Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Bunch of Ramblings...

"If all the cars
 in the United States 
were placed end to end,
 it would probably be
 Labor Day weekend".

Doug Larson

That might be the case most years, 
but probably not this past Labor Day.

 With the devastation in
 Texas and Louisiana, 
and the huge fire burning around 
Los Angeles,
 there would surely be 
other things on most folk's minds 
than a get-away.

  Now with Hurricane Irma 
bearing down on Florida 
how much more 
can these poor people stand?
The support given 
by all the first responders 
and the volunteering of private citizens 
from all over, 
is truly an effort of angels.

 Years will pass 
before everything can be
 put to rights and 
some of their life's blood 
can never be replaced. 

 We must do what we can 
for all of our neighbors,
 in good times and in bad.

 We are all family,
 after all.

We did not 
leave the house this Labor Day.

  Well, maybe, I did once.
  To capture this crow 
in a cloche...

...and to rescue this beauty 
from Michael's.

 He is so creepy,
 yet at the same time beautiful, 
that it was all I could do
 to carry him to the check stand.

 since I truly cannot abide 
anything with wings, 
except angels,
 do I continually have 
this fixation with birds?

 I only know
 that I am preparing for 
the return of the Cottage Witch 
in a few weeks 
and these obnoxious creatures
 are much a part of that.

 In the vein of normalcy, 
I will call your attention to
 the pear I made
 from a light bulb 
and some bits of twine.

If that can be 
called normal!

I have set a few 
other baubels 
pertaining to Halloween 
in the entry hall

... an early autumn bouquet, 
in a cute little jug from Home Goods,
 on the wagon. 
No pun intended!

I picked a few
 of the Chinese Lanterns 
that were getting too tall
 to stand upright in the garden 
and Goatzie accessorized them 
with a haul of oranges 
in his cart.
As the title of this post implies, 
this is just a bunch of ramblings 
that seem to happen 
when I can't think of 
anything else to write about.

  The fire near us 
is about 90% contained
 so hope there are no more, 
but the chances of that
 are much greater 
with this horrid heat
 we are still having.

  Whatever you are going through,
 stay safe,
 and healthy.

Fall is on the way!


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  1. Judy, Yes, let's all stay safe. I am praying for our country and our citizens. We are having all sorts of nature problems. I love your touches of autumn...and it is coming on, isn't it? I have some black birds around here somewhere...I really need to work on getting organized. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. So beautiful.. I desperately want to decorate, but the crazy remodeling..
    Stay safe.. XOXO

  3. I need to decorate but I would rather look at your decorating. You do it so much better. Love everything

  4. I don't think that we will ever have cool weather. The heat has been so extreme and with the storms sending humidity to us, you can't even go outside. So I have been inside all day Labor Day as we could smell the fire up in Glendale and the ashes. So people with respiratory conditions like me MUST stay in doors.
    Bummer, not that I had anything to do.

    Just starting to drag out a few of my Fall decorations and will start soon.

    Your post was very pretty with all your great photo's.

    Hope you get some cooler weather up where you are at. I am staying close to home and oly going out early am.


  5. Fall and cooler weather can't come fast enough for me. It has been such a long, hot summer.

    Love all of your seasonal decorations and your new header is delightful.

  6. Judy, it all looks great and that pear is adorable! I was contemplating making a few just this morning. I think you just sealed the deal. Off to get some twine. I am glad to hear that your fire is contained. I wonder if it's the same one we saw pictures of from a friend...scary...

  7. Hi Judy, Love the beginning to your fall decorated home. Everything is gorgeous and such an inspiration. We are so ready here in Texas for cooler days but continue to pray for those affected by the storm and the newest one on the way to Florida. God be with everyone and also for those in the path of the fires.
    Wishing you a wonderful September and autumn days ahead. xoxoi

  8. We do need to keep all of those affected by the fires and hurricanes close to our hearts! I just love your crow! I have to go dig out the coupons I just got in the mail from Michael's and go get one. I don't know what to do with him yet, but I will find something. No decorating here yet...not till October when it really feels like Fall. Love your early Fall décor!

  9. Hi Judy. You have some of the best holiday decor pieces!!! Seriously you find the best things.
    I am not a big fan of black crows but you are right there is something about them in Halloween decor. Love your goat and cart that is so awesome. Like I said you find the best things. He is just too adorable. Happy Midweek.

  10. Love your autumn header Judy.. it's so so pretty with those orange tulips! You do take such pretty and interesting photos. I just love going over them several times to look again. I'm swooning over the little lamps in the garden! And goatsie.. he MUST have some oranges in his cart... he is so cute. My sister would love him.. she had real live goats for several years and though they are gone now, she still has a love affair with goats! Your Fall pillows on the couch are so pretty.. it makes me want to (a little tiny bit) take out a few pieces for Fall, but not yet really. We are still in the midst of a heat wave here and fires everywhere, and our beautiful Columbia River Gorge is burning up.. I'm so sad. In no mood to decorate yet but hopefully at least by Thanksgiving will be (and by then we'll probably be fighting snow!). Glad your area fires are mostly contained.. Oregon has so many out of control and our air actually has ash floating in it from the big fire about 50 miles away. I pray too for all of the people and helpers and responders who are caught in the midst of Harvey and now Irma. I have a nephew there on the east coast of Florida who is keeping his fingers crossed that Irma doesn't blast his house full-on. Too many nature catastrophies. I'm staying inside also.. didn't go out on Labor Day at all, or that weekend, except once to the library to use their internet. Mine is back now and I'm very glad! Hugs... Marilyn

  11. So pretty - and love the header. And the crow and the raven - oh so much to like. Still waiting to see the crow teapot. LOL I"m glad the nearby fire is being contained. We had smoke again - making it impossible to be outdoors - we had smoke from British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho and Montana fires. The wind swirled over us - stuck there for a week - until finally last night and today we had rain - almost an inch - so that cleared our smoke and hopefully dampened the burning fires. Our fire danger is a little lower - but not good yet - so we have our emergency bag packed and when we leave the house we put it in the trunk of the car - not knowing when or if we would get back home if there was a fire - such scary times.

    I love love love goatzie - and the wagon - you always decorate with such pretty things. I have started to think about decorating for autumn, what with this cool rainy weather - but so far it is just in the thinking stage. Take care and have a great week - even if you don't go anyplace.

  12. Judy,
    So glad that the fire is contained. Love all your Fall touches. I have already decorated the front porch and now will be starting the inside....
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  13. Mine is back now and I'm very glad! Hugs... Marilyn



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