Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Summer plans 
are taking a back seat here.

 We have had nothing but
 rain this past week and 
while that is just the pits 
when you are chomping at the bit
 for all things summer, 
don't take it lightly,
 as it might just be 
what was needed.

  Although gardening 
was put on hold, 
the rains might just have taken care 
of the pollen 
that is seen everywhere and
 washed it down the drain,

My allergies 
seem to be lessening 
so am hoping that this will be 
an end to them. 
 Rain is forecast through the weekend,
 at least,
 so that gives me a
 few more days to get
 put back to rights.

In the meantime,
 we have been spending 
a lot of time on the couch.

 We have had this couch 
for about four years and,
 in my humble opinion,
 that is just a short amount of time
 for something 
that was over $1000 
to turn into such an eyesore and 
an uncomfortable piece of 
you know what!

In the pictures above,
 you see the couch 
as it set 
just after it was delivered to us.

  Very pretty and 
looking bright and comfortable.

 We bought it from R.C. Willey and
 since I have never purchased anything
 from them before, 
or do not know anyone who has,
 I have nothing to 
compare it to.

  It is so uncomfortable. 
 The cushions have sloped towards 
the back
 and have become very saggy. 
 It seems that 
it didn't take that long
 to become this way.  
It is hard to get up from
 a sitting position and
 our backs are so sore 
because of 
the lack of support.

I had seen this gadget 
in a funky little catalog years ago.
  In looking up the name, 
that I barely remembered 
on the web, 
I found it again.
It is from harrietcarter.com 
and it is called love seat or sofa savers.
  The cost was $27.47,
 with taxes and delivery, 
for the sofa size and 
it was delivered in a
 matter of a few days. 
 After laying it under the cushions,
 I could not believe 
what a difference it made.

After sitting on the sofa,
 without the insert,
 it would look like this 
when we got up 
just after a few minutes...

...and with the insert in place,
 we don't sit back as far and 
it is much easier 
to get up off the sofa and
 our backs are not as sore
 as they were after sitting for awhile.

  The cushions don't sag as much and 
it is definitely more comfortable.  
It's not perfect, 
but it is better.

 I am certainly 
not getting compensated for this, 
just wanted to let you know,
 that it is available and
 a short-term solution 
if you are having a
 similar problem..

As soon as the rains stop,
 we are having the carpets cleaned
 and the sofa as well. 
 now it will last a little while longer.

 By today's standards 
maybe $1000 is not a lot of money
 to pay for a piece of large furniture,
 I don't know, 
but I sure remember
 not paying anywhere near that much 
for a couch and 
having it last 
until you were tired of it,
 then you could afford to
 have it recovered because
 it was made so well.

Times have changed!

I hope the weather is
 clearing up where you are and
 everyone is able to
 get out in the garden.

 There is so much yet to do ,
 with one or two small surprises in store.
  It would be so nice 
to get it all done 
before it turns too hot to enjoy it or,
 at least, 
enjoy the doing of it.


This is our newest visitor to 
the Secret Garden. 
He is quite large 
in comparison to the other hummers, so 
that has earned him the title of
 "Big Gulp". 
 He returns again and again 
so will keep trying to 
get a better photo. 
 Have you ever seen 
such a 
red head?

I would like to thank Linda
 for featuring my post
 from last week at
 Dishing It & Digging It.
 Thank you so much, Linda,
 it is always such a surprise 
when this happens and
 I am so honored.

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  1. How aggravating about the couch. We bought one years ago and had similar problems. It was so uncomfortable and, of course, we were long past the time of warranty or return. I actually took cushions from a couch my daughter was getting rid of-they were down cushions and I replaced the foam in the sofa with the down inserts. What a difference that made! Things are just not made the way they were made years ago--no matter what you pay.

    Great Big Gulp picture. xo Diana

  2. Well the couch does look pretty anyway! I just about can't sit on any couch anymore as they all hurt my back! They are always too soft or I have to sit back too far and there is never enough lumbar support. We have a small (thrifted) loveseat that my hubby just found and it's actually two recliners and so there is more lumbar support. We hardly ever sit on it because it is our "cat couch". I keep it covered with a chenille bedspread and that's where they all love to sleep.. either up on the back that looks out the window, or on the nice comfy cushions. Having a hard time to keep them from scratching on it. They ruined our last one but then it was only $5.00 at the thrift store. Hubby paid all of $10.00 for this one! I always sit in my fave zero gravity chair. That's about the only chair I can sit in without my back hurting.. but it's starting to wear out too.. the lumbar support isn't as good and the leather is looking worn.. but have had it for 12 years so that's not so bad! Hope your rains let up soon.. we're having some this week but today is fairly nice out. I can't do much for two weeks at least, as just had my gall bladder removed yesterday and am pretty sore! Now all I can think of is all the things I want/need to do outside, but they'll have to wait! I'd heard of those boards you put under your cushions, and I think they work well. We had an old couch once that we put a piece of plywood under the cushions, and that really helped. Have a nice week. xoxox Marilyn

  3. We purchase our furniture from a local company who makes their furniture right here in the ole USA. We love all of what we have purchased. So sorry to hear about your couch, but I have heard of those savers before. We continue to have rain, then it stops, then it gets cold, then rain. UGH...but I am not going to complain anymore because I read poor folks in Oklahoma and Texas who are flooding worse than us. Not to mention the tornadoes. Janice

  4. I am always glad to see rain at heavy pollen season here and watch it wash away. It does make one breathe easier.
    I am so glad to see that this works for the sofa. Thinking of getting something like this myself. We have a sofa in the den that the cushions have lost their body and support. I am happy to see where someone has actually used the piece. I will definitely be purchasing and hopefully my sagging L shaped sofa in the den will be something I will enjoy sitting on. Starting to hate it. Cushions keep coming forward and forever straightening.
    I must say I love the color of your sofa and the style. Glad the saver has worked for you both. It is frustrating with the high cost of furniture and it just not last as it should.

  5. I share your aggravation with the cushions sagging on good pieces of furniture. I had that as you know with my sectional. I even tried this saver you did to lift up the cushions but it really did not work out too well on my sectional. They still sagged in the front. I am glad you got it to work on yours. That couch looks great and I think $1,000 for a couch is a lot of money and they should last awhile. Things just are not made like they use to be made. We are getting a lot of rain too. I have been trying to get my flowers planted in between the rain!!! Have a great week.

  6. Thank you for the info about the support for the sofa. I have one that I dislike a LOT ! It is one with the loose pillows on the back. I really need to get one of the things that you have on your sofa. When we sit on ours it feels like we're sitting on the floor. I hope your allergies will get better soon. Our privet hedge is blooming and sharing it's strong fragrance. UGH ! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend !
    Charlotte in Va.

  7. Well, first of all, I'm sick to death of the rain here, too. You are not alone.

    And second, as soon as I hit publish on this comment I'm going to Harriet Carter and ordering one of those and if I like it as well as you do, I'll order one for the lake, too. My sofa is miserable and all those things you described -- bad lumbar support, being low and sinking in -- that all applies to me too. At that price, it's worth taking a chance on! I was about ready to go to Home Depot and get a board but I think I'll try this first!

  8. Judy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! We have one nice day and then one day of rain and thunderstorms which scare me after the tornado just missed our house last year... Our front yard does not look back but my back yard, not so much. I need to buy my annuals to plant my pots but there was frost just north of us yesterday!! I hope to buy them this weekend. My back yard will have to wait until i get a bit more mobile before I can tend to it. You are the second blogger that I have read a post on who was very dissatisfied with a sofa that they bought. Sorry this happened but glad that this temporary fit seems to work for you both.I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

  9. Judy, I'm so glad you found such an inexpensive and effective solution to a problem you shouldn't be having in the first place after such a short time. Thank you for sharing it with us. Our sofas are very old, and I expect to be needing such a thing at some point.

  10. Harriet Carter! I forgot about that store. I used to read their catalog from cover to cover when it came to the house. They always had the most unique (and sometimes quirky) items. I think I need one of those couch savers. My floral couch is starting to go. We paid a lot of money for it, too, but it's lasted a good 10-12 years with a family beating on it every day. I really haven't seen anything I like better though, so a little fix might get me a little more time...Thanks for the tip!

  11. Such a neat tip... thanks for sharing!
    I'm with you; a thousand dollars is a lot to pay for a piece of furniture, and it certainly ought to last longer than 4 years.
    I think of my dad being astounded when someone would offer an extended warranty on a purchase... he would exclaim , "why would I need an extended warranty, is this made poorly??!!"
    Amen, and amen :)

    Oh, I would love love love some sunshine!
    This has been one crazy year for weather!

    Smiles :)

  12. What a clever idea for the sofa.

    We have rain expected today, but I really don't complain because all the rain this year has helped my garden so much.

  13. Good idea! I rather feel that years ago, most things were made to actually last. There was a certain craftsmanship involved. Details and quality mattered. it seems like nowadays it's just about mass production by the cheapest means possible.

    1. Hi Liberty. I couldn't get through to leave you a comment. Just wanted to say thank you for your visit and wow, does that look like a beautiful place to stay..Happy Weekend..Judy

  14. Thanks for sharing the information about the support for the sofa, it does sound good.
    Do hope the weather improves soon …

    All the best Jan


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