Tuesday, March 14, 2017


At this time of the year, 
the price of this gold is
 at a premium.

  The golden rays of the sun 
shine down, 
warming the earth and 
giving its inhabitants a sense of
 well-being and 

"No winter lasts forever;
No spring skips its turn."

Edith Sitwell

I can only speak for
 my little part of the world.

  Back in the day, 
rain was referred to as
 "liquid sunshine". 
 Meaning that California
 didn't have bad weather,
 only varying degrees of good weather.

  In recent years 
that has been changing, 
not only in California,
 but all over 
the world.

The gold
 in others gardens is
 starting to shine, 
but mine is 
slow to 

...these sad little specimens
 are what my garden has produced,
 so far as gold 
is concerned...

 there are more waiting in the wings 
which can only be considered
 "late bloomers"...

...but armed
 with this cup of gold,
 the waiting seems 
more palatable.

As I see on the news 
what is being referred to as
 The Blizzard of 2017, 
in the north east, 
I feel very thankful
 for the rays of gold 
coming through my windows and 
wish that will happen soon 
for all 
of you.

Other colors 
are beginning to show up 
in the garden now and 
all are no
 less precious...

for the time being,
 we will take our 
California gold
 any way 
we can get it.


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  1. Judy, We had a day composed mostly of sunshine. The temps stayed in the 20's...but the radiant heat from the sun melted most of our snow. We are to have some snow squalls on and off for about another day. I love seeing the sun shine thru your curtains. I have no flowers here and am hoping soon. As your quote says no winter will last. :):) Blessings to you , hope all is well. xoxo, Susie

  2. Yes, Judy, you are right we do have California Gold. Our temps have been in the 80's for over a week. Had to take off my flannel sheets LOL and put my cotton one on.

    Your photo's are stunning and love seeing all the beautiful flowers around your home.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend.


  3. Gold, indeed! Beautiful, Judy. We had a wet, cold weekend, but today was crisp and sunny. Glorious!

  4. I enjoyed this post, Judy! I love that I have blogger friends all over this country, and I get to hear about and see photos of all sorts of climates.

    We had terrible snow in the Midwest last night and this morning---about 10 inches here in Chicago. Thankfully the sun (golden!) made it's appearance often and melted the roads which made for safer driving. A blessing indeed!

    Jane x

  5. Oh Judy seeing you pretty pictures of daffodils, as I look out my window at all the white on the ground, does give me hope for spring! And I love the arrangement on your table...just beautiful. Enjoys your rays of gold and have a great day!
    XO Barbara

  6. Thank you for thinking of us in the east during the blizzard Judy. :) It was a doozy and left us with a lot more snow and no sign of golden daffodils in our area for a while but they will come. They are already poking out of the ground. Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll get some warmer temperatures to melt the snow and heat the earth. I know parts of California have had a lot of rain this season, which is a good thing I guess. And didn't the Sierras get an abundance of snow? The weather is wacky isn't it. Take care and enjoy the sunshine.

  7. Beautiful! I love the flowers, Judy. Lovely words, too. . .

  8. Hi Judy, such a beautiful post and ray of sunshine. Your photos and words are
    an inspiration for spring. We are in the sunny gold here as well.
    And we'll take it too.
    Wishing you a beautiful evening.
    Sunny days, xo

  9. Most of the snow in Illinois has melted with the sunshine today. So that is a good thing. It is still cold here but at least the sun filled days help. Glad you are seeing early signs of spring out in California.

  10. Oh I do love seeing those daffodils peeking out! Not many around here where I live, but they are so sunny and cheerful. I can hardly wait for some color to appear. Our snow is gone now and hope no more comes our way! Love your dining room photo.. in fact love all your photos! Any sunshine we have here is gold to us.. as the months of Jan. Feb. and March here in Madras are usually pretty overcast and hazy.. we live in a big bowl with mountains all to the west and east of us! One day soon though, we'll awake to vivid blue skies and I'll feel like going out to play in the yard! Take care... Marilyn

  11. Beautiful pictures.. yes at last we are getting golden sunshine.. Monday and Tuesday was very hot.. In the afternoon when I went to pick up my son from school , it was just burning..

  12. I am humming that song in my head now. All the gold in California, you know that one? I love the California gold daffodils and great view of your dining room and living room.
    Eventually it will be Spring here, one day I am thinking.

  13. Beautiful pictures.... I love visiting southern California and usually do that every other year since my son lives outside San Diego. This is my year to visit but I will have to miss that California Gold this year. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Judy it's beautiful. I love your pics. Happy Spring. We've been longing for it too. My Iris started blooming before I had my beds cleaned out. RRRR.


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