Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Red sky in morning
Sailors take warning...

 who is a friend of mine, 
has stopped by the Cottage
 the last few mornings.
  She doesn't stay very long. 
 Usually by late afternoon,
 she is gone and 
Old Man Winter takes her place.

  A few mornings of sunshine 
is just enough to brighten 
a flower's ability to stand tall,
 but the hard rain that falls 
in the evening 
will dash their hopes
once again.

We may not have control 
of what happens outside,
 but in our homes, 
cozy and warm,
 we can fool Mother Nature 
whenever we want 
and bring the foes
 to their knees!

The only flowers blooming 
in the garden now are 
camellias and daffodils.

 I have brought a few indoors 
and with a little help
 from some "friendly faux" 
they can stand tall 
and make a 
happy spring statement.

I have made good friends 
with more of the "affordable" pillows 
that I have found on Amazon:

I can't get enough
of these little gems.

 For less than $5 apiece 
(most are cheaper), 
I am expanding my pillow collection 
by leaps and bounds.

 For only the price of 
two pillow forms,
 I am beginning to have pillows 
for every season and holiday 
and the workmanship
is far above 
what you would expect
 when something is offered
 at these prices.

 our foes will be 
fewer and farther between, 
and our friends will continue 
to be the light 
in our lives.


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  1. Hi Judy, the flowers are lovely. Daffodils are so cheerful. Your home looks all cozy and comfortable. Gotta love those pillows...Thanks for sharing your home at DI&DI. Have a lovely week.

  2. Oh Judy your home is so warm and welcoming. Love the pillows, wow you can't get a better price than that. I like to have a lot of pillows too, for the different seasons.

    That sky is stunning, can't believe the colors. Expecting 83 tomorrow with Santa Ana winds (which I don't like).

    Enjoy the rest of your week.


  3. I wish I could grow camellias, such a pretty scented flower. Those pillows I do like and the price can't be beat. Love those pretty flowers in your home, yellow is sunshine.

  4. Hi Judy, Your post mirrors my feelings exactly-we have rain here today through the weekend; thankfully I'll be headed to No.Ca for some sunshine and also a Memorial Service. So looking forward to seeing the daffodils blooming along 101. Hope Spring decides to stay awhile in your area and that it has returned when we get back. I'm ready for some warmth. I love your pillows and your faux flowers-your home is delightful.

  5. Did you share where you found those pillows on Amazon before? If not, I would love it. You can hardly even buy the material to make them for that price!!! I am so ready for Spring here, too. Your flowers look lovely..friendly or faux they are beautiful! xo Diana

  6. Hi Judy, what a lovely piece of writing.. I enjoyed the pictures as well as the writing..

  7. Hi Judy, I love the spring touches you'd added to your home - both real and faux. We still have lots of snow, including 15cm. of fresh snow this week!! I am craving heat and sunshine so decorate with real and faux flowers inside too. Spring weather will soon be here! xo Pam

  8. Dear Judy, this is one of the most beautiful Springs that I can remember for a long time and bringing it indoors so that you can enjoy it makes a home so delightful. I love your flower arrangements they bring so much beauty into your home. Love your shelf with the frames.
    xoxo Jo

  9. Your house is always decorated so cleverly - I love every pillow and piece that you share. Such artistry. We are very slow to find spring this year, still raining raining raining and such wind - and the temperatures only in the mid 40s to low 50s - and that is cold when it is rainy and windy. Your springtime flowers certainly do add cheer to a dreary day. Happy rest of the week my friend.

  10. Hi Judy,

    Beautifully styled photos of your warm and welcoming home, filled with fabulous friends and equally fascinating faux! Your words, today, are pure inspiration, and I especially loved these lines as the weather conditions are similar on this Mediterranean island!

    She doesn't stay very long.
    Usually by late afternoon,
    she is gone and
    Old Man Winter takes her place.

    Happy Spring!

  11. Your home is so lovingly decorated. I love your style.

    Daffodils are happy flowers.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  12. Happy Spring Judy. I could stare at your pics. all daylong. They are gorgeous.

  13. Beautiful pics. Love it all but I love that coffee table! Very nice.

  14. Judy, I'm not sure what I love more, the way you weave your tale, your lovely photos, getting to see your charming home and decor...or your pillows!! Hmmm. I'll take them all!!

  15. Hi Judy! Nothing like yellow to bring some happy spring time in the house. Jane

  16. So pretty Judy...love the beautiful pops of yellow...which is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors in home decorating. Your home is so welcoming and a lovely reflection of the people who live there.
    Have a great weekend!
    XO Barbara


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