Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Welcome back 
to the
 Red, White and Blue
 Summer at the Cottage.

Before we enter today, 
let's linger a little longer 
on the 
front porch and...

...discuss the merits of
 highlighting a piece, 
or an idea, 
in our decor 
that is special to us.

 when I am immersed in Pinterest,
 my mind gets jumbled 
from all the excellent ideas and 
I tend to get confused about 
what I want to concentrate on.

just one important piece 
can make decisions 
less tedious 
than they need to be.

When Havenly inspired me
 to share my ideas 
about this very subject, 
I thought it
 a fitting format for
 my post today.

is an online interior design solution. 

 They feature qualified, 
vetted designers 
that are just a click away, and 
a style survey so
 that you can match up with 
a designer based on your 
particular style.

There is a link 
that will take you to
 an "ideas" page
 where you can see 
what the designers have put in place
 to make it easy for you to
  understand certain concepts, 
that could get you 
inspired and excited,
 about a new project 
in your home.

 They also offer a list of 
curated products 
that will help make your dream 
a reality 
and all from the comfort of 
your own easy chair. 

 Here are some links 
that will introduce you to 

In my post today, 
I will try to convey 
how keeping in mind 
one particular concept can 
easily turn a house into a home.

 My special piece
 of importance to me is 
my Cottage herself.

  I think of her
 as a very special friend. 
 She always offers 
a welcoming spirit 
and place of warmth. 
 She knows that is of
 the most importance to me and
 she never lets me down. 
I try to do
 what I think would make her happy and,
 in turn, 
that makes me happy.

When you first enter 
the Cottage, 
you would immediately notice 
that she must love 
the color blue and
 probably has a 
whimsical nature.

 That tells you a 
little something 
about the both of us.

Step into her parlor...

The highlight of this room 
is the victorian settee 
and three matching chairs.

 They were passed on to me
 from my mother 
and I love them as much as she did.

 They also represent the era 
in which the Cottage was built and 
we had them recovered 
in our well loved shade of blue.

 The Cottage is quite fond 
of a patriotic lifestyle 
and has been since 1879.

This time of year 
is perfect for her 
to show her 
true colors.

The Sitting Room...

The Sitting Room 
is where we spend 
the majority of our time 
and we have tried 
to make it as comfortable as possible.

  This is where my collection of 
pillows usually appear 
along with our family photographs.

We have carried 
the color blue 
into this room 
as well.

It is also the room 
that Kai 
does the things 
that are most important 
to him.

Thank you
 for your visit today. 

 I hope you enjoyed 
the true colors 
of our Cottage 
and will return next week
Take Three of the Summer Tour.

My thanks to
 Gillian and Havenly 
for the idea for this post.

 I hope it has given you 
something to think about.

 It's always a good thing 
to take into consideration 
just one special piece,
 or idea,
 that you love 
and let it shine.

 It could change 
your whole way 
of looking at 
the way you decorate.


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  1. Judy,
    O MY!!!
    Your cottage is simply breath taking!! I love all the Patriotic touches through out but I especially love the feel of your cottage and the era in which you have kept it in!! You already know that though don't you......looking forward to your next post!

  2. Judy, I love your cottage and the colors you have. I adore the print of children . I like the blue and white tile entry. I think it's wonderful you have your mom's furniture . Blessings to you and the Captain...great job on your home. xoxo, Susie

  3. I really like the way you wrote this post, Judy...the format in 'setting it up' at the beginning. You are a great writer (and photographer)!

    I can't pinpoint any one thing I like more than the next! You have a great way of mixing all of your decor, treasures and furniture! It's wonderful that you have family pieces...I wish that's something I had.

    Great post...so glad I stopped by!!! Definitely looking forward to the next!

    Jane x

  4. Oh Judy, what a wonderful post. I loved everything you have done and it works all so well together. It flows from room to room.

    I see that Kei has his favorite place too.

    Looking forward to Post 3.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.,


  5. Your cottage is alway so much fun to peek at Judy. I love your cozy and charming touches. I have said it before, I would love to shop your home...but I'd settle for a visit! ;)

  6. Love always seeing your sweet cottage. So cozy and pretty. Little Kai loves the cottage too and is sooooo cute in his favorite spot.

  7. I love your home and all the patriotic decor! You are so blessed to live in your beautiful, cozy Victorian.

    1. Thank you, Joanie, so much. We do feel blessed to live here. An old house takes a lot of work to keep up. Hope we can endure. So far, so good..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  8. Your cottage is just like the most wonderful antique store that I would love to visit and spend hours in! Every little touch is so "right".. and the patriotic theme throughout is down to earth and reminds me of a little town 60 years ago or so! I could look and look and each time, find something new in each photo that I love! Your porch too is just so cozy and homey and love the lights at night. I lived in a Victorian house in SE Washington state some years ago, and it had the same feeling to it.. and the little town was only 1000 people and I loved it. Sometimes wish I still lived there. It was truly a "Mayberry". Is your town little also? I like to imagine that it is! hugs.. Marilyn

  9. Your patriotic decorating is so cute! I want ed to ask you if the paper lanterns on the porch take the weather well? We get so many summer storms. Thank you!

  10. I have not a patriotic thing up but the flag outside. I am gonna decorate some this week end. The grand girls need to see it and ask questions about it so they can learn. Lovely home.


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