Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Last week 
I wrote about the joys of May
 of which there
 are many...

...beautiful spring weather,
 flowers blossoming and 
bright sunshine...

...and the celebration of Mother's Day.

 I had a very nice Mother's Day. 
 We went shopping for the garden and 
the Captain, Kai and Robin 
accompanied me on a trip to 
Home Depot
 where we tip-toed 
through the tulips, so to speak.
  It was a fun day and 
in a couple of weeks, 
we will go down to the kids 
for an extended celebration
 with Tami for her birthday, 
another joy of May.

We've spruced up 
the summer porch, 
getting ready for another 
season of 
hummingbird watching.

I was preparing
 to trim up the Secret Garden 
and then...
that's when peril #1
 set in.

In all of the years
 we lived in Santa Cruz, 
I never experienced 
any type of allergies. 
 About two years ago,
 I noticed I was really bothered 
by the scent of the lilacs.
  Much to my dismay, 
I had to stop bringing them 
into the Cottage and 
that took care of it..
but this year is a
 different story.

I think these 
might be the main culprits 
as they are both blooming 
in the garden now.

The bees love these two plants and 
as they are busying about,
 they knock the pollen and the blooms off 
and it looks like snow
 on the ground. 

 I have had to lock myself inside 
with a cold, wet rag over my face,
 in order to get any relief.

Remember how prolific 
the wisteria was
 last year?

This is what 
it looked like this year. 
 I kid you not. 
 Another brutality
 of the perils of May.

 But, just when I thought 
the perils might be 
overtaking the joys, 
this happened...

...I heard the most 
brilliant and sweet little song and
 there he was.

  Romeo and Juliet 
may be planning to return
 to the little Pink Cottage.

 I've seen one or the other 
enter and then fly out, 
to return in a couple of days. 
 This was kind of their schedule
 last year, 
so I am hoping that
 they will take up residence once again 
and raise another 
little family.

 now that the hummers are returning,
 and the culprits of peril 
are diminishing somewhat, 
I'm hoping the joys of May
 will carry on 
into June.


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  1. Oh Judy, that sounds grim -- far worse than any I've experienced. I hope your lilacs bloom and fade quickly (did I ever think I'd write those words?) so you'll feel some relief.

  2. So sorry about those allergies! Darn it.... who would think the beautiful lilacs and scents would cause such problems! Your Secret Garden is just so wonderful.... how do you keep all that gravel free of weeds? We have alot of gravel and it's a constant fight to keep the weeds gone! I hate spraying with Roundup, but that seems to be the only thing that works. I've tried "natural" things but nothing seems to get them. It may wilt them but doesn't get rid of them entirely, other than pulling by hand! We had some beautiful weather and today is back to clouds and drizzle, but that's OK. I had enough of 90 degree weather! Hope you will be feeling better soon. If you have a place around there that has homeopathic things, there are some I'm sure that would be good to take for allergies. Take care and hope the perils won't return! And glad also that you had a nice Mother's Day...hugs.. Marilyn

  3. Oh Judy, I hear you loud and clear. Flowers are not my friends. I have to steer very clear of anything with a strong odor and pollen or I literally cannot breathe. It's scary. That's why tulips are my favorites. Their large waxy pollen and lack of any distinct smell is tolerable. I remember the smell of lilacs from when I was a child, and they are fond, fun memories, but now I can't get within smelling distance. I wish you a quick spring and an allergy free summer!

  4. Hope your allergies subside and you get to enjoy your garden. The birds are so sweet and hope they build their nest once again. We have a Robin who made a nest on out front porch light. Cannot wait to hear the babies. Janice

  5. What a great picture filled post. The porch looks totally charming. Sorry about the allergies, what a shame because lilacs are such lovely flowers and the scent is marvelous, Of course that is probably what bothers you. Darn!

  6. For us the perils of May are gloomy gray days.

    My allergic reaction to spring has changed from a runny nose to weepy eyes.

  7. Judy,
    I never had allergies until about 10 years ago and now sinisitis and I seem to go hand and hand...My sinuses never bothered me before but now they seem to want to do me in at times...
    Now, let me comment on your porch!!!! OMG!!! I LOVE it!! Magazine worthy, my friend!! I so wish I had an enclosed porch.....But I can enjoy yours..Please feel free to show more of your lovely porch!! I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see much more of it..

  8. Very sweet post Judy. The roses are beautiful. So sorry you suffer from allergies. Now, you will get a break, since we have rains for awhile. Your porch looks so inviting. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. Judy, love your photos (and your porch)! So sorry one of your perils is allergies. It's such a pain to deal with! One flower that really gets mine going is paperwhite narcissus.

  10. Judy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I do love the use of green on your porch with the pops of red. You know me with red....One of my favorite colors...Your porch is just so charming!! Thanks too for your well wishes! I have now graduated to using a cane instead of the walker so things are progressing well. I hope you have a lovely weekend!!


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