Tuesday, September 17, 2019


A good cup of coffee and 
sun shadows through lace curtains 
is a very fine way 
to start one's day.

 Fall is, once again, 
on the horizon and 
it feels as if it is easier to breathe.
  It is still warm but 
only to the point of being comfortable. 
 The time will come again
 when the weather will be the 
most complained about subject
 but, for now, 
it feels like perfection 
to me.

I started this post on Sunday and
 that's how it was.

 It is also the
 same this morning 

...this is what it was like
 in the time between.

 A torrential downpour 
on Monday morning.

 Just keeping it real!

It seems like yesterday 
that I picked these hydrangeas 
from the garden and 
placed them in the guest room 
along side of a little pumpkin 
that I made from 
the sleeve of a sweatshirt...

...in reality, however, 
it was almost one year ago and 
now they have dried to perfection and 
sit, once again,
 in the same spot. 
 A sharp reminder of 
how quickly
 time passes.

this is the bush 
that those hydrangeas were picked from. 
 You can see the difference
 in the color and the texture now 
as compared to 
one year ago.

Still beautiful, 
still perfection although different. 
 Picked and arranged
 in an old jar, 
we will see how they dry this year.
  It is only a story that 
time will tell.

I have added 
a very little fall decoration 
to the dining room. 
 A few bright faux leaves
 mixed into the ever present
 yarn and twig wreath and...

...two pitchers of 
more drying hydrangeas 
with an old crow and 
a trio of pantry boxes.

The reason being 
is that I am using the dining room table
 as my painting station and 
I am not neat and tidy 
when I paint.

Since Bitty Morsel and Miss Gertie
 are delivering a wagon load of
 autumn delicacies to the Harvest Market,
 I decided to question them 
about the goings on this year
 Between the Moonlight and the Majic.

  They were quick to inform me 
that the Cottage Witch would 
probably not be
 returning to the Cottage this year.
  It only seems like yesterday
 that she was here last and 
her time is being taken up now 
with new projects and pursuits.  
She may make one return visit 
but, then again,
 maybe not.  
Sometimes "perfection" must be 
protected and preserved!

I don't have a new Santa
 to show this week
 as I am waiting on a new pattern book. 
 But, rest assured,
 you are not off the hook quite yet. 
 There will be more over time.

Here is a small peek 
of a new project
 that is being worked on right now.

Have a wonderful week!


And in the meantime 
my wish for you is 
a good cup of coffee and
 morning sunshine.

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  1. Such wonderful fall touches Judy. The hydrangeas are beautiful. My, how time flies by. That rain was something else yesterday. We had very loud thunder and made the house shake. Scared our fur babies/ Thanks for sharing your lovely fall touches. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Hi Judy! I too love seeing your lovely hydrangeas! Your home looks so lovely and always romantic. Glad you god some rain as it's been so dry in places. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Hi Judy... I love your little Fall touches here and there and those hydrangeas are so so gorgeous! Can't believe how fast this last year has passed too..... sometimes I think we only need each holiday every OTHER year! Christmas is coming and seems like I just stored away all of my decorations! We are in the midst of a rain storm here today and high winds. Power is flickering off and on so hope we don't lose it as today is my play day as far as reading blogs and crafting! I'm glad you're having fun painting.. looking forward to the next Santa! Have a nice week... and even if it rains and is gray, I don't mind it at all! Hugs... Marilyn

  4. Gosh Judy, I want to come make crafts with you. Love that board with cherries. The first picture makes me feel good. I love lace curtains so much. The little lamp all aglow , with the hydrangeas is so cozy looking. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Love seeing Bitty Morsel and Gertie coming out for Fall and Halloween! Love when the sun shines through lace curtains and dances pretty designs in the room. Gorgeous. We are having summer still here in Illinois and I am still loving it. Fall will be here soon but for now these pretty sunny and warm days are a delight. Have a great week.

  6. I love the light changes in your photos...you remind me that I have to pay attention to the light as it changes during the day and casts that homey moodiness that older homes have. Love your rich tones and your hydrangeas are past gorgeous. That will be on my wish list next year, if I have to dig a huge hole and fill it with decent dirt to get some blooming hydrangeas! Hugs, love your blog!

  7. Beautiful pictures and even the keeping it real one. I forgot to pick my hydrangeas and now they are drying out by themselves outside with the color gone out of them. UGH Janice

  8. Yes I love your warm and friendly home. I think your hydrangeas are beautiful!

  9. Ah...fall certainly is making its way into our worlds, isn't it. Even I, the dedicated summer girl, have started to bring out the pumpkins. The seasons seem to get shorter and shorter as I get older, so may as well enjoy them to the fullest! Everything looks lovely, Judy and sounds like you're really enjoying your painting lately. I can't wait to see what else you have to share with us! xoxo

  10. What a beautiful series of photos. Your home is simply lovely. Don't you just adore dried hydrangeas? And I bought my first pumpkin today. I'm sure I'll need more!

  11. Betty Morsel and Miss Gertie bring a smile to my face. So danged cute.
    I would have never known that was yarn in your wreath. I looked at the overall wreath and thought it pretty. That is neat to use the yarn that way.
    Looking out to your front yard with the rain to me is peaceful.
    Lovely post

  12. Your wreath made me smile. I like the way you incorporate seasonal items to it. All of your Autumn decorations are sweet, and add a touch of whimsy to your pretty home. You take such pretty photos.

  13. I think I could love waking up to sun shining into your beautiful home, Judy! Your beautiful vignettes remind me of painted still-life, with all the rich colors and wonderful light. It does seem this year went by very quickly. Your witchy friends are so fun and love your handmade pumpkin and cherry artwork. Always so nice to stop over for a little visit to your cozy home. Hugs xo Karen

  14. Judy,
    You know how much I love all your sweet Fall decor and how your charming cottage looks in the Fall!! The hydrangea's are lovely!! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects!!


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