Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Good Morning...

Before we start today's post
 here are the videos 
that I promised you from last week.

  Thanks to

 They were such great helps 
and made the process much easier 
than I was trying to do.

Thank you, ladies, 
for your much appreciated knowledge.

 turn up your volumes and 
enjoy the 
force and beauty
 of nature:

The north fork of
 the Yuba River 
after recent rain storms.

Here is Kai 
trekking up the hill from the river.

 When his tail is out of the way 
you can see how his right, rear foot
 is turned inward and,
 if you listen closely, 
you can actually hear 
the dragging of his foot 
on the asphalt.
His little front legs
are working so hard and
 you can see where the nickname,
comes from. 

 Bless his heart, 
he is a real trooper.

After publishing this post, 
I noticed that another video came up
 on the screen after mine had finished.
 I tried to correct this 
but (here again)
 was unable to sort it out 
and wanted to just get it done.

 So, if, you just hit the replay 
under the video 
it will take you back to mine.
(I hope, as there is no way to check the video before publishing, that I know of).

 on to today's 
scheduled post:


Once upon a time, 
there was an old game table 
that many a 
poker playing, gun slinging, cowboy 
had sat around
 playing the hands that life 
had dealt them.  
How many 
saloons and poker parlors
 it had graced before
 it turned up at the Cottage 
will never be known but, 
when it moved in, 
it knew it had found a home.

  It started out in the kitchen, 
a room that looked like 
it had been 
chewed up and spit out...

...a couple of the matching chairs
 were set up in the sitting room/bedroom 
that also looked like
 something the cat had drug in - 
and so started the table,
 and our, 
at the Cottage.

After time,
 the old table and chairs 
got some new paint and 
sat in a place of honor 
in the sitting room/minus bedroom. 
 It stayed there for awhile,
 then moved back 
to the kitchen...

...which had gotten
 a make-over also 
since the 
"old days".

Along the way,
 another old drop-leaf table
 found its way into the Cottage.

  Well, not exactly "into" the Cottage but,
 for a few years,
 on a side porch 
where bird houses were perched and 
where remnants of old 
orange and green paint
 flaked away.

After awhile, 
a screened porch
 was added to the back of the Cottage
 in the Secret Garden and
the little drop-leaf 
went from one porch to another, 
this time with the addition of
 two pressed back chairs 
and a new coat of stain.

back at the ranch,
 the sitting room got another make-over
 so the game table came back in and 
now sits there, 
looking like it never left...

...and the little drop-leaf
 left the screened porch and
 went south for the winter
 into the kitchen.

For those of you 
who are still following along and
 don't mind staying awhile longer
 to see that...

...spring has come to the Cottage 
and the daffodils 
have finally made a little showing and
 they have come into the Cottage
 to celebrate the season 
on top of the...

...newly painted 
farm house table,
formerly known as the little drop-leaf,
 and I think 
I'm in love!

Two tables, 
both with a long history, 
have settled in for the time being and 
will have more stories to tell
 before they are through.

The moral of the story is:

Don't ever expect 
to wear only one hat in this life -
 Time is fleeting and 
it is magically changing
 all the while.


Just as I was publishing this post, news of another shooting has been announced. Oddly, enough, it is by YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. 
And some have the guts to say that the youth of this country are just paid actors. Wise up, America! 

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  1. Yay!! The videos worked and are worth the wait! Kai is so sweet and a trooper indeed. I love the tables and the drop-leaf makeover is fabulous. However, I think my favorite part of your post was your closing thought. I love the idea of changing hats, of possibilities, of dreaming or daring to be something or someone else...what a wonderful seed to plant. xo

  2. Judy, Your sweet Kai, I know she is a fighter. Bless her heart. I am loving your wonderful tables and chairs. I like the old table white. Great make-over. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  3. Little Kai is certainly a trooper. Glad he can still get around and enjoy his walks. I love the drop leaf table makeover it is wonderful. Both tables have such history and beauty. Thanks for sharing the videos they were wonderful. Have a great week.

  4. I loved both the story and the finished results! They look terrific and how wonderful to have these old friends in "new clothes."

  5. Hurray your videos worked. Kai is a little sweetie. Whobblebutt sounds like a name DH and I would have made up. :-)

    Love the stories of your two tables and the chairs and how they have changed with time. They are wonderful pieces.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  6. I love both of those tables and those press back chairs! The drop leaf looks wonderful with it's new white legs.

  7. Aww!! little Kai.. he will recover soon.. a warm hug for her.. And your cottage is amazing.. I wish I could have seen you cottage in my own eyes..

  8. What a wonderful history of your tables...fun to travel with you across time.

    I completely agree with your comment about the shooting, we need as a nation to confront this problem head on. It certainly isn't getting any better. And hooray for our wonderful young people.

    Have a great day!

  9. What a wonderful and fun story about the "cowboy" table! Loved it! Both tables are so full of history as you said....... I loved how you showed the old homes for each one, and how they moved around! The makeover of the drop-leaf table is awesome and looks so great with your "new" kitchen and all the white in there. I absolutely love it! And the chairs too look so neat white. Sweet little Kai....... he looks very excited to be walking up that hill and enjoying the outdoors. If he could run I think he would! Both videos came through... the raging river is the power of nature and reminds us to be careful in the spring around the "creeks"! I lived in an area (SE Washington state) that had alot of flash floods.. and it was such a dry dry climate there, but watch out for those raging floods.... it was awesome, as long as you weren't caught in one.

    Have a wonderful week! Marilyn

  10. I love your videos. The sounds of the rushing water in the Yuba river is something I could listen to all day. Soothing sounds of nature. I read where if you pan for gold there. A few flecks of gold would be found in every pan. Little kai is a trooper and I see how he walks with his little foot turned. He has a tail wag and is clearly happy to be out and about with both you and your husband.
    Thank you for the thumbs up Judy, but you took the wonderful videos and made it happen. Hope to see more in the future.
    Oh, I love the stories of your antique tables. You have some fine pieces in your home and every thing always looks so inviting and decorated so nice. I admire your talent in bringing all together like you do.
    Have a wonderful week end, Betsy

  11. Your tables look lovely wherever they call home, lol! It's wonderful to be surrounded with pieces filled with memories. Hugs to Kai! Jane

  12. Kia is so precious! Love his nickname ;).

    Your tables are beautiful. That kind of rich patina that only age can bring can not be replicated in new pieces, no matter how hard we’d may try.

    I’m not sure I would call it ‘guts’ to say these shootings are all staged. Stupid better describes it ;).


  13. Tables with history are the best, and I'm a firm believer that every home needs at least one drop leaf table. We happen to have four! 😋 Enjoyed the videos. Great job! Great job on the table too!
    Happy Spring!

  14. I love the painted table and the history. Thanks for linking up to my little party. Keep In Touch.

  15. HI Judy! I love both of your tables and the history of them. They are perfect cottage or farmhouse tables and I love seeing furniture with a history. Have a wonderful spring!

  16. Oh my goodness.. I enjoyed this post.. Love the white paint! My fav... have a good week. Leticia

  17. Love the table in your newly re-done Kitchen!!!!! I adore the white!!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my post about my dear friend and neighbor, Elly!! She was a very special Lady!!Thanks for stopping by!!

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