Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Many centuries ago, 
when women were thought to have
 only one purpose in the world,
 a young lady 
walked the earth 
until her boots were covered in dust
 and mostly worn through,
 to peddle a dream 
that she had held 
all of her life...

She walked over mountains 
and along snaking streams, 
knocking on doors 
to peddle her dreams. 
 As she became older,
 and older she got,
 she was about to give up
 until that one 
infamous knock...

And many centuries later - now -
You know the rest of the story:

A very old woman 
Walked up to the door
What did she want
What was she here for

The talk in the neighborhood
That was going around
Was of ghosts and goblins
But not a one could be found

The streets were all empty
The windows gone black
The doors were all closed
And the curtains hung slack

No one wanted to know
Why the old woman was there
She had once come so often
Now, no one listened or cared

Until at one certain cottage
The door opened a creak
And a small, tiny figure
Spoke out with a shriek

I'm so happy to meet you
I've been waiting awhile
Come in, have some tea
And I'll make your
 Journey worthwhile

I want to be like you
And fill your old shoes
I think we can do it
If we so choose

I know you have tried
This idea in the past
But it's time for a new one
One that might last

There could be candy and games
Some tricks and some treats
Everyone could wear costumes
As they walk down the streets

The Old Woman
Even though she was weary
Took the girl by the hand
And looked through eyes that were teary

She told her of dreams
 she had dreamed in the past
But was so afraid
 that the dreams would not last

Until she happened along
 this very dark night
To a small little cottage
 that held so much light

And that
My dear friends
Is how on one very dark night
The Halloween Story
Came to take flight

Now on one night a year
If you look up to the sky
You will see specters on broomsticks
As they go flying by

And thanks to a little girl
From so long ago
An Old Woman's dream
Was heard and made so

...The Cottage Witch...

Shadows of a thousand years
Rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees
'Tis nye on Halloween.

Dexter Kozen

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  1. Judy, the dream is so sweet. I love the story. Your photos tell the story perfectly. Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It.

  2. this is lovely writing.. and the pictures are perfectly match with the beautiful story..

  3. This was great Judy. The pictures helped so much to envision the story. Fun!
    Have a great week.

  4. Wonderful magical story! Loved it and loved the spooky photos! Amazing what black and white does to a photo! I enjoy your Halloween magic! xoxo Marilyn

  5. Judy, I love your tale! It was chilling and heartfelt all at once. I really like your photos, too. I think you should compile all your Halloween posts and put them in a book. What a fun seasonal read that would be!!

  6. Charming! You did an amazing job at creating such a charming post... story and pictures are all so wonderful.
    Thank you!!


  7. Judy, Wonderful !!! you have made your cozy cottage look spooky. So fun. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  8. What a WONDERFUL post Judy. I so loved reading this. Janice

  9. Great story and pictures! Love the last picture with the witch in the doorway.

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    1. I love your crow tea pot and story/poems. Reading your blog has added to my Halloween joy.

  11. Hi Judy, Sorry for the mix up. I love your crow tea pot ! Your Halloween story and poems add so much to my Halloween celebration. Thank you !
    Charlotte in Va.

  12. Oh how I enjoyed your story. The photos that helped tell the story are just great! This should be in a little book to set out this time of year on my coffee table or ottoman in the den, it's just a sweet little story . Awesome!

  13. OH, so fun and so creative! Love this little story....the photos are so perfect! Happy Halloween! xo Karen


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