Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Welcome Spring!

Happiness is a journey 
not a destination. 
 But...spring has arrived 
and I, for one, 
am so happy we have 
reached this destination.

  I am so tired of
 the claustrophobic skies
 resting on my head, 
which is what I feel like 
after so many dark days. 

 I welcome 
the first changes of any season
 but winter, after awhile,
 is not my best friend.

 So, I thought I would share some
  of the bright and light
 signatures of spring.

I would like to thank
 each and everyone 
for your kind concerns about Kai.

  He is now doing great 
on his pain and anti-inflamatory meds 
and is whipping around 
just like before,
 only with a little hitch in his back end.

  He has to be picked up 
to either get on or off the couch 
and to go up or down stairs.

 That is just something
 we can do to help 
make the progression of his condition 
not come any faster.

 He is doing very well for now 
and we can only take it,
 and be thankful for,
 one day at a time.

the sun peeked timidly 
through the window. 
 Seemingly to give the old rooster 
something to crow about:

"Tuesday is the first day of spring 
and blue skies are
 on the way."

Today is
 the first day of Spring 
and it is telling another story, 
bringing more 
dark clouds and rain.

The moral of the story 
seems to be that 
 spring has signed
 on the dotted line 
but without March and April showers,
 where would the 
May flowers be?


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  1. What lovely photos...the photo in your header is wonderful. I am looking forward to spring and all its beauty too - if only summer didn't follow; Our summers are so hot. The good news, we have had lots of rain this week. Glorious!

  2. Judy, So glad Kai is doing better. I love your new header. All the beautiful bouquets through out your home. I want a sweet rooster on my window sill too. LOL. Our weather's still dodging spring...but it will be here Thursday. :) Poor East coast..it will take another two weeks for their snow to melt. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Hi dear Judy!What gorgeous flowers!Hugs!

  4. All of the flowers pics made me smile...so looking forward for Spring to appear here in Michigan. Janice

  5. Judy, your Spring blooms are beautiful and your decorating is so charming and welcoming! As always! So glad the meds are helping and Kai is managing!
    Wishing you a Happy Spring!

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  8. Everything looks so wonderful! I love all your little touches.

  9. I'm finally following you instead of just bopping over from links! And what beautiful settings you have here. I love that bunny and the flowers in that pitcher are great.

    So glad to hear about Kai. That's definitely good news.

  10. What lovely spring glimpses into your home.

    So glad to hear Kai is doing so much better.

    The first day of spring, yesterday, was very hot, 88 degrees, and humid in so. FL. It was very windy all day, rain was predicted but we got nothing. Today is cooler being only 75, and tonight it is to get down to 53. Probably the last of our cold weather. I was out mowing and weedwacking this morning. :-)

    Happy Spring and I hope it comes to stay for you soon ~ FlowerLady

  11. Add some touches of pink and yellow, and it sure does brighten up things! Your first photo with all the pink is what draws me in...... yes.. sunshine can sure tease us can't it? Here one minute, gone the next in this turbulent season.. so I cherish and treasure any days with some sunshine. I think we have more sunshine here in central Oregon during the winter, than during the spring months. March, April and May can be pretty disheartening sometimes, as you get teased into thinking it's time to go outside and plant or work in the yard, and then the next day it's COLD and windy and gray. I do love the touches of pink that you've added to your home.... and all the pretty flowers to brighten up the rooms. And then....... boom........ summer will be upon us with the HEAT! Have a lovely week! Marilyn

  12. Love all your sweet little spring/Easter vignettes. Glad to hear Kai is doing great on the new meds. I bet he loves that you lift him on and off of things too high to jump. We are still in winter mode here. Hopefully in the next month we will see a real Spring arrive. Have a great rest of the week.

  13. The visions of spring on your blog are much better than one out my window. Like you, clouds have gathered in my window and we have a lot of snow. Too much, but your cheery bunnies have made me smile and lose track of old man winter for just a big. It's time he took his bags and left!! :)

  14. Yes, Spring is here on the calendar but I still have deep snow in my yard. It was 14 degrees here yesterday. Your lovely flowers really perk things up and make it feel like Spring. I can't let myself get excited about a new season yet but I have been putting some bunnies out and "thinking" Spring. Glad to hear Kai is doing better.

  15. So glad that Kai is doing well.. I'm also tired of winter now!

  16. This is true.....spring flowers depend on the rain (and snow)! Lovely vignettes to cheer us up in the meantime. So glad to hear that Kai is doing well. It is so hard to see our little friends get older :( Hope you have a lovely weekend with a bit of spring sunshine. x Karen

  17. Adorable post. Thanks for linking up to Keep In Touch. Happy Spring.

  18. Beautiful post Judy and so many lovely things to see. I am so glad that Kei is doing well. They are like our children when they are not feeling well or have problems.

    Happy Spring to you and wishing you a Blessed Easter.


  19. Hello Judy, beautiful pictures and very beautiful flowers. Have a happy week.

  20. I love how you arrange your vignettes. I don't think the weather will ever get warm around here. Good to hear about Kai and that he is doing well. Have a great week, Betsy

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