Tuesday, October 16, 2018


You've met Bitty Morsel
She's been around for awhile

She is sweet in demeanor
And she has such grand style

No unkind words does she speak
No thoughts without grace

She is truly a friend
And she knows her own place

Because she steps out
With nary a care

Some say she is stuck up
With her nose in the air

But all of us know
Indeed, for a fact,

With all her good qualities

She still is a rat!

...The Cottage Witch...

Some days...
You just have to
Put on the hat
To remind them
Who they are
Dealing with.

Author Unknown

(But, it really is just me..
Little Bitty Morsel)

 I love Bitty Morsel
Truly I do
That is the reason
I love to share her with you 
and if you will allow me, please, 
stay turned for a very special bonus....

A very thoughtful 
and truly amazing

A very dear friend
Sent me a box

That was wrapped up
As pretty could be

When I opened the card
Which showed me her name

I knew she was meant
Just for me

She is graceful and tall
But, bent over from age

And her apron
 Has seen better days

But Bitty Morsel and I 
Knew right away

That we were truly amazed

She is called Gertie
And she came as a gift

And both Bitty and I
Knew from the start

The person whose hands
 Wrapped and chose
 Her with care

Did so with a 
Very big heart.

 (Thank you so much 
my dear Kris.. 
You know that we 
absolutely love her)

Gertie and Bitty: Friends of the Heart

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  1. Bitty Morsel is adorable. Also love your witchy poo! Janice

  2. OH Judy so happy Gertie made it to your sweet cottage. She is going to have a great life in her new home. I am glad she already has a friend in Bitty. Happy Wednesday. Love your writing and your thank you is appreciated.

  3. Bitty Morsel is just too cute and so nice that she has a new friend, Gertie. What a great surprise for you and Bitty! Happy Halloween!

  4. Oh, Judy.......I just love your "Bitty" and Gertie too. What a nice gift. Enjoyed your poems today. Happy Halloween !
    Charlotte in Va.

  5. These are adorable. Who makes them? They remind me a little bit of Mark Roberts Faeries. Too cute!

  6. Bitty is so cute and Gertie is sweet... so glad she came to your very own street! Gertie and Bitty.. .what a sweet pair..........I sure can tell Halloween is in the air! xoxo Marilyn

  7. it is so sweet.. I enjoy the writing.. very cute..

  8. Bitty is a sweetie Judy, along with Gertie. A lovely surprise to brighten your day. The poems are darling. Thanks for sharing at Dishing It and Digging It. Here's to a great upcoming weekend.

  9. Aww... for sweet! I love both Bitty and Gertie! How kind of your friend to send you Gertie!
    I love your little poems; you are quite talented, my friend!!

    Have a lovely Fall day.

  10. They are just totally darling together!! And what a lovely gift indeed. Kris is a total doll and super thoughtful, isn't she? I think this is what makes blogging so special! Enjoy the weekend with your gals!! ;) xo

  11. Judy,
    So sweet!! Love them both!! Thanks so muchf or stopping by!!

  12. I love Birdie Morsel and Gertie both! It looks like all of your are going to have lifetime friendships.


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