Tuesday, March 13, 2018


While we are still in 
the throes of winter...
and sunshine, literally, 
may be hard to come by...
we can always find 
some brightness
 by basking in the light of
those we love and 
taking pleasure in all that 
we are blessed with.

My all time favorite photograph
 is of Jake and the Captain 
at Jake's first Easter egg hunt. 
 By this time,
 the Captain had already 
seen a few!...

 here they are:  
One just turned 80 years old 
and one will be graduating in June
 with his masters degree...
You've come a long way

My dear sister, Sid,
 by the time she reads this,
 will be through
 with her radiation treatments and 
will be free and clear
 from breast cancer. 


I finally splurged 
and bought some down-filled pillow inserts.
  Now my cheap (under $5) pillow covers 
look like a
 million bucks!

Since Kai came into our lives 
and brought so much needed sunshine, 
along with a couple of cases of sun burn,
 we have known that
 he had an issue of weakness 
in his hind quarters.

 He came out of a shelter 
and we weren't privvy to 
what he could have possibly endured 
in his early life.
Was he mistreated,
 or in an accident, 
or is it his genetic makeup,
 because of
 his short legs and longer body?

We really can't know for sure 
but the problem is increasing.

 We took him to the vet 
when his back legs became weak 
and were dragging when he walked. 
 We could tell it was painful for him.

 After x-rays, 
we learned that he has a lot of 
arthritis throughout his spine 
and seven vertebrae affected 
with some almost fused together.  

He is now on pain meds 
that seem to be doing well for him and, 
hopefully, this will last.

  He is about nine years old, 
has a heart murmur 
and any surgery 
would be very intense.

He is a happy little guy
 and still brings 
so much joy and light 
into our lives and 
we shall see where this goes for now.

Along with a
 "bobble head"
 he now has...

"wobble butt".

All these things 
keep the sun shining
 in our lives and
 will continue to make us happy 
even when 
the gray skies are gone.

In the meantime...

Butterscotch Bunny 
wishes you all,
 my dear sunshiny friends,

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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  1. Judy, you certainly have a lot of sunshine in your life! Hold on to every last drop of it. And congrats to your sister...sunshine, for sure! xoxo

  2. Judy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! What a lovely post!!! And sending prayers that sweet little Kai comes along in his health...

  3. Judy, Are you trying to make me cry? I loved the pictures of Captain and Jake...just squeezed my heart. I am thrilled for your pretty sister too. You girls resemble each other. I love your new pillows covers. Look so good with the flowers. Oh poor Kai. Hope he gets along well. Hugs and blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  4. Love the pictures of Captain and Jake - they are great.

    Sweet little Kai, he is such a love - will say prayers that the pain med will help. I know how much I love my dogs, so I know how you feel.

    So happy with our rain.

    Lots of hugs and give Kai a hug and kiss from me, Waldo and Lili.

  5. Oh Judy what a tear jerker post! The photos of the Captain and Jake are way too sweet, love that you showed the back then and the now. How time flies.
    So sorry about sweet little Kai, bless his heart. Well he is definitely enjoying his time with you and the Captain. Losing a pet, or even thinking about it, is so very painful. Enjoy every day. xoxo

  6. Such a sweet, sweet post! I love the early and present pictures of your guys. Your dog Kai is just so cute. I hate when pets are in pain...they are like little children that don't understand :-( Such great news for your sister. Love your pillows. I want to know where you got those cute pillow covers for $5!!

  7. Hi Judy,
    What sweet pics of Jake and the Captain. I know how proud you are of Jake, congrats to him. Great news for your sister- that is wonderful.
    Poor little Kai- it breaks my heart that he has pain but so happy that the meds are helping him out. Such a cute little guy!
    Happy spring to you...I hope you are doing well.
    xo, T.

  8. That is the sweetest two pics of Captain and Jake young and now grown up. So heartwarming.
    Poor little Kai. I hope the new meds work for him and he can manage to get around. We had our first basset hound with back issues very similar to Kai's years back and the Anti inflammatory pain medication they had her on really worked. She was like a puppy again. So I hope it works for Kai.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  9. What a sweet post full of sunshine, that's for sure! Each photo brought some brightness and joy. I loved the one of the Captain and little Jake, and then big Jake.. so precious to have those. You should put them in a double frame! So happy for your sister... what joy and sunshine that must bring into your life and into hers. Your cute Kai is so precious and I can see the light in her eyes.. thank goodness she is on some pain meds that are working for her. It's sad that they can't tell us when they hurt. Take care.. and hope the rest of March isn't too bad, but we still are experiencing winter here too! But that's OK... I see a peek of sunshine now and then! Hugs.. Marilyn

  10. I enjoyed the picture grandson-grandfather pictures.. they are so sweet.. sweet memories to cherish.. and I part for your sister. hope she will be absolutely fine very soon... hugs

  11. Oh Judy, those photos of the Captain and Jake are just magnificent. And I am elated that your sister has finished her treatments. Onward!

    Sending good wishes to Kai. It's so tough to see our furkids in pain but I'm hopeful the meds will make a big difference. He's adorable!

  12. Such a sweet, loving post, Judy. The photos of Jake and his Grandfather are just so precious. Congratulations to Jake for his wonderful accomplishment, too! So glad to hear your Sis is doing well - such good news. I hope little Kai continues to find relief with the meds. I wish our fur-babies could tell us how they feel......but he is a lucky little dog to have found you. Hugs x Karen

  13. Oh. I'm sorry about your pup. We had two dogs with back issues. I hope the pain meds continue to work. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.

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