Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This week 
just seems to have flown by.

  It seems like only yesterday 
that I introduced you to 
our "Summer Place",
and now it is time 
to share another 
amazing occurrence 
in my life
 and I've got 
almost nothing!

It is still
amazingly hot here 
 I'm beginning to feel 
a little fall in the air. 
 Maybe it is wishful thinking,
 but some of the leaves 
are starting to turn, 
and even though 
I intend to keep repeating 
that I will not 'wish' away time,
 I just couldn't help myself...

I saw these little green gems.

I don't think 
it looks too much like fall yet,
 not until some 
harvest colors 
are added.

This is
 as far as I will go for now, 
but I do have to tell you 
about a wonderful gift
 we received on 

We had gone for a ride 
and when we returned home, 
we found this beauty, 
 waiting on the 
front porch.

The people
 who had owned the Cottage before us 
(they bought it from 
the Garlands, the original owners)
 had dropped off
this original drawing 
that was done in 1973 
along with an original deed 
to the property.
It looks pretty much 
like it does now 
except for the hedges 
that line the sidewalk.

Three main differences 
are the arch 
we added over the gate, 
the fountain 
and the screen door.

Not fall, just a good depiction of the screen door taken a couple of years ago.

This is actually 
the original frame 
that you see in the drawing 
but we added the 
gingerbread trim.

We have 
designated a place of honor 
on the parlor mantle 
and are so happy 
to have received it.

Something amazing 
did happen in our life this week,
 and it was a very 
sweet surprise, in deed.

 Our heartfelt thanks to Tom and Cathy Wasley.


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  1. Oh Judy, how wonderful for them to give you such a great gift. Looks terrific.

    I feel just a touch of Fall in the air also, but still bloody HOT. However, we can now water our gardens three times a week,,,,, yea yea yea. Except it's to hot in the morning and we have to wait until after 6 pm.

    Have a great week - love the post.


  2. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture! I love things like that, that have meaning... Thanks so much for sharing and linking up at DI & DI :)

  3. Judy, What an amazing gift. I love it. I am sure it means a lot to you. Hope all of you are doing well there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. What a great sketch of your home. It belongs there! Glad for you!

  5. Oh, what a gift Judy! I like what you have added to the cottage since the sketch was drawn. For the addition of the fountain, did you change the sidewalk to a circular space?
    Have a great rest of your week,

  6. What a beautiful surprise to come home too. So happy they left that for you to cherish.
    Have a good week Judy.

  7. That is a treasured gift Judy. Your additions make it pop. Indeed a very place. Enjoy your week.

  8. I like surprises like those ♥


  9. That gift was sure Lovely! Must have been very welcomed for the both of you. A Lovely house.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.
    Love Elzie

  10. No Fall in the air here yet! Still as hot as the devil... darn.. but like you, I don't want to wish the time away... like I used to do when I was working! The only thing I'm ready for is a little less yard work! and would like some cooler days. The gift you received of the beautiful drawing of your house is such a wonderful surprise.. .it goes so well on your mantle.... now you need an "after" picture to set beside it! What you've done with the cottage is just perfect... I love the screen door and the fountain. The week is indeed zooming by! Take care.....

  11. Hi Judy, what a keepsake of a gift. It certainly is a surprise to remember and treasure. It looks gorgeous in your home.
    It's still hot here but I can tell by my garden, fall is on the way.The air feels different and I'm ready for a new season.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs!

  12. Such a delightful post. The drawing of your home is a treasure. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

  13. What lovely people - and a lovely gift. Things like that just warm my heart.

  14. What a beautiful gift to receive and love seeing all of your blue and white...so pretty!

  15. What a wonderful surprise gift!! I love stories of kindness like this!! :)

  16. oh my goodness, Judy, this is just amazing. How wonderful for them to leave this with you!

  17. What a beautiful gift from 1973 , a gift to treasure ,again as always a nice post to read
    enjoy your weekend Judy ;)

  18. What a truly special gift. I love it. Your house is beautiful and cozy.

  19. That was so kind of them, very special. I love seeing pictures of your home.

  20. Oh wow, what a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing a special post.

  21. Absolutely love it!
    How kind and generous of them

    1. Thank you so much. It really was generous and we appreciate it so much..Have a wonderful week..Judy


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