Tuesday, March 21, 2017


For months,
 I have had a longing for spring,
 and for some funny reason,
 the feelings were more intense
 on a good day, 
weather wise, 
than on a bad one.

 I guess the sunshine 
made it easier 
to imagine 
what was to come.

Each night,
 before bed,
 I always check the calendar 
to see what might be in store 
for the morning.

 The only thing of importance 
that I noticed last night
 was that it had been 
the first day of spring
 and I had missed it! 

 It had been the darkest day,
 one that made me want to 
climb back into bed and 
pull the covers over my head.

  Nothing about the day was 
remotely spring-like.

  A day that should have been cause 
for celebration
 was buried under heavy, dark clouds 
and only seemed like
 just another 
winter's day.

It rained hard 
during spring's first night
 and now another dismal day.

  The Captain left this morning
 to walk the dogs but
 Kai and I 
stayed home 
as you can see...

...and all hope is lost
 as far as he is concerned.
 as I look around the Cottage, 
I see many signs 
of what will soon be.

 Signs that winter is 
running its course 
and the celebrating 
can soon begin...

Parlor Mantle:

Brunch for Two:

The Captain says: "Oh, there is a 'hair' in your plate".
Funny guy!
 I said, "No that's in your plate".

Kitchen Vignettes:

Spring Chicken:

The Gardener:



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  1. Oh Judy, our first day of spring was rather "un-spring-like" here, as well. Today is better, sunshine bright in the sky despite the ice and snow on the ground. The hair on the plate comment is ridiculous! My husband would say the same exact thing...over and over again, too! ;)

  2. No matter how dreary or cloudy outside, you have it bright and cheery inside. Those flowers are so pretty.

  3. Hi Judy- I see bits and pieces of Spring at your house so it can't be far behind! I do not like these dreary spring days when we don't see any sun...everything here is still frozen and we still have lots of ice on the bay. I am anxious for some WARM weather- xo Diana

  4. your decorations are so beautiful it'll beat the bad weather outside.. XO..

  5. It may not be Spring outside there at your Cottage but it sure is Spring inside! Such cute Spring touches you have created about the cottage, especially the mantel! What a great idea to put your topiary's in pitchers, very cute! And the egg wreath hanging over the gilt mirror is nice too! You always inspire me with such cute ideas.
    Here's hoping Spring finds your cottage soon!

  6. I love your pretty spring decorations.

    The first day of spring here was beautiful and my 68th birthday. :-)

    Happy Spring and may you have beautiful weather there soon ~ FlowerLady

  7. Although I love spring I am not so crazy about what comes next. Our spring actually started well over a month ago, then we had some winter weather that jumped in on us. Having a lot of rain here in Nashville TN ourselves. Beautiful decorations. Great pics.

  8. Our spring here in central Oregon started the same way! But today we got some sunshine.. and when I was walking by our library yesterday, I saw some daffodils peeking up out of the ground.... that made me VERY happy! Give it another month maybe, and then hopefully there will be some outdoor flowers as well as inside. Your little vignettes are so sweet and pretty.. and do love the grapevine-easter egg wreath.. .and all the bunnies..... xoxox Marilyn


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