Tuesday, September 26, 2017


has finally arrived.

 The fires are lit and 
we are settling in
 for some comfortable time.

 The leaves are not quite turning yet,
 but there is a nip in the air
 even though the sun is
 still shining.

The Secret Garden 
is the first to
 come to the party.
These leaves have been falling
 well before the calendar
 said it was time.

 The squirrels will soon be 
scurrying along the limbs 
of the walnut tree, 
with visions of a 
long, cold winter in view.

 We will sit a little longer 
on the screened porch and 
watch their antics, 
but not before
 being wrapped up
 in woolie blankets.

Here are a few more 
nooks and crannies 
that have taken on 
the colors of autumn 
in the Cottage...

...and a front porch welcome
 to all who come 
through the gate...

The guest room 
is decorated 
with a nod to contradiction.

  Last week
 I said that the 
earthy, warm colors of autumn 
were my favorites.
  While that is the truth,
 our guest room, 
decorated in shades of 
green, pink and soft lavender, 
simply needs 
the softer side.

 Nothing much is changed 
from the ordinary, 
except the addition of 
one of the affordable pillows 
that I keep adding
 to my collection...

  This one made of a 
silky material 
with colors that celebrate the season 
but don't compete 
with the basic style 
of the room
 and came with a price tag of 
between two and three dollars...

...and instead of 
fresh flowers 
that I normally place on the nightstand,
 I fashioned a tree of green leaves.

  I pinned leaves 
from the garden 
to a tall cone.

 They become a little drier each day 
and add a feeling of the harvest 
that is soon to come.

 Along with a small white pumpkin 
this is my contribution to 
the softer side 
of autumn.

The newest little chicken 
has gotten into the act.

 Posing with a new kitchen towel
 that nods toward 
what is coming 
to the Cottage
 next week

...along with another cute pillow 
that tells the tale 
of what you can expect
 BetWEen the MoONliGhT 
and the MaJiC...


Here is your standing invitation 
for the month of October 
when the Cottage Witch 
will welcome you with open arms.

 Come into her embrace.......if you dare!


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  1. Great photos!What an adorable porch!Love your Fall decoration.Hugs.Maristella.

  2. Judy, The garden décor is looking so much like fall. I love it. Your porch is the sweetest thing. I would be sitting out there. :):) I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures of your autumn home. Very pretty. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  3. Judy, what fun decorations you have! Even your guest room looks fabulous!

  4. Judy, I can see you are having fun adding touches of fall to your home. I'm slowly doing the same. Happy Autumn!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful , and beautiful.. we are still in 90 degree..

  6. Judy,

    I am loving every bit of your home and the festive touches. I can just imagine curling up on one of your porch rockers with a throw and a cup of hot apple cider! You have beaten me to the punch - I have a free day tomorrow and I'm now inspired to add a few fall treasures here and there!

    Jane xxx

  7. Hi Judy,
    It all looks so beautiful. I love that autumn pillow very pretty. We are finally leaving these 90 degree days and it is suppose to start to feel like fall for us here in Illinois. Happy New Week.

  8. Your place look fabulous no matter what season its dressed for, Judy, but it really shines in fall. I adore all of your cozy touches and that new chicken is adorable! Have a wonderful time by the fire. xo

  9. Love it all! Your porch is so inviting.... I would love to join you there! Where do you get those sweet pillows? They look hand painted! The pops of orange everywhere sure speak "Fall" to me. I'm not ready to decorate for it yet.. maybe towards the end of October when we may finally have some cooler days! The nights ARE getting cold though, but days still sunny and up in the 70's and 80's. Your guest room is so sweet too! Have a happy week! Marilyn

  10. Great post! Perfect to welcome in Autumn. Love your pictures.

  11. Hello Judy aka Cottage Witch!
    Your photos are just gorgeous and are making me want to get out my fall decor. I have been uninspired due to the heat. Each of your photos is full of such eye candy- you have a lot of unique things that are such fun to see. Hope you are doing well! xoxo, T.

    1. Thanks, Tina. Everything is good here, hope so with you also. Thanks for the visit and hope to see you next week....and beyond!!!! WoooooWoooo!..Judy

  12. This was such a fun post! Can't wait to see the witches, ghosts and goblins!

    1. Thank you Joanie. See you next week....if you dare! Don't be a scaredy cat, it is all fun!!..Judy

  13. Love your wonderful fall photos....

  14. Oh so much to take in - love the punkin's "hair", and the pillows and the wicked chickens - you find the cleverest things to add just the right touch to your lovely house. What a treat your guests have. Everything is simply wonderful. Happy Autumn my dear.

  15. Wicked Chickes - Deviled Eggs, I love that. How do people come up with these things? Very Autumn at your home and I love it1

  16. Judy,
    Love all your Autumn touches!!This is my favorite time of year. The colors of Autumn just seem to make the house feel warm and cozy, don't they??? And your home looks lovely!!
    Thanks for viisiting!!


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