Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Welcoming summer
 to the Cottage is 
an important endeavor.

 It comes with the 
great responsibility of 
slowing down, 
enjoying the moment 

...smelling the roses, 
so to speak.

The sounds,
 sights and 
scents of summer 
are all around, 
just begging to 
be noticed 

...what better place to be,
 while all of this is unfolding,
 than sitting on the porch,
 watching the world
 go by.

follow me through 
the garden gate 
I will introduce you
 to summer
 on the porch.

There is nothing better 
than that first cup 
of morning coffee...

...or a cool glass 
in the heat of 
the afternoon...

...or when the lanterns of
 the Grand Illumination 
light up the night for 
the first time.

I'm sure you have noticed 
that I went whole hog 
in Michael's faux flower aisle.

 All summer blooms 
were half off and
 as I have the real thing in the garden,
 I didn't want to worry about
 having to water those 
on the porch.

next time you might notice 
that we have hung the lights 
a little differently 
than they are now.

 That is,
 if my talking points 
will take advantage of 
the Captain's good nature! 

 I thought 
I would like them this way 
but do prefer 
how the lighting has looked in 
year's past.

I will leave you 
to some serious porch sitting now 
and hope that you will return 
next week when...

...the front door will open 
to the
 Summer Tour - Take Two.


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  1. I so in love with your lovely cottage what beautiful place to live
    So cuzy your garden is lovely and full of flower your dog look so cute
    All your summer decoration are wonderful
    Lovely post
    Happy summer we are under a lot of reining
    Is been one week 24/7 reining and next week too
    This is Florida jjjjj

  2. Judy, You and the Captain have done a wonderful job on the porch. I love it all. The cute little stove, the blue rug and pillows. It is all so pretty in the day light and in the evening hours also. I have used faux flowers before also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I enjoyed the tour so much!Loved your charming porch and gorgeous red roses!Hugs!

  4. Oh Judy, love your front porch and all the lovely colors. Everything looks so good and to be able to have coffee in the morning or a nice glass of something cool in the afternoon. Love all your lights also. You and the Captain did a great job.


  5. Your \cottage is truly magical in the way you have decorated it, Judy! The porch makes me swoon. Such pretty, cozy place to read and enjoy your time with friends and family.

    Jane x

  6. Oh Judy your summer porch is wonderful! And I LOVE the sign on the garden gate! There is just "something" about a garden gate. I love them so much. Your white rockers are darling and the pops of reds and blues are just great. The little old wood stove is darling with the plant pot on top. You have truly put so much detail into every little thing. Oh and love the rug.. makes a porch seem so much homier, and the signs are wonderful. And porch lights at night? how neat is that???? Love it all. (On a side note, I tried to make my comments "reply" comments and wonder if it's working. Seems like now when I comment on a blog, I get a notification that an email didn't go through or it was rejected! I'm wondering if my comment is even showing up, and if you responded, would I get the reply in my email inbox? Could you possibly reply to my comment so I can see if I get it?) Have a wonderful week Judy!!! hugs.. Marilyn

  7. Yeah Summer🌞 Your sweet porch looks so relaxing to enjoy the beauty of summer.

  8. Everything is just gorgeous! The way you have the red, white and blue put together is perfect. Such an inviting place to be. And yes, I agree that the first cup of coffee in the morning is the best!

  9. Your porch is absolutely dreamy!! I love all the red accents and the flowers are perfect. Enjoy!!

  10. Enchanting...simply enchanting. I love when you post pictures of your house with the lanterns up.

  11. Love that red and I see a little pot belly stove in the corner? I wish I had kept mine.
    I would have my first cup of coffee in the morning on your porch and a 2nd and 3rd (love coffee) each cup would taste as good as the first sitting in the morning air.
    So pretty.

  12. Judy,
    You took my breath away!! I LOVE your porch and would so love to have a covered porch like yours. Mine is not protected from the elements. And the photos of your yard and lovely cottage are breath taking!!


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