Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The other day, 
while taking a tour through Pinterest,
 I came across a board 
entitled Summer House. 

 It was filled 
with the most glorious sights of 
sporting the colors of the sea 
and garden spaces 
set deep in the shade. 

 Having a "summer house" 
to go to, or to dream about,
 must be the ultimate in 
all things romantic.

We are most fortunate 
in that we have a sort of 
"Summer House", 
one that we can take with us 
whenever the whim strikes.

 We don't take it out 
as often as we should, 
but it is nice to know 
it is there when 
we want it.

This is the main reason
 we don't take the motorhome out 
as often as we should.

 The Captain and I are 
true nesters.

 We love to be home 
and putting our efforts into 
making it a better place.

 Even though it does get 
a bit tedious at times, 
it is forever
 drawing us in.

We still have 
a couple of rooms 
that are getting a make-over but 
our best, and most enjoyed 
project to date,
 is the screened porch.

 Every spare minute 
of the day and night 
is spent relaxing

...and now 
that the weather has cooled down a bit,
 we can take advantage of it, 
and dine under the stars, 
so to speak...

...and have dessert 
by candlelight.

The Secret Garden,
 with its large walnut tree overhead,
 is a haven for squirrels and birds 
this time of year, 
and Kai 
has become 
a devoted watcher of
all things squirrel.

When the Captain and I were dating, 
our song was "The Theme From A Summer Place"
 and we watched 
Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee 
live out their dreams 
many times over 
(at least I did).

it be on a lake,
 at the beach,
 or in your own 
back yard...

should have a
 "Summer Place" 
in their 


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  1. Hi Judy! What a beautiful post! I don't think I'd want to leave much, either. Your porch is so inviting and you'll really love it in the cooler days ahead. Kisses for Kai...what does he get for dessert? ;) Love to you, T.

  2. Hello Judy, beautiful post I love you table in the porch look so nice and cozy
    Your Dig are so cute and your RV it so nice that my plant went we not working any more go on the
    Road different places I'm so happy for you
    Enjoy your love home Gid bless you and your

  3. Hi Judy,

    Your screened porch looks really nice!! Is this the first time you've shared it on your blog? I'm sure you and the Captain are thoroughly enjoying having such a nice place to be outside, but protected from the elements, as well. Cute little Kai -- what is it about squirrels? Duncan is fascinated with them and would try to chase them up a tree if we didn't have him on a leash. :)

    Your camper is so charming. We've talked of possibly getting a camper someday; it will be awhile before Hal retires, though. Hope you have a great week, Judy!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. Your porch looks so pretty Judy. A great place to sit outdoors without being bothered by critters and pesky bugs. How fun to travel in your RV. it is decked out so cute. Kai is always adorable. Happy week.

  5. Judy, I love your post. I always loved that old movie A Summer Place. The music was wonderful. I want a screened in porch more than anything. I need to work on my Teddy Bear..LOL. Blessings to you and your Captain. xoxo, Susie

  6. I'm like you - a nester and I hate to leave my home. Your motor home is great and I am sure you have fixed that up with your personal touch. I know that Kai loves to go with you and the Captain.

    I remember that movie also. I love the screened in porch. Enjoy your week.


  7. Now this is the perfect home and you should never leave! Small living can get old fast---where can you go for privacy? I prize that. Your home is beautiful!


  8. Oh yes... I remember that song and movie so well.... took me back in time... sigh.... and your porch with the candles burning in the chandelier... oh so nice and magical... a wonderful place to be.... our own homes SHOULD be our most favorite place I believe... there are some who nest, some who don't... your RV is nice but cottage is better! We would just like a little camper or small small trailer with room for a bed and a shelter out of the storm if we are caught in one.. just a little place to sleep on our necessary travels to see our children a few hours away. None of them have a spare bed for us! Hubby and I are most happy to be in our little home... so much to do to it yet but it's a work in progress (forever)!! Our summer temps are still up around 100 plus.. so no cool downs yet!

  9. I am like you Judy and love to stay home and nest too. Love your sweet summer home to take on the road too. Little Kai looks adorable watching the wildlife out the window. Happy Week.

  10. Judy, Percy Faith's, "Theme From A Summer Place," is one of my favourite instrumentals. I have always loved it! As soon I saw your post that is what came to mind. Your RV is lovely and looks very comfortable. My hubby would love it. I'm a nester myself but I wouldn't mind a short trip in it. I love your porch and I'm sure Kai loves watching the wildlife in that big ole tree. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week.


  11. I love your romantic style! You inspire me and I thank you.


  12. Judy your home is like a fairy tale cottage. I don't think I would want to leave either. But if I had a great captain like yours I think that traveling would be an adventure. xx Jo

  13. Hi Judy, Love you summer places whether they are on wheels or your cottage home, it's all romantic and dreamy. You are an inspiration to all. xo

  14. Love it...house on the go....so romantic and fun! Thank you for sharing, Judy. Long time since I visited you. Blessings~

  15. What a great name for a porch. Want you to know that I zeroed in on that luscious looking desert you have on the porch dinner table. Fine relaxing porch.
    Your home on wheels is truly one. Has everything you need and so roomy. Can go places to enjoy and come back to your comfortable vacation spot.
    I noticed your lamp on the wall on your porch and that is sort of the kind I want for mine on the wall. I do like that a lot.
    Happy Weekend Judy.

  16. Hi Judy! I found your blog via Marilyn's, and thought I'd come over and say 'hi'. Seems like we have a few things in common. We too are retired and have a motorhome. And like you we do love being home more than anything. Our screened porch is also my favorite room in the house :).

    Your rv is very homey looking, and the inside reminds me a little bit like ours. I like that we have lighter colored seats and sofas. It makes the interior feel less claustrophobic. We purchased a used rv a little over a year ago, and this last year we took it to Florida for three months and will do so again this year. I'm not sure if I trust it enough for cross country trips :/.

    Anyway, happy to meet you and I hope you'll stop by and say 'hi' too!


    (Your garden is lovely! You must put a lot of time and love into it.)

  17. Oh I love your motorhome. You know for the last several years I've not been home much but in constant motion and I am so craving being home nesting and working on my projects so I too can have those lovely candlelight meals like you and your hubby.

  18. That plant of food looked pretty yummy. We may get a summer home like what you have. First it will be my husbands home away from home. I will be retiring 6 months earlier than him so I'll get to move to the farm while he continues to work in the city. But then it can be our summer place so we can maybe travel some. We'll see.


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