Tuesday, April 9, 2019


The last two weekends
 were blessed with sunshine,
what came in between 
was less than desirable. 

 On Sunday
 we took advantage
 of the beautiful day and
 embarked on another
 country drive.

We had our share 
of snow this winter and 
it was beautiful,
 but maybe because I grew up
 in a northern California beach town,
 it tends to follow 
the old adage, 
out of sight,
 out of mind...

...so when we were about
 ten miles out of town, 
we were actually surprised 
to see snow still on the ground and
 as we drove further 
into higher country...

There was,
 in fact, 
lots of snow still.

The remainder 
of the week was
 cloudy and rainy...

 ...with only
 one little spot of sunlight 
to brighten things up.

Excuse me, Big Brother,
 but you are blocking
 my sun spot!

And with that, a trip to
 Trader Joe's
 was in order.

A pitcher of 
alstromeria, ranunculus, and daffodils 
added a needed sun spot
 on the kitchen table...

...and a trip 
out to the garden,
 in between rain showers,
 offered another 
small bit of cheer.

A bundle of 
golden daffodils
 brightened the kitchen counter
 right up...

...while a pot of
 homemade tomato soup 
was bubbling
 on the stove.

Like the sentiment 
on this sweet, vintage 
pillow states...

...we will be happy 
by and by.


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  1. Judy, the view of the snow covered mountains is just gorgeous. There's no doubt about that, we certainly live in a beautiful country! However, the glimpse of your kitchen is my favorite. All the colors, the soup, the signs, the cookies...mmmm. It's all just perfectly delicious. Now that's my kind of view. xoxo

  2. What a lot of snow. So pretty in the mountains like that I think.
    I did notice behind the pretty daffy's a container of cookies. Look so good.
    The tomato soup looks great. I love tomato soup. Grandchildren love it with rice in it.

  3. Oh yes.. so pretty up in the mountains in spring... when at our homes there is NO snow! I remember one March a few years ago, we were having a gorgeous spring day, so decided to go for a drive up in the mountains. Well.. a few miles out, the road was actually closed due to snow covering it completely! We had totally forgotten how close we were to the snow, because as you said "out of sight, out of mind". We had to turn around and come back.... gratefully to no snow where we lived. Was pretty to see at a distance though. I too noticed that jar of cookies! Yummmmm.... I made some apple nut bars yesterday which are full of butter and honey, nuts and dates, and I just can't leave them alone! What better thing to do on a gray dreary day.... eat and craft! Hope the sunshine continues there... still no flower here at all. xoxoxo Marilyn

  4. Tomato soup, daffodils, ranunculous -- one of my favorites! Oh oh my! That SNOW! We saw so much this year but I'm not sure if it was that much! Or maybe it just didn't look as lovely here!

  5. Holy moly! What a bunch of snow that is.. I'm glad it's up in the mountains and not at your house.
    We have lots of snow in the mountains too, but I try not to look at it **grin**!
    You did a lovely job arranging the flowers from Trader Joes.
    I do love Trader Joes!
    Your tomato soup looks delish! I love soup, and could have it every day (and often do) any day of the year.

    I made my honey~bunch some banana bread today, as it's one of his favorite treats :)

    Smiles :)

  6. We are supposed to get more snow Thursday and I want it to go away. Beautiful flower pics and big brother made me smile taking little brothers sunshine. Janice

  7. I love TJ's daffodils they are the perfect touch of spring...but the snow is really pretty too.

  8. The soup looks so tasty!we also had a lot of sun these last couple of days ☺

  9. Oh, I love your pillow....that's so adorable. I commiserate with you--we have a high of 40 today in Chicagoland, yes we had two or three nice days---the rest of the week is a bummer though. I too, will buy some daffodils! LOL.

  10. Judy,
    Ummmm...Homemade tomato soup!! Sounds so good!! Beautiful photos!!I loved seeing a glimpse of your lovely Kitchen!! I would love to see more of it though...Have you done a recent post on just your Kitchen???? If not, would you consider doing one!!It always looks so charming!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  11. OMG! still snow!!
    Here the air still crisp though we are not getting rain anymore. I love the daffodils. This year none of daffodil plants in my garden showed up flower stick. :(

  12. Your weather as been just like ours! But the last few days have been beautiful followed by hard rains today. Tomato soup sounds so good right now! Daffodils are opening outside which means Spring is finally here 😁. Love the pictures and your pillow!

  13. Your tomato soup looks yummy. I love the pictures you captured on your road trip. Just beautiful. I do not care how cold or snowy it gets if the sun is shinning it is all good. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  14. OMG ...You sure know how make things warm. cosy and inviting. Your pictures are fabulous ... We are hopefully, experiencing the last of the snow and today we have sunshine .( just alittle excited) ... It even smells like Spring(YEAH). Although, the spring flowers are late this year,its so encouraging to find potted daffodils in the grocery stores. Daffodils make a me sing with glee !!! I just can't wait for them to pop up in the garden... in the meantime, I'd sure love a bowl of that delicious, homemade tomatoe soup. YUMMY . This was such a lovely picturesque post Judy. ENJOY the sunshine...Hugs

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