Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I hope
 all of you moms 
had a wonderful Mother's Day and 
are enjoying some beautiful
spring weather.

We have been fortunate 
to have some spring-grazin' weather 
but, today, 
it looks like another 
windy, gray day with rain 
due at 
any minute.

This beautiful, 
little bouquet 
was on the table 
this morning...

...picked and arranged 
 for me...

...by my sweet Captain
 his little buddy.



Thank you all 
for your kind words of encouragement
 about my ailing back.

 I'm so glad to say 
that it is all better now. 
 It most likely will return 
at some point, 
as it always does, 
but until then, 
I will enjoy time without it!

I had a really wonderful 
Mother's Day.

 Tami and Tim 
came up to pick up our
 front porch wicker set. 
 We are re-finishing the porch
 and changing things up a bit.

  They brought with them 
the sweetest gift (above) 
from Jake and Jacenda.

 It is so special to me 
that they always take the time 
to pick out something 
that is just right.

  I love it 
and you kids
mean the world to me. 
 Thank you both.



I mentioned 
we are fixing the front porch.
  The floor needs to be stripped
 and repainted 
and the walls and railings 
need some TLC 
after many years. 

 My gift from the Captain and Kaizie...

as we sit and rock,
 the Cottage will truly become 
an old folk's home!

 A few other bright accessories 
(courtesy of a Mother's Day trip
 to Home Goods) 
will shape it right back
 to its former glory.

 Hopefully it can be revealed soon!



The crowning glory 
to a memorable Mother's Day 
is my gift from 
Tim and Tami...

Have you ever seen 
anything so adorable? 

 I just love him so much. 
 He is called Goatzie and 
he sits on the kitchen table.
 To the eye he looks perfect there, 
but with all the light behind him,
 he doesn't show off too well in a photo,
 so I placed him on 
the settle bench
so you could see him better.

He and his cart
 are made out of tin and
 they both are just about
 the cutest things I have ever seen. 

 He just makes me smile out loud!

 Tami is the best
 at picking out gifts and 
she sure knows what I like.

 Thanks Tim and Tami.

 Goatzie is at home and I love him.



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  1. Wow! You've got a sweet hubby and a great family.
    They all spoiled you, and rightfully so!
    Such cute gifts, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the porch turns out.
    I'm certain that it will be darling!
    Love, love the rockers.. they are awesome!!

    Keep feeling better, and better and take care of you.


  2. What a wonderful man the Captain is. You really got some beautiful present for Mothers Day, but your special and you can tell that they all love you.

    Love the rockers and they will look great on your porch. You will find that your back will love those. Reminds me of President Kennedy' rocker, he had such a bad back and had one of those rockers in the Oval office. So you and the Captain can sit outside and watch the sunset.

    Have a wonderful week.


  3. Glad "Goatzie" is setteling in nicely! I knew he would love living with you!! Love you Mom!!!

  4. Goatzie is so adorable.. get well soon dear.. hope you'll feel good very soon..

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous and they are testament of the kids who love yo to pieces!!!


  6. Your guy and you worked very well together! I love that...I need a little help in this area!

    Happy Mothers' Day's Day!

  7. Happy to hear your back is better. The flowers are gorgeous. Glad you brought them in before the wind and rain. I've been cutting magnolia blooms. I love the sweet fragrance they give to our home. Have a good week!

  8. So glad to hear that your back is better, Judy and that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Your presents are just fabulous. I'll take one of each please! ;) Feel good!!

  9. Happy to hear that your back is better!!!

    Lovely bouquet from your hubby and gifts from kids are great!

    I like your rockers and know you will have the revitalized porch looking good once the hard work is all done.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  10. What wonderful gifts you received! LOVE the rockers and how exciting to get a porch makeover. Goatzie is absolutely divine....just my kind of thing...rusty tin!

  11. Hi Judy,
    So glad your back is doing better and you had a great Mom's Day. The flowers are so pretty. Love the new Rockers for the porch. I cannot wait to see it. Have a great rest of the week.

  12. Glad your back is all better and you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. I love Goatzie! My sister would be so envious.. she had REAL goats for years.. and finally gave them away as they travel alot... she now has many metal ones gracing her yard! Your flowers are gorgeous.. and I love the white rockers. Oh how lovely for a porch. I'm swooning for sure! Take care and enjoy the nice weather.. we are set to have about 10 days of good weather here so I'm very excited! Hugs.. Marilyn

  13. So good to hear your back is better. Just like the pain in my hip and down my leg , it hurts more when the weather is damp, but only comes on about three times a year and then just goes away.
    Love goatzie, so sweet. I like those tin figures too.

  14. Well, it is always good news when your back is better - and your blog, as always is full of fun things to view over and over - it takes me longer to read your blog than any other as I have to go back again and again. Your porch will be gorgeous - what a treat.

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