Tuesday, October 3, 2017


This is not how I imagined 
starting out this post today
 but in light of all the recent tragedies, 
I feel that I need to say something.

 The devastation that occurs
 due to natural causes 
is always hard to accept and 
all we can do is
 give some part of ourselves
 to try to help make it right again
 for the victims and 
what they have lost,
 but what that horrible animal
 did to all those unsuspecting people
 in Las Vegas,
 no human being has the right
 to do to another, ever.

  Watching the videos and 
hearing the rounds of gun shots
 was something that will 
stick in my mind for a long time to come.

 I can only imagine
 how it will affect
 all those involved.

this is something that is happening 
in our world all too often.

 It hurts to think that
 it probably is 
just a matter of time 
before it happens again.

 There has to be a solution.

 Our hearts go out to 
all the families 
who have lost loved ones and 
pray for a speedy recovery 
for those injured.


Whatever Happened to...

Whatever happened to...

Miss Sara Jane
She stood so proud and so tall

Her shadow fell
As she entered a room

But, she wasn't 
scary at all.

Whatever happened to...

Old Witch Hazel

With her long and pointy chin

Her hair was a mess
Resembling bird's nests

But, she could sit on
 the head of a pin.

Whatever happened to...

Wee Baby Boo

She had something so hard to resist

With dimples so deep
And a smile that was sweet

She was a beacon of light,
With a twist.

They all have returned  
coming into the light

With potions and spells that are new

And as they conspire
They sing like a choir


Whatever happened to you?

And so begins
 the journey between 
the MoOnliGhT and the MaJiC.

I hope you will return
 each and every week...

Come on in and...

I think you
 will be 
glad you did.

The Cottage Witch
Week One
October, 2017

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  1. Nothing I love better than a witch that isn't ME!
    Such a sad week we are in with everything going on. It is a fun to see a bit of LIGHT (in the darkness) here. xo Diana

  2. Oh Judy it is sad when things like Las Vegas happen. It makes me sad for my grand girls and what kind of world they will have to live when they are adults. On a lighter note I smiled to see your witches. They are just so fun and adorable. Love love love them.

  3. A sad week indeed, Judy. My heart truly aches for the whole world. It's wonderful to see your sweet and spirited witches, though...a lovely distraction for sure. xoxo

  4. Love this! How very, very cleaver you are and it is so cute.

  5. What a terrible thing to have happened, so many people injured and killed by that terrible man.

    I love your post with all the cute sayings and will keep watch for the rest.


  6. This post says it all, well done.. My heart aches for the victims that passed and for the ones that survived and have to relive the sights and sounds. My deepest desire is that we as a world can somehow make this situation something in our past. Future generations deserve better than this.

  7. Thank you, Judy. There is a great need for something to change and, hopefully, we can get there sooner than later. It has gone on long enough!.. Have a wonderful week..Judy

  8. Well said! Sad times we are living through. Sending hugs from TX.

  9. Oh I"ve been waiting for this fun - I hope to sit a spell and see what is next. They do look ready to conjure up some majic. Can't wait - shivers and shudders ahead - in anticipation.

  10. A sad, sad week indeed, but your darling witches are a welcome distraction. You're so very clever Judy!


  11. How very, very cleaver you are and it is so cute.


  12. Again - I missed another post -I feel like maybe your MaJic is haunting me and keeping the posts from me. Hee hee hee. I'm so happy to see everyone coming back out and bringing Halloween fun - and lest we forget - what have they done with you?????? Hope they only have good potions and spells for you my dear.


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