Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Tis the month of October
The beginning of fall

Breast Cancer Awareness month
(Show the girls some love, my pretties)



With a little MOonLiGht and MaJic in between...


The Right Plan

The first thing she does
 When a witch wakes up

Is go for the coffee
And fill up her cup.

It's not until then
She is ready to fly

And a second cup makes her
Go higher than high.

And once she is up there
Way up in the sky

She will map out her plan
And then ask herself why?

Why spend her time
Riding a broom

When she just as easily
Could be hanging the moon.

The Cottage Witch
Week Two
October, 2017

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  1. Sounds like a lovely plan! I am so glad to see you posting today. Have been thinking about you with all these fires. I can't quite remember where you are, but hoping you are nowhere near the flames of the smoke. Enjoy that coffee!

  2. Judy, so relieved to see a post from you. I've been concerned about you and your home with the wild fires in your area. Are you in Mendocino County? Glad to know you are safe.
    Your post is great!

  3. I can't read the printing, so can't really comment on your post. :-) Nice halloweeny pics though.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Spooky! Oh that darned witch.... where is she going to now? Can't see her in the sky and don't know why.... but I'll try.... and if I don't see her, I'll cry! Happy Witch month! Hugs.. Marilyn

  5. Cute poem! cute witches....if they can be cute :-)

  6. Love the cute poem and love seeing all your sweet "witchy" decor. Hope you are safe from all the fires. That looks pretty bad.

  7. Love your seasonal poetry - very cute and the pictures are great!

  8. Judy, great post and I love your poetry. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Fun Pics! I'm headed to a ladies lunch today for Friday the 13th. We are bringing black and orange food. I had to think hard and decided on a black bean salad with yellow bell, tomato and corn. At least it will be colorful! Have a spooky day!

  10. You are awesome! I love your poem and that blog photo is just so ghoulish.

  11. Hi Judy, Although we now live in Colorado, Santa Rosa/Sonoma County still have a large part of my heart. Our old next door neighbors were with us in New England when the fires were blazing-it was so hard. In fact, one of the fires(the Nunn fire)was in the State Park right above our street and the development was evacuated. They weren't sure whether they'd have a house to go home to. Thankfully, the big 747 from Co. Springs flew out and got most of the fire put out. 75% of the state park burned but our friends street was o.k.
    Glad the fire wasn't worse in your area....we heard there was one in Penn Valley, but not sure if that is the same one.

  12. I love your poem and that blog photo is just so ghoulish.


  13. And hanging the moon is perfect for your dear witchie, after she "brews" up her coffee. Wonderful and pretty decorations my dear.


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