Tuesday, June 20, 2017


summer starts tomorrow 
but for the past few days, 
it has been
 beating on the door
 with doubled fists!

 If this is any indication,
 it seems we are in for 
some very hot weather
 in the coming months...

 the hot days do end
 with a beautiful sky and
 it is pure pleasure 
to take in the view 
from the front porch 
each evening.

The red, white and blue of summer
carries over
 into the dining room and
 I have a few
 small touches 
to share with you.

My favorite nursery/boutique in town
 has an annual 
antiques show and sale
 on their grounds.

I was able to find 
this great small galvanized tub 
there this past weekend.
It is a perfect fit for 
a gallon pot of coreopsis and 
a few flags 
on the dining room table.

The Captain 
drilled some holes 
in a piece of an old fence post
 and made the sweetest standard
 for my old flags.

Even though
 Bitty Morsel is
 strictly a Halloween kind of girl,
 she still likes to 
stick around and
take advantage 
of all the other holidays.

A statement
 that stays up 
all year long.

Come on through
to the kitchen...

has given 
Raggedy Ann and Andy
 a ride to
 the market...

...where they picked up
 a little
 afternoon delight.

stop by again.

 I'm sure 
there will always be 
something else 
to see...

...after all,
 summer is


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  1. Every thing looks so warm and inviting. Decorated so nice.
    I feel summer here is gonna be the hottest for some reason.
    God Bless America for sure . I like how it's framed and hung over the door.

  2. Hi Judy, I absolutely love your home and all your Patriotic decorations. In fact, you are making me want to get some more out. Hope you are melting away in the heat, like much of northern Ca. is. In our old town it is in the low 100's-something that didn't happen very often. We might get to the high 90's this week. Stay cool.

  3. Everything looks wonderful. I love how you incorporate a Patriotic theme. The kitchen is so charming and well put together - Bravo!

    It is hot, hot, here too and I absolutely hate it. I would like to find something about the heat to enjoy but it is difficult and makes working and enjoying the garden very hard to do.

    Take care and stay cool.

  4. Love your home,especially your amazing kitchen,so lovely!Happy Summer to you!Hugs.

  5. Judy, I loved all your flowers/containers with little flag tucked in them. Your home is beautiful. I loved seeing all your decorations. It's going to be a pretty summer there. Sky photos are some of my favorite shots. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Love all your american decor Judy. So sweet. The antique bucket with flowers and flags for your centerpiece is gorgeous. Love that so much. Have a wonderful start to summer.

  7. Oh Judy, everything is perfectly put together. Looks wonderful!

    I certainly hope that we do not have another HOT summer like last year. I'll be working in the garden in the dark.

    Love your kitchen - it's great!

    Stay cool and rest when it's super HOT.


  8. Judy,
    O MY!! I loved this post!! I so enjoyed seeing the inside of your beautiful cottage. I love the color of your rooms and all the charming items that you have on display!! Everything looks just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home with us!!

  9. It's all wonderful! so fun looking at every little thing! I have the same exact apron as you do hanging in your kitchen on the door! It's the one with chicken on it and the red plaid ruffle around the bottom.. mine hangs in my kitchen too! How funny is that? What a great idea for the table leg (or spindle?) with the holes drilled in it for the flags. Love that. Hotter than heck here too in central Oregon.. seems awfully early for it and I'm not a lover of this heat. Am holed up in the house today! xoxo Marilyn

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. Funny thing about that apron. I have never worn it!. I have a black one, that I picked up in Alaska years ago, and it feels so comfortable that I just wear it. Doesn't look as pretty though..Have a wonderful week..xxoJudy

  10. LOVE your style. That post for the flags is just fabulous but my favorite picture is of the yarn ball wreath. I have a bowl full of those and never pictured them made into a wreath. Just unique and fun. Great post!


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