Wednesday, May 16, 2018


"It's such a beautiful day in the neighborhood, 
I thought I would sit a spell in the Secret Garden,
 open a good book, 
and then before I knew it, 
I fell fast asleep. 

 My head and heart 
were filled with memories of old...
"Uncovering Dreams" of long ago, but not forgotten...

and that dream went something like this......

As far back as I can remember 
I loved to play
 with my dolls and play house.

  My dad built us
 a playhouse in the garden 
and my siblings and I 
made good use of it.

It had two rooms 
and we furnished it with 
cast off pieces of furniture,
 mismatched pieces of china 
and brightly colored curtains.

  We had so much fun 
and when we out grew it 
the neighbors took it over
 for a chicken coop
 and I moved on to 
decorating my bedroom with 
pictures on the walls 
and fresh flowers from my mother's garden.

  Since the Captain and I got married
we have lived in five houses 
and each one has been my play house
 and I have always dreamed of 
bigger and better ways
 to make each one
 prettier than the last.

I have always collected 
home decorating magazines
 like garbage collects flies!

 There was a time when 
the Captain said that our bed 
would collapse 
if the magazines were removed 
from underneath.  
I thought it was so sweet 
that he offered to do 
the grocery shopping,
 until I realized that
 he just wanted
 to keep me away from 
the magazine aisle.

To this day, 
each night before I fall asleep,
 the last thing I think about
 is a new decorating project 
that I'd like to start 
and my personal dream 
has always been 
to have our home 
featured in a magazine...

...and I'd like to announce 
that after all these years, 
my fairytale is coming true.

 So many of you
 have had the honor of
 being featured in a magazine, 
and I always get so excited 
when I see one of your beautiful homes,
 that I visit often, 
revealed in print.

 you will be able 
to see mine 
and I can't even tell you 
how over the moon I am.

 Our Cottage 
is one of the featured homes
 in the July 2018 issue of 
Country Sampler magazine,
  and the icing on the cake is
 that our screened porch 
(Our Summer Place)
 has been chosen
 to grace 
the cover.

It all started last summer 
when I got an e-mail from 
Anne Gridley 
She had seen my post about
 a red, white and blue summer theme
 and wanted to show it to 
Country Sampler magazine.

 I sent her my photos 
and waited to hear back from her.
  After awhile, 
she said the magazine 
liked the photos 
but couldn't use them at this time.

 I was so disappointed 
but still honored 
that we had even been considered.

About a month later 
she called me to say 
the magazine did want 
to feature the Cottage
 in their July issue. 
 it was all set in motion 
 in August of last year, 
Gridley and Graves
 arrived at the Cottage 
and she was so ready 
for her close up.

If you ever need a friend 
who can keep a secret 
- I'm your girl!
It has been 
the hardest thing I have ever done
 and when Kris from Junk Chic Cottage
and Des from Peeking Through the Sunflowers  both told that they, too, 
were being photographed by
 Gridley and Graves,
 I could hardly control myself.

 I persevered,
 and now I have just let out
a big breath 
that feels like it has been 
held in

If I was picked
 for a hundred magazines,
 I don't think I would ever 
get used to it.
I feel
 it is such an honor
 and when I think of all of you 
who will be reading about
 our little Cottage, 
I almost can't fathom it.

Fairytales do come true 
and as I have said, 
I think I'm dreaming,
 but please don't wake me up!

  I have been a subscriber 
to Country Sampler for years 
and have always admired 
the homes that are featured each month 
in their pages.

 our humble Cottage 
will be among them 
and my thanks to Rebecca Razo 
for the time and care 
she took to tell our story 
and also to Anne and Gary 
for their beautiful
 photography and styling 
and the fun time
 we had 
in their company.

The July issue
 of Country Sampler magazine
 will be on the newstands soon
 and I can hardly wait for you to see it.

 It is a beautiful issue,
 filled with bright colors,
 welcoming homes,
 and many classic country crafts 
and now,
 can you understand why,
even though I already put out
my weekly post,
 I just couldn't wait 
 for you to
read all about it.


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  1. Oh I am so happy for you Judy! And can't wait for the magazine!

  2. Omg, Judy! Congratulations! I'm so very happy for you!
    I can't wait to see it. You must be over the moon and giddy with excitement.

  3. Congratulations - how lovely! I look forward to seeing it! Your home is so darling that they chose well Judy!

  4. This is fantastic!!! And so well deserved-you do such charming and amazing projects and you have made your house so wonderfully appealing. I don't know how you managed to keep this a secret but now you can celebrate. HOORAY!

  5. Congratulations!Your Cottage is really very charming and beautiful!Hugs!

  6. Oh my gosh Judy how exciting. I am doing the happy dance for you. Your beautiful cottage is so magazine worthy. Wow you are so good to keep a secret!!! I cannot wait to get my next issue. I am sure they told you that you get extra copies and a year subscription to the magazine for being featured. So I will get one here soon in the mail and I will be so excited to read your feature. Yeah!!!! Anne and her hubby from Gridley and Graves are really sweethearts and do a nice job taking the pictures. Congrats my sweet friend. I am over the moon happy for you.

  7. Oh wow exciting Judy!! You know how I adore your cottage, I will be watching for that magazine! Can't wait to see it, and how wonderful that you are the front cover feature!!!

  8. Such fun!! I just made a note to myself to look for the July issue. Your home is so lovely that I can see why the magazine wanted to feature it. Congratulations!

  9. OMG Judy!! it is so excited.. I'm feeling excite also... Congratulations!!!

  10. Judy that is absolutely amazing!! Not that I am surprised, however, your home is beautiful and your decorating style is gorgeous. I have mentioned numerous times over the years that I would love to shop your home. I can't wait to see the magazine. I will be purchasing a copy for sure. xoxo Congratulations and keep dreaming! Who knows what's next!!

  11. I am so excited for you, Judy! Congratulations! I'll definitely have to look for the magazine soon. And well done, you, on keeping the secret! That had to be tough!

  12. Judy,
    I just got my issue and i had not read this post yet. As i was just now looking through i said to Joe....Wait a minute...I know this cottage!! OMG!!! It is Judy's!!!!! I had to get to the computer to see if you posted about it!! Congrats to you!! You and your home are so deserving and you know that I have always adored your Patriotic decor!!! The article and photos are fantastic!!! I am so thrilled for you , my friend!!!

  13. Too fun. Congratulations. You deserve it.

  14. Congratulations! I saw Debbie mentioned you on Facebook! I'm so happy for you and your cottage is so adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Many Congratulations! I can't wait to see it.

  16. Wow Judy! Many congrats are being sent from me to you! You SO deserve to be featured.. and on the front cover too! Your cottage is just so dreamy and wonderful and has never ending nooks and crannies to explore. I'll definitely make a note to buy that issue. I bought the issue that Kris was in, and your post just reminded me to go browse it again! I'm so thrilled for you.. .and how in the heck did you keep the secret for so long? You are good! Your cottage is such a dream for me.. and I can live my dream through all of your hard work! Hugs to you... Marilyn

  17. Congratulations. I have the issue and your home is awesome! Janice

  18. Oh, this is so exciting! Congratulations! I will be sure to pick up a copy next time I am out! x Karen

  19. Oh my oh my oh my - I am over the moon - this is the most wonderful dream - you are the one person in the world who should absolutely have their home in a magazine - I think they should devote a monthly magazine to show just your home, it is ever changing and so lovely - just like you my dear. I laughed a bit about the grocery shopping and the magazine rack - but doesn't he know you can subscribe online? Heee heeee. I must get the magazine - and I shall keep it forever and ever - and show all my friends - I'm so proud of you and for you!

  20. I had fun scrolling backwards - congrats on your grandson's graduation - and found the article. It is so exciting to see your home on the pages of a magazine.

    Make it a great day!


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