Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I love this time of year. 
 It always is a delight to the senses.
  The changes in nature 
are spectacular 
and after a long hot summer, 
the air is cooler 
and we are more relaxed 
in our own skin.

There is something about
 the colors of autumn 
that, to me, are 
exciting and relaxing at the same time. 

 There are times throughout the year
 that I yearn for the 
earthy and warmer tones.

 Since blogging, 
I have come to admire
 the cooler side of autumn 
that so many of our friends 
beautifully display 
but, still, my heart 
goes back to the pure, jewel tones 
that have always been 
so comforting
 to me.

More than any room 
at the Cottage, 
the dining room is testament to that.

 I love the warmth of
 the barn red walls,
 set off by the 
lighter original millwork and wainscotting.

  The primitive feel of the room
 is comforting
 and when lit by candles, 
I am taken back
 to the early years of 
Victoria magazine 
and their beautiful photography
 that is unmatched 
by any others, 
in my opinion.

The table has been set for two 
where a large feast 
or an impromptu snack
 can be taken. 

 The china, stemware, napkins, chargers, etc.
 have all been accumulated 
over time
 from various sources
 garage sales, Pier One, Home Goods, Target
 and numerous thrift stores. 
 Neither expensive or fine,
 all just well loved.

The centerpiece
 which runs the length of 
the old miner's table 
consists of 
Heavenly Bamboo leaves from the garden,
 grapevine pumpkins, 
candles and a sprinkling of
 pinecones and tiny resin pumpkins. 
 Nothing too thought out.

Other small touches 
around the Cottage 

...and these 
favored colors of autumn 
are what make me
 feel at home.

Have a wonderful week.


Only two more weeks until.....

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  1. Gorgeous Fall tablescape,Judy!Love your pretty pumpkin teapot too!Hugs!

  2. Hi Judy,
    You know I am a neutral girl even with my fall decor but I have to say I am swooning over your pretty displays. Love your home sign. That is awesome. Fall is beginning her in Illinois too. Still having a few days of heat but the nights are much cooler and the trees are beginning to change.
    Have a great new week.

  3. You have a great collection of colorful treasures to celebrate fall, Judy. And it is a celebration of color. Love your tablescape---we do break bread a lot more in the cooler and colder months.


    Jane x

  4. Judy, I love your beautiful dining room. You do have some really cute things,the pumpkins, candles, and pillows. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Looks like you're all ready for fall, Judy. Lovely. That pumpkin teapot is just darling. I too love looking at the white and light, bright fall home decor that seems to be all the rage today, but my own eye craves those same jewel tones that you feature. The reds and golds, just seem to cozy up the space especially once the leaves start to turn and fall. That is actually the best part of fall to me.

  6. Your dining room is lovely and cozy and my kind of room. I am with you! I love the colors of Fall year round so I made my dining room my Fall room with golds and burgundy, warm wood tones and porcelain white. It is my favorite room of the house because I get that Fall feeling no matter what season it is.

  7. Judy,
    Your Dining Room is stunning!! You know that I am so partial to red walls and I love yours!! The tablescape is breathtaking!!! I would LOVE to see more of that gorgeous Dining Room!! Your Fall decor is lovely!! I will be doing a post later today on the Fall vignettes in my Living Room.....
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  8. I also love fall very much.. your decorations are so beautiful..

  9. Judy, your decorations are so pretty and I like them very much. I am like you, love this cooler weather. Thanks for sharing all your pretties with us.

    I love those plates.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. I went and looked again at all of your decorations as I just love them! You are so lucky to have so much room to put things, floor space for little chairs and pillows, and your beautiful cabinets and hutches full of all sorts of wonderful dishware! Your dining table is beautiful and love those napkins with the crocheted edges, the wool felt pillows, the pumpkin teapot (swoon....), your table "runner" (I used to use my own yard things when I lived in the country), and the deep oranges and browns. And little lamps and candles make it so cozy for the darker days without sunshine. Makes me want to decorate though I don't much anymore. Although... I do usually put on a pretty Fall tablecloth and some (fake) leaves and (fake) pumpkins.. and always, always candles on my table.. In fact last year I remember I found a set of 12 little tiny pumpkins for tealights.. just remembered that! I'll probably wait until October to put things out. I used to love decorating my mantle in other houses, but this one only has a tiny narrow 4" mantle and can't get much on that! Our "to do" list is to add a wider mantle! Hugs Judy.... you do inspire me! Marilyn

  11. beautiful autumn feels! i wonder if i can also make my room feel like autumn even if we don't really experience it! hehe. anyway, i hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like. Saying hello all the way from the Philippines! :)

    xoxo, rae

  12. Oh how did I miss this - I need to go through all your posts again now - and see why I am missing seeing some. They are always my favorites - and I go over and over and over them, finding new things to admire each time. I love the teapot - i got a "new" pumpkin teapot this year. And the plate - I have the same flatware and love to use it in the autumn. Your table is wonderful - you are so creative and everything just sings Autumn. Going through your blog makes me feel like I'm in your wonderful home - and sometimes I'm surprised when I finish reading a post and look up, that I am actually in my own home. You do so well with decorating every little area.


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