Tuesday, August 2, 2016


There is a hydrangea bush,
 outside by the front steps, 
that always blooms 
the brightest blue...

...and I thought
 I'd share with you
 a few of the blossoms 
tucked into 
some of my favorite 
blue and whites.

The sight 
makes for a cool, summery entrance 
into the

it is a pleasant sight 
for a special guest 
when they first
 wake up.

By chance,
 the new Victoria
 came in the mail today, 
and it is featuring
 'Prints Charming: Beloved Blue Calico' 
on the cover.

I was already half way there, 
so to speak,
 I thought I would try 
my rendition of
 "Prints Charming".

I only have
 one piece of Blue Calico, 
or to be accurate, 
one-half of a piece.

 Years ago, 
as a young married couple,
 we went to dinner at some friends' home.
  They had the most beautiful
 honey golden oak china cupboard 
filled to the brim 
with Blue Calico china.

  I thought 
that was the prettiest sight
 I had ever seen
 and it was then 
that we made the decision
 to collect antiques.

My version of Prints Charming: Beloved Blue Calico

The Captain 
bought me a large covered cheese dish
 of Blue Calico.

 It had a very high dome
 and was quite a beautiful 
and eye catching piece.

 What you see in the photo
 is what is left of it.

 The dome got broken
 and I was only able to salvage
 the dish and the knob
 from the top
 of the dome.

For some odd reason, 
out of all of our collections,
 that was the only piece of
 Blue Calico
 I've ever owned.

to a wonderful month of


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  1. new to your blog: hi! :) What lovely photos!

  2. Judy, I love your version of the Victoria cover. Your pieces looks very pretty with the flowers. I have lots of blue and white dishes but no calico. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I totally agree with Susi above, I am loving your version so much! And your dishes are just adorable, I am quickly becoming a fab of blue and white and seeing your pictures may turn my head away from greys and purples. ha ha

  4. Such a pretty post, Judy. I love your blue hydrangeas, and those lamp shades are DARLING!! Our son has some hydrangeas with blooms like yours in his yard; he and two friends are renting a house. Of course, it's three guys, and they don't care a hoot about hydrangeas. I'd love to steal those shrubs. ;)

    Your post has made me want to buy the new Victoria magazine, so I'll probably hit the Barnes & Noble tomorrow for a copy. I never tire of blue and white. I don't own any of the Blue Calico, but I've admired it many times. It's such a shame your lid got broken for the cheese plate, but at least you could salvage the dish.

    Hope you have a good week, Judy!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Beautiful flowers! I love the hydrangeas in the blue pieces. I have a few pieces of the Blue Calico and just love it. Anything looks good in it. Sorry your lid got broken. '

    Have a great Wednesday.


  6. Everything is so pretty- as always. You have such prettiness and peace in your home. That is so sad that your cheese dish got broken. I've always loved the calico dishes - the brown or the blue - but never found any that were reasonable - maybe some day. Happy week ahead my friend. Just love your posts - and the blue flowers are so pretty in the blue china.

  7. Judy,
    Love you blue and whites!!And the hydrangeas!! So pretty!!

  8. These are all gorgeous ♥


  9. Judy your entry is gorgeous. Love the pretty blue and white. Your hydrangeas have such a pretty color to them. Have a great rest of the week.

  10. Hi Judy, Your entry is gorgeous and so inviting. I love blue and white too and have a large collection of blue willow and other blue and white pieces. Your hydrangeas are stunning. Something happen to mine this year. The began to bloom, was gorgeous and then all the leaves began to disappear. We think we have a hungry bunny around. So we put some special bunny away stuff and we shall see if it improves. Mine makes pinks and green blooms. Love yours in blue. I think I need to add some acid to the ground to get that color.
    Have a great week and Happy August!! xo

  11. Everything looks so pretty, Judy- from the entrance hall to the beautiful hydrangeas you showcase inside and out. Just lovely. We can only grow white ones here- you can alter them with acid but they go right back to white (or greenish white).
    Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana ps....love your blue and white collection, too.

  12. Your home is always so inviting and lovely. My hydrangeas never flowered so I gave them to my sister. She has tons of blooms. Go figure! ;)

  13. What beautiful blossoms . Mine did not bloom this year. Guess the cold snap hurt them.
    Your entrance is very inviting.'

  14. What a charning story. The vignette is so lovely and is a wonderful welcome to your vistors.

    1. Thank you so much, Debra. I appreciate your kind words..Happy Weekend to you..Judy

  15. Beautiful photos, Judy! I could feel my stomach clench up reading about breaking your dome...that's the worst feeling, isn't it?
    Hope you have a good weekend! xoxo, T.

  16. Hi Judy, wow you have one of those big beautiful BLUE hydrangeas---i love them, they are so pretty! Your house is so pretty! Are you having a good summer?

  17. Beautiful photos ,enjoy summer 2016 Judy ;)


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