Tuesday, March 12, 2019


My husband,
 family, friends, dogs, good health,
 my beliefs, etc. 
 These are all of
 the most important big things
 in my life
that are good for my soul
 but, aside from the obvious,
there are some little things
 that feed my soul
 as well.

I came across
 a quote the other day
from Rebecca Stead that stated,
"Pajamas are good for the soul." 

 I immediately knew
that this connected with me. 

 It is hard to explain
 what the feeling is. 
 There is a calmness and happiness,
 a satisfaction and softness,
 that I feel
right down to my toes. 
 Like when there is nothing
 that I have to do,
 no obligations to fulfill,
and I can stay in my pajamas all day,
for no other reason except
that it just feels right
and it feels
 good for my soul.

Another piece of my life
that is good for my soul
is having a clean and pretty home. 

 This is not something
that just occurred in my adult self.
  I can remember taking great pleasure
 in fixing up my childhood rooms. 

 I am certainly not
 a trained decorator
but I do take pride in
 trying to show my home
to its best advantage.

I do love to watch television
and as I sit
 at my usual spot on the couch
 and my eyes veer from the TV
this is what I see...

...the game table
in front of the arched French doors
that separate the parlor
 from the sitting room.

 This is my most favorite view.

 I have mentioned before
 how it is the reason
 we bought our Cottage.

 For some reason,
 the other night
 as my eyes strayed from Netflix,
I got that good soul feeling
while looking at the game table
and the way it was arranged.

  Then it struck me,
 this spot that I love so much,
is always my first go-to
when it comes time
for a décor change.

This is the spot
 in the Cottage 
that is good for my soul.
 This is the spot
 that always gives my eyes comfort,
 that gives that "pajama" feeling
whenever I look at it.

I have shown photos
 of how this spot looks now
 and how it has looked in the past.

  I feel that it is important
to have at least
one small thing in life,
aside from the obvious,
 that is special to each of us
so that our minds can
calm and relax
 and take pleasure in a 
  "pajama" moment.

One simple moment
that is good for
 all our souls.

And it doesn't hurt 
when my sweet husband
comes home with
a beautiful bouquet of
my favorite flowers...

...and brings sunshine along!

Is it any wonder
that he is at
the top of my list?


Do you have
a special something
that is
good for your soul?


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  1. Oh my!Wonderful vignettes!Feast for my eyes and balm for my soul!!!Hugs!

  2. You had me smiling at "pajamas are good for the soul"!
    In fact right after sending this comment to you and after I pop a chicken pot pie in the oven for dinner, I am going to hop in the shower and put on my p.j.'s !!
    I need a 'good for the soul' evening, filled with jammies, and hot chicken pot pie. I've been fluffing our nest, decluttering, and packing and a cozy evening is just what I need :)

    {{Hugs}} to you, sweet friend.
    We are kindred spirits, indeed!

  3. What a wonderful post! I dont really have one place that is good for my soul, but today it was driving home and seeing our big river blue again. A sure sign of Spring! YIPEE. Janice

  4. i have a vintage 1960 mobile home that is my retreat when i go in there it is mine no one can change things or mess it up very peaseful for my soul

    1. Thank you so much. I think a wonderful vintage trailer would be good for my soul also. I appreciate your visit and hope that you will come back by again..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. I couldn't agree more with this post! I love your pics, feels like home☺

  6. Wonderful thoughts Judy! I am the same.... pajamas do something for me... such a cozy feeling and I hardly ever wear PJ's.. used to... but at night, when I sluff off my regular clothes and snuggle into my sweat pants and old T shirt, I feel so cozy and warm and like I'm finally "home" after the day! There is even something better about old comfy pajamas. I have a pair I used to wear whenever I was sick, and they were so comforting. Now I don't even know where they are. I loved your photo of your game table and those gorgeous arched windows! I don't think I've ever seen that arch above, and oh what a view from your TV spot! This post inspires me to fluff up my living room and dining area. They have been sadly neglected for a few months now and don't feed my soul at all. I don't even have one particular spot that my eye strays to, that feeds my soul. That is very sad. The one room in my house that feeds my soul is our pink bedroom. I do love it, and every time I walk in, I feel such a sense of home and peace.... but it does need some attention and a little change-up for spring. One thing that I always used to love, and would remind me of home when I was growing up, was popcorn! A good movie with a big bowl of popcorn always fed my soul! Now I can't eat it anymore as the hulls wreck havoc with my gut and cause me pain... such a shame as it was always such a comfort to me. Again.. I can see why you love that wonderful area with your game table, the arch, the lace curtains, the white shutter and little white table.. everything about it is just wonderful. You have inspired me to create a little spot just for me! Hugs... Marilyn

  7. I'm a gown kind of gal and your little table is just gorgeous and the flowers just make it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I really enjoyed your beautiful post Judy, I just love seeing all the different seasons and holidays you had decorated that beautiful game table in your home beside the French windows. I too love the days where you can just stay in warm and comfy clothing, and not have to go anywhere! I have several little spots in my home that I like to lay my eyes on, one is in the kitchen where all my teacups are displayed, and the other is my piano area where I have a beautiful picture my daughter painted hanging over the piano. There are lots of other spots that need work, but it is nice to have one or two places in your home that just bring you joy. Enjoyed your post today :)

  9. I think this post is good for my soul! I know what you mean about spots that you just want to look at, to see. And I adore this post -- it's glorious photos, your beautiful explanations and all the warmth and love you bring to it. Big smiles.

  10. I love my cozy pj's. I love seeing your cozy vignettes too.

  11. Wow, Judy! I don't think I've ever seen that view before. It's gorgeous. You have a great eye and have decorated it perfectly. It's easy to see why it's your favorite spot. I need to pin it!! Thanks for sharing it with it. It definitely brightened my day!

  12. Your view is adorable. My view from my chair is important to me. I love getting in my pajamas as soon as the dinner dishes are done. Cute post.

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