Monday, June 26, 2017


"Come into my garden
the spider 
to the fly"

 this is not the way I do things.  
I usually take photos 
when there is an order to things. 
 I don't think
 I'm trying to be deceitful. 
 Of course,
 a full psychological evaluation 
might show otherwise. 
 I think I am just trying 
to show you how things should be, 
not how things may sometimes be.  
The card system that I use 
is a great help 
in keeping things 
on this side of right but,
 my post today,
 has nothing to do with
 any of the above...

...and all to do
 with this horrible
 heat wave 
we are having.

Since it is good common sense 
to try to beat the heat 
in the mornings, 
there is only a 
very small window 
where this reasoning can work. 
 After a full day, 
there isn't enough energy 
or cool air left 
to make anyone 
(meaning me)
 go back out there.

 I will show you how 
a winter's worth of overgrowth 
can turn into 
a garden that 
Mary Lennox and Collin
 would be proud of -
 little by little, 
bit by bit.

 Keep in mind 
this work 
will not be the final outcome.
 There will be 
"pretties" added 
at a later date.

With all that being said,
 I did not take a picture 
of this first round 
before starting, 
so the above shows
 the beginnings...   

 the final results.





And this will be
for another day.

We are lucky, however,
to have three of the four
in the Secret Garden 
to be the prettiest
 they have ever been. 
 One does not have a
 single bloom,
it does have gorgeous foliage.

 These beauties 
are our heroes 
and give us the momentum 
to carry on!

Have a wonderful week...


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  1. Anyway,your pics are great and the hydrangeas are very pretty!

  2. Judy, I love the before and after shots. Gardening is work, but so rewarding. I am about wore out taking my big container back and froth trying to keep heavy rains from beating them down. Next year I swear I may just do can almost walk on them and they just keep smiling. :):) I love your hydrangeas. I have two...but no blooms. I hope your heat wave lets's been in the 50's here for two morning, rare for June. Low humidity is my favorite summer days. Sending some your way, hopefully.Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. We had a bit of wave here, too and it was glorious...for my flowers, but not for me. My garden is also in process. We are changing a few things, updating others, adding and subtracting and I haven't actually finished one thing fully. Your before and afters are lovely. And that hydrangea is glorious!!

  4. Before and afters are so fun...Those hydrangeas are calling out to me, Judy.

    We are having a cool spell, odd right? 69 to 75 degrees by mid day. I'm hanging on to it!

    Jane x

  5. Just like paint can transform our interiors, a little cleaning up can do the same for our gardens. Elbow grease goes a long way.

    The color of your hydrangeas is magnificent!


  6. I had some "befores" on my blog and still haven't posted any afters! It can all look pretty daunting come spring can't it? I have managed to get most of my messes cleaned up, but takes alot of work and like Doreen said, lots of elbow grease! The results are always so rewarding and love yours.... you are so lucky to have hydrangeas. I have yet to be able to grow any that bloom. My sister who lives on the Oregon coast has some huge gorgeous ones of all colors. I'm so jealous of you and her! Have a good weekend! Marilyn


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