Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A Proclamation...

The time is drawing near
That one and all must fear

Like hands moving on a clock

Soon the door will open
And the Cottage Witch you'll see

With her little vampire sidekick

And when the night is over
Before you go to bed

Forget the ghosts and goblins
That are filling up your head.

This does not mean it's over
So do not shed a tear

The spirits and the spectors
Will return again next year.


I hope you all enjoyed the journey 

BeTWeeN the MoONliGht and the MaJiC 

and will look forward to 
what is to come.

My special thanks 
go to all the players
 behind the scenes...

...who helped make
 October possible.

 You are all
 and your inspirations are 

...I thank you all 
from the bottom of 
my witches heart.

The Cottage Witch 
Week Five
Halloween Night
October, 2017

 I certify that no 
witches, ghouls, ghosts
 or any other spectors 
were hurt in the writing
 of these 
October posts.

I will say,
that the Cottage Witch 
has pushed her creative endurance
 to a level 
that she may not 
come back from.

The test will be 
if she can grab 
enough tail wind and
 make it to Home Goods!

Hear that dear Captain,

"Grab my pointy hat and 
crank up the broom!!!"

In the meantime, 
it will be business as usual
 again next week 
and thank you all 
for making 
the journey
 with me.


It's almost harvest time.

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  1. Judy, I think you have had some wonderful fun this October. I have enjoyed your posts. Happy Halloween. Blessings , xoxo, Susie

  2. I love this entire post, Judy, but I couldn't stop peeking back at that vampire. Cute, cute, cute...and only a tiny bit scary! Happy Halloween my friend. Can't wait to get a glimpse of your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor!

  3. Happy Halloween,Judy!Very creative posts!Such fun!

  4. Oh- I wish Halloween was a day or so away....but...here it is...and there you are all ready ofr it.
    Happy Halloween to you! xo Diana

  5. Aww!! cute .. Happy Halloween..

  6. Sooooo cute I love all your creative Halloween decoration
    Stop by my cozy casita the witch is out around my home!
    Happy Halloween

  7. Oh...this made me smile, Judy!!! You are GOOD!

    Happy Halloween!


  8. Judy:
    I am amazed at all the lovely photos you post. I have posted single photos a few times in Instagram, but getting the right shot is so overwhelming that I sort of gave up and haven't posted in months. So I definitely appreciate all the work you put into your amazing posts - you and all the other bloggers. Your Halloween posts have been spectacular! I love the soft-focus nature of your photos as well.

  9. Thank you so much, Joanie. I have never done Instagram as I am one of those crazy, non-technical people, that very rarely use my telephone. I do use Picasa for editing my pics and I appreciate your kind words and your visit. Hope you had a Happy Halloween..Judy

  10. Hi Judy,
    Hope you had a great Halloween. Little Kai looks so cute with his fangs lol! Love these posts you do for October. All your great vignettes and wonderful writings. Very much appreciated. Happy New month of November!!!! Yikes time is flying by!!!!

  11. You are having too much fun! Fun posts in October!

  12. Great post. Thanks for all the great October posts. You missed your calling in life - they were excellent.

    Little Kai looked so cute with his fangs on......

    Happy November. Will leave the pumpkins out that are not carved, but will put away all the Halloween stuff.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. Espero que o halloween tenha sido bem passado.Lindas imagens vi por aqui. Feliz domingo. Abraço.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. I went to your post but couldn't leave a comment so hope you see this. That cake looks delicious and so pretty surrounded by berries..Have a wonder week..Judy

  14. I had such fun - and I know you will be back - they say one always returns to the scene of the crime. Cackle cackle!!! Happy week and thanks for the fun!!! You are so clever my dear.

  15. Oh - and Kai is soooo "believable" as the vampire. hee heee


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