Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I'd like to thank all of you
 for your concerns 
about our well-being and 
the wild fires here 
in Northern California. 
there were about seven fires 
burning in 
different locations,
 all at the same time, 
we, in Nevada County,
 were much more fortunate 
than those in 
Santa Rosa and
 the surrounding areas.

  We are so 
 for that.

The fire 
that was the closest to our home 
(about two miles) 
started with a transformer blowing up
 due to very high winds. 
 It blackened a large portion 
of the field below 
and then demolished 
one house next to the field 
(pictured above).  
The winds then shifted and 
 saved the house next door 
which belonged to our 
next door neighbor's son.  
It then shifted back and
 burned another home close by...

...see the siding 
on the little green house
 where it came so close?

The transformer was 
right across the road 
from our fairgrounds, 
which was one of the 
main evacuation points. 
One loose spark and 
that could have all been taken away.
  The fairgrounds are nestled 
into groves of cedar and pine trees and,
with the heavy winds, 
could have easily been destroyed.

  Many thanks to the 
first responders 
for their hard and conscientious work.

  Now let us slip back in
BeTWeen the MooNlIght and the MaJic.



In the very dark of night
Something large and black takes flight

While I lounge upon my bed
I hear a voice within my head

"What is that creature coming near,
Could it be something I should fear?"

I went to the window
Not much I could see

The dark of night was 
As thick as could be

But, yet, I heard this gentle rustling
The thought of wings beside me puzzling.

Into the darkness
I continued to stare

What was I hearing
Was there something there?

Was it only the wind
That has found me here?

 Or just a dream
So loud and so clear?

I opened the door
Moved as if in a trance

There sat the Raven
High up on a branch

He looked down on me
And uttered these words,

"I am not a Raven
I am but a crow"

And quoth the Raven:

 "My sincere apologies to Mr. Edgar Allen Poe."

The Cottage Witch
October, 2017

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  1. Hi Judy!I am glad you are safe.Blessings for all of you...Hugs,Maristella.

  2. Judy, I am so glad you are safe. I have prayed for all in California. The fires are so dangerous. Stay safe. Loved the poem and pics. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  3. Judy,
    I am so thankful that you and your beautiful cottage were not harmed. I think of all the natural disasters that have happened in our country this year, the fires are the most devastating . We have had serious flooding here in our area over the years and things can be salvaged from one's home but with fire, there is nothing left to salvage. Stay safe my friend. Looking forward to your Halloween posts which I always love!!!!

  4. Hi Jydy I'm so glad you and your HB and your Dog are safe

  5. So happy to hear that you are okay.

    Your poem is wonderful and the pictures are fantastic.

  6. Judy I am so glad you and your family are okay. I have a friend who lives in Santa Rosa who came through without damage as well. Being a native Californian I was concerned as well as thankful for our rain this past winter, we always have a horrific fire season to follow. So happy to read your blog today!

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    3. Judy, my computer is screwing up and I left the two messages to you but they both didn't go through. Now I can't delete the replies. I'm trying again. Thanks so much for your concerns and am so happy that you visited..Have a Happy Thursday..Judy And now we will see if this works!

  7. So glad you and your family are safe.


    1. Lorraine, I hope this goes through to you. As you can see above that my comments to Judy did not work for two days. Thanks for your caring thoughts and Happy Thursday..Judy

  8. Love your poetry always Judy. Halloween is your season! Glad the fires did not reach your sweet home. What a blessing. Happy New Week.

  9. So glad that the fires are getting under control. The one close to me is 100% contained. The smoke was so thick, that they advised anyone with breathing problems to stay into doors, keep the windows and door shut and turn on A/C. Plus it was so very hot.

    The fires up your way are terrible and I pray that they get everything under control. So much going on ... scary.

    Take care dear friend. Love your scary poem.


  10. What a shame about the fires - and they are so unpredictable. Glad it wasn't worse.

    And I love your poem - I just wait for this all year. Just as I finished reading the poem the wind moaned around the corner of the house - I expected the crow, or you, to appear. Have a grand and scary weekend my dear.

  11. Love the poem and your photos! so glad you are safe and so sad that so many lost everything in the fires. I don't understand lately all of the devastation everywhere. It can happen so fast. Yes this time of year is definitely "your thing". Your cottage is so perfect for being all spooky and full of little critters! Marilyn

  12. I am happy to hear that you are safe, sound and unscathed. Very scary nonetheless. So was your poem my friend. Can't wait for the next round! xoxo Be safe.

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