Tuesday, March 6, 2018


This little Magic Man 
accomplished what
 he was sent here to do, 
which was to bring some
 much needed winter wonderland 
to my world...

...but like all good things, 
this too shall pass 
and as seasons change,
 so do conversations.

While this conversation 
is slowly fading,
are taking its place,

...what better way 
than to say it 
with flowers.

I have had this 
plain faux eucalyptus wreath
 for some time. 
 In honor of the coming spring,
 it has been transformed
 with bits and pieces of
 little faux flowers.
  I did not glue 
any of them in 
as this wreath is really pretty 
on its own 
and I will still be able
 to change it for
 another occasion...

...set upon
 a pretty dresser scarf 
from the 40's...

...along with
 a cheery statement
 from Home Goods...

...a warm entry,
 coming in from 
the cold!

A perfect 
farmhouse setting...

...for a 
quiet dinner...

...with the language 
of blue and white...

...and a spongeware pitcher 
full of pickings 
from the garden 
mixed with store bought
 country flowers.

At the end of the day,
 when Old Man Winter 
tries his best 
to get his foot back in the door, 
what could be better 
than a comfortable rocking chair,
 in a warm room,
 with a bright bouquet 
and a cup of tea?

There is no better way 
to lift the spirits,
 so start a 
meaningful conversation 
and say it
 with flowers.


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  1. Judy, I always love seeing around your beautiful home. I have always loved embroidered dresser scarves. I admire all the pretty colors and hard work the person put into the piece. A good cup of tea sounds nice right now. Blessings, stay warm, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your farmhouse table is soooo pretty Judy. I love your entry way too with using your wreath there. I am a fan of all your vignettes and these are very pretty. Happy Tuesday.

  3. Beautiful flower bouquet and lovely wreath!Your vignettes are adorable as ever.Hugs!

  4. Love your flowers...they make a room happy I say. My mom has that same bluebird dresser scarf...and she made it herself. How cool to see someone else have one just like it. Janice

  5. I am so over winter here-despite the fact that it has been snowing for 24 hours now. Love your wreath and all the flowers. Hope you have a wonderful Spring- xo Diana

  6. The dessert scarf is very cute!

  7. Oh Judy, that table is absolutely perfect!! The blue and white is so warm and elegant. I am looking for new dishes (just came from Pottery Barn tonight!) and if I didn't have so much red in my room and glass front cabinets, I would opt for blue and white. Although...I am tempted to buy a few pieces to have. Red, white and blue are a charming combination. Enjoy your touch of winter. We are expecting 6-12 inches of snow overnight. Lots of winter here...still. xo

  8. Your home is so 'homey', Judy! I think adding to the wreath in a non- permanent way is a great idea. Yay for recycling!

    Your table is so sweet and cozy, it doesn't require a full spread; placeholders, chargers, crystal. I am so feeling the love coming from your home. And of course, great conversation!

    Jane x

  9. Really pretty in preparation for spring.


  10. Oh Judy, your home is so comfortable and homey. Love the table with your beautiful blue dishes.

    I have a wreath like yours that I change at different times of the year. It works great.

    I am so ready for Spring. Such crazy weather we are having. Very chilly today.

    Take care my friend, wish I was there having a cup of tea with you. Enjoy the rest of the week.


  11. I love to say it with faux flowers because real ones make me sneeze! Beautiful entryway for Spring. The faux/silk flowers out there are so pretty now so I don't mind using them.

  12. So pretty, as usual, Judy! I'm in love with blue and white, and love your dishes and the big pitcher of flowers. Is your hubby appreciative of all you do to set such a lovely table? I think men appreciate it but fail to mention it! I had a nice Valentine's Day table set as we had company.. and just yesterday, my hubby came home with stuff for an Easter table, and said we should "start a tradition" to decorate the table for each holiday! Well.... I've been doing it for 15 years! Did he not notice? I had to laugh... I've been doing it forever and he just noticed? but I guess he DID like it, so now I have a new (used) tablecloth and table runner and a pretty Easter decoration for my centerpiece (hated to tell him I already have a cupboard full of Easter decorations, plus an Easter tablecloth I made many years ago!). Sigh..... men.......!!

  13. I love your farmhouse feel. The blue and white, the table, the flowers. I was already for spring and then snow! But it's springing up inside -- after all, only three weeks till Easter!

  14. What a lovely conversation you are having between winter and spring! Love your blue and white. Have a lovely week.

  15. Love our pretty blue and white dishes and you wreath is lovely!! I also noticed your Rosie B. Tea Pot in the last photo!! I have one in pink.... Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  16. I just bought bowls in the same pattern as your salad plates. I can't wait to play with stacking and mixing and matching. I love your flowers. Yeah, spring. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  17. You are so right. Flowers say it all. I do like your place settings. Where did you find those bowls? I love the square plates, but I never can find a smaller bowl like the ones you have. All the ones I come across takes a gallon of soup to fill. I want the ones that were the size of my Moms old china. Hard to find them. You have a lovely dressed home with all the spring decor and pretty flowers.


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