Tuesday, September 12, 2017


You saw this 
proud and puffed character
 last week 
where he graces the 
entry of
 Gold Country Cottage...

...soon after he appeared 
a flock of his cousins flew in,
 landing on the parlor mantle.

 Funny how that happens!

They sat up home
 on twigs from the garden's
crepe myrtle tree.

  Some eerie lighting,
 along with a little of this and that, 
and the parlor is set 
to welcome 
the Cottage Witch 
when she steps out 
BeTwEEn the MoONligHt and the MaJiC.

Speaking of a flock of cousins, 
a few congregated in Monterey 
this past weekend 
to celebrate a reunion 
from my mother's side of our family. 
 Some hadn't seen each other 
for a very 
long time.

First Cousins Club

We had such a great time. 

 The weather was beautiful, 
we looked at old pictures,
 ate good food and 
thoroughly enjoyed the company.

  An event that should not be
 put off
 for such a long time 
ever again.


Your tea awaits,
 dear friend!

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  1. Judy, You can tell you ladies are all related. All of you look very pretty too. I loved your birds. One year , my granddaughter Emma and I made a bunch of black felt birds and glued them to pinch clothes pins that we had painted black...you can pin them all over. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. You all look so happy Judy! It's so nice to have such close cousins, isn't it?! And it's always fun to look through old photos. My daughter was here last week and was looking though her childhood photos and it brought back memories that have long been forgotten.

    Your birds are scary, in a good way ;)


  3. I really could use a cup of tea right now. My friend and I decorated my front porch this afternoon and I am really pooped.

    My son and his girl friend are coming Sunday and of course, I want everything tip top. Don't want him to think I am to old to get around LOL. He has been after me to move up by him, but I love my little cottage, gardens and friends.
    Just to think I have to get rid of everything is just to much to think about.
    Some of my stuff I have had over 50 years.

    Love your black crows. By the way the 99 cent store has lots for 99 cents. Just in case you need more.

    Have a great week.


  4. Love the cousin picture most.. its so beautiful to get together with cousins...

  5. Such happiness!Love your black teaset,so cute!Hugs,Maristella.

  6. Love all those cousins... black and human! I've never had a reunion with any of my (very distant) cousins who all live in the midwest.. and me living in Oregon.. well just never got back there and they never came here. I do correspond with a couple though which is better than nothing. You guys all look good and happy and bet it was fun to get together like that. Time goes by way too fast. I love all of your spooky decorating! Marilyn

  7. I still have to go to Michaels and get myself a black crow! I love your flock. What a great picture of all the cousins. Love a get together like that!

  8. It's always fun to get together with family isn't it? We usually wait too long as well. Have to make it a priority. Love your birds. I have to dig mine out soon. It's almost time for me to admit that fall is on its way! ;-)

  9. Such a fun event. You even look alike...LOL You are getting so creative with halloween Judy. Love your accessories.

  10. Lovin your sweet mantel decor. So fun. Love that you had some time with family. Great pic. You all look like you are enjoying!

  11. Love the branch of birds - what a grand display - hope they are not getting into mischief - hee hee. Have to watch them. Oh the cousins are just fabulous - we had a cousins retreat in Oregon a while back - so fun to see each other after a long while. Ahhhhh - the crow teapot - I'll have my tea with a bit of honey and maybe a cookie or two - thank you very much. I think I've been very patient. LOL Happy weekend my dear.

  12. I LOVE that picture of all the cousins...everyone looks happy and like they are having a ball. Happy Fall decorating, Judy. Everything looks great. xo Diana


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  16. What a fine cousin photo. Every one is smiling so nice. I need to find my black birds to put out. I love yours the way you have decorated with them.


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