes
 much of the time.

 This may not seem 
like such a bad thing 
and it certainly wasn't 
for my good foot,
but the bad foot
 isn't used to bending
 and hasn't been 
for about seven years.

 When I have the support of shoes, 
I don't walk with a limp,
 but I find it very uncomfortable 
to walk barefoot,
 so I tend to keep the foot stiff
 when I do.

I thought back 
and the last time
 I had rearranged the shelf
 was the day before 
the original pain and swelling started.

 Ha, ha, 
have I just diagnosed 
my own problem?

was my appointment with 
the vascular surgeon 
who had removed the toes.

 He checked the foot over, 
said it looked very good
 with no signs of trauma or infection. 
 He used the doppler 
to check the pulse
 and I could hear it loud and clear, 
so the blood flow 
is excellent,
 and he checked all up and down
 my leg 
and found nothing 
to be concerned about.

  He said he didn't know
 what might have caused it
 and asked if I had done anything 
out of the ordinary 
and I told him my theory.

 He thought it could be a possibility.

 So there you have it 
and now I promise
 no more talk
 about my toes
 or lack thereof.

since you have seen the culprit,
 in all its glory, 
here are a couple of other spots
 that are ready for 
their patriotic duties...

We are off to the kids on Friday.

  It is Tami's birthday 
and she is having her annual garage sale
 to raise money for her
 breast cancer walk
 in July.

Who knows what I may come home with...

"You ride shot gun, I've got this!"

is ready for a road trip
 and spending time with
 Rosie and Cruzer.

Have a
 wonderful and fun filled 
Memorial Day.


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  1. Oh Judy, I so glad to hear your foot and leg are fine. You silly woman standing on the couch. At least you self diagnosed. Hope all is well and you continue to do well. So glad you shared at DI&DI. Tour patriotic display is awesome. Love the florals. Kai is a cutie~ Happy Memorial day.

  2. Ah, ha ! Now we know. I do the same thing when I hang a picture over my bed. I do all kinds of rocking and rolling and trying to keep my balance. I'm glad you (I hope) figured out what caused the swelling in your foot.
    Your Americana decor is very festive. I love the blue chair that your little man is sitting in.
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter and family and come home with lots of "loot".
    Happy Memorial Day !
    Charlotte in Va.

  3. Judy, I am thrilled your foot is good. I can not walk barefoot too long, I need support for my arches. You know how we sit back on our heels when squatting to plant things..OMG, that totally kills my feet. So I do not do much of that. I think it's cute that Kai wants to drive. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  4. I am so glad to hear that you discovered what was wrong with your foot and very glad that it is better! Enjoy your visit and Memorial Day!

  5. I am so glad to hear that you discovered what was wrong with your foot and very glad that it is better! Enjoy your visit and Memorial Day!

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth. Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  6. Well missy, no more climbing on the sofa for you. But it must be a relief to have figured out the problem. I think imagination is often worse than reality.

    Your decorations are simply wonderful - I haven't even gotten my spring decorating finished (which is ok since it is not even getting up above 61 here for the rest of the week) and here you are ready for summer and the 4th of July. I don't really decorate much for summer though - so I'm not as far behind as it might seem. Kai looks ready for his road trip - he'd better have his driving glasses handy - and his license. Have a wonderful time visiting your family.

  7. Dear Judy:
    So happy for this news as I have prayed for you. I am so impressed with your patriotic theme here too - yea for the red, white and blue! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  8. So glad your foot is better and you know the culprit. What we do to make our homes more beautiful!! LOL

    Love all of your patriotic décor.


  9. Glad to read that you figured out the cause of your foot problem. I've stood on couches and chairs also instead of getting a ladder. We live and learn.

    I'm doing what I can to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, which I just started dealing with about a month or so ago. Supportive shoes was a definite must, as well as exercises and massaging with essential oils. Herbs and vitamins help too.

    Your shelf decor looks nice and patriotic.

    Have a good time with family over the weekend ~FlowerLady

  10. So glad that you figured out what was wrong. So you have to stay off of the sofa. Have the Captain put your items up, but supervise the placement.

    Enjoy your time with daughter. Have a wonderful Memorial Day.


  11. I'm sorry your foot hurt but I'm glad you discovered what caused the pain. Your shelf looks great though! So glad you linked up to Dishing It! & Digging It!

  12. Judy, I am so glad all is well and I did pray for you. I know from experience that one shouldn't do things like that out of the ordinary. "You're a great one to preach," is what my hubby would tell me but it's true! I am glad you discovered what caused your pain and I know you will be more careful. You have some cute vignettes. I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend with your family and thank you for sharing.


  13. I am so sorry to hear that you struggle with foot problems or lack thereof, I really feel for you and know just how much pain you are in and pray that you will feel better soon. Have a wonderful weekend. xx Jo

  14. I've not put out one thing. Happy Birthday Tami and hope the garage sale is a big success.
    So good you came to the cause of your foot pain and now you know what NOT tod do. When you stand on the couch I can see how that would affect the foot with it smashind down on an angle on soft cushions. Great you got it under control now.
    Happy Memorial day and fun with the children

  15. forgot to mention that Kai is a handsome little dog - Betsy

  16. Hi Judy,

    I'm so glad you got a clean bill of health from the doctor!! I personally believe that you have hit the nail on the head with your diagnosis. I had a problem with plantar faschiitis several years ago, and it was SO painful. I had to wear this silly boot for many weeks, and then get custom orthotics. Anyway, like you, I'm not comfortable going barefoot anymore. When we were in Charleston recently, I wore the wrong kind of shoes, and my foot was sore for several days. Now you know not to stand on the sofa anymore. :)

    Your patriotic decor is charming; your home is so welcoming and cheerful. I hope you have a great visit with your kids and have a good Memorial Day weekend. Safe travels!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  17. My husband was having a similar problem and went to the foot doc. He told him to buy an ankle brace and wear it until it got past hurting, then wear it for a while anytime it started feeling painful. It worked for him. Just thought I'd share it in case it might work for you.

  18. Well Dr Judy will you solve my problem.. lol I'm sure the doctor is gonna tell me suck it up. Glad you solved your foot problem and the doctor found no problems. No standing on the couch from now on. ;o)

  19. Thank you for another so beautiful post, to come and visit you always fills my heart with gladness, dearest Judy, thanks most sincerely for this !

    Enjoy the end of your week ahead, sweet friend, sending my dearest love to you with so much thankfulness ... and forgive my delay !

    Xx ~ Dany


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