Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Christmas carols
 are playing in the background...
Hallmark Christmas movies
 are showing on the TV.  

By the looks of the 
dining room table, 
covered in paints and brushes,
 you would think that
 Grandma Moses was in attendance...
the only thing missing 
are chestnuts roasting 
on an open fire.

The "lights" of my life 
are again lighting up my life 
with the gift of these 
beautiful festive bottles 
which are entwined with 
the tiniest of lights.
  What a thoughtful and pretty addition 
to the party, 
now and always.

Some pretty "extras" 
that caught my fancy 
on the annual Home Goods trip.

What is the party? you ask...

Well, it's my birthday party and 
I'll cry if I want to...
but after surviving 80 years,
 I would say that 
I have a lot to be happy about. 
 Some hard tears
 have been shed along the journey, 
that is a fact, 
but the present looks bright and 
my eyes are focused on 
the future which, for now,
 is Christmas.

I am so dang excited 
about all the beauty 
that is to come.  
Having my family here 
for Thanksgiving is
 a large part of 
that joy.

Age is only a number
I won't lie and say 
this particular number
 would be at the 
top of my list 
 even though you've heard it before,
 repeat after me...
"It's better than the alternative".

here's to my party and 
to all my friends 
that have joined in...

...I won't be crying,
 thank you,
 but - 
maybe chestnuts roasting
 on an open fire 
would be 
a bit much!

Have a great week.


 will be crying 
the next time the power goes out...
We are prepared!

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  1. Hello Judy, looks like you are ready for the next power shutoff. We are still getting estimates. Happy birthdaY Judy. You are so right, age is just a number.

  2. Happy Birthday to You! Looking good! Age indeed is just a number. I like those bottles with the lights. Lights look really good in those because of the carved looking glass.
    A generator is a good idea. We had one but the children were without power with the grand girls and we gave it to them. Now we have to get another. So far it's been a few years at our house with out a problem . Now that I said that. they will probably go out.

  3. Happy Birthday Judy. Age is just a number. I'm 72, and scheduled for cataract surgery next week.
    You must live in California to have your power closed of because of all fires down there. How awful. Glad it's all over.
    I'm happy you have a generator.
    We had our first snow storm here in Eastern Canada today. I shovelled and cleaned of my car 3 times. It's gonna be a long winter. Take care, Thelma

  4. You look radiant and full of joy. And lose the 80 -- a) you don't look it. b) you don't feel it and c) It is not relevant! All glorious. Your home looks cozy and your description of the table with its paints made me a tad envious I don't have mine out too. Happiest of birthdays, my friend.

  5. Hi Judy, You are looking good . Good gift of a generator. Ted and I were going to give ours a check out...but never got it done before yesterday's snow...thankful no power outages. Love the photos. I am dragging my feet, may not get much out this Christmas. Blessings and Happy Birthday day. xoxo, Susie

  6. Happy birthday, and you have to be kidding there is no way you could possibly be 80. I hope that you have a wonderful celebration. And...the generator is a fantastic idea.

  7. JUDY!!
    I never would have thought that you are 80 and I mean that in the best way! You look wonderful and I so admire your attitude!! Still decorating and still creating!! You remind me of my dear neighbor Elly who I mention often in my blogs. She was my inspiration in so many things and she kept decorating and changing her home around and trying new crafts well into her 80's. Having been a nurse who took care of elderly patients, this type of mindset is usually not the norm for older people. I have already been asked if I am going to continue to decorate the way I do because I am now retired...I answered " Why the heck not???" Age is just a number and after the passing of my nephew at the age of 47 years old.....I realized that we are lucky to "grow old" so to speak because so many are not given the privilege...And as a cancer survivor myself, I truly believe each year of life is a privilege!!
    So rejoice, my friend!! And have a Happy Birthday!!!!

  8. happy happy birthday i think 80 is the new 50 my husband is wellon his way to 83 still very active and happy.keep on decorating your beautiful home and bloging i enjoy you very much.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit. I agree with you and try to keep remembering that not everyone gets to see this number, so I am a lucky lady. I'm glad for your visits and hope you will return often..Happy Weekend..Judy

  9. Happy Birthday, Judy, and you look great! Would never have guessed 80, but as you say (and it's TRUE) it's just a number. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia. I appreciate your visit and your kind words. Some days I feel my age, but usually I just keep plugging along. I am lucky I come from good genes, I guess..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Happy 80th Birthday dear Judy. You are a lovely, young looking 80. Happy Christmas decorating. I'm getting in the mood myself. ~ FlowerLady


  12. Happy Birthday. You look great and do not look the number!!! I agree the number is just a number. Our faces and bodies reflect our lives and how we live not how old we are. You have had ups and downs but by your looks and mind you have had more ups than downs throughout life to this point. This is a big one and I hope you will celebrate you and what a wonderful wife, mom, grandmother, friend and women you are. Happy Happy Birthday.

  13. Oh happy day Judy! And Happy Birthday too! You look great! Love that picture of you.. such joy on your face. Love it! Our lives need excitement of things to come, a passion for something, family, and things to look forward to.. and you have all of those! I pray for you many many happy years to come, and much excitement and passion in your life. And that generator... wow! Way to go! Great thing to have for sure. We don't lose power too much here, usually just a few hours at a time, but if it was longer, I'd definitely be heading to Lowe's for one! I bet you are excited about decorating for Christmas! I love your new finds. And Thanksgiving with your kids.. what better thing is there? I bet your house will smell devine! I'm looking forward to going to my son's in Astoria, OR for Thanksgiving. Can hardly wait! Have a lovely week friend.... xoxoxo Marilyn

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    1. So sorry Des. I didn't mean to remove your comment. I meant to remove the one above you. I am sick of getting these stupid ads from crazy people..J

  16. Judy, you are gorgeous - inside and out!! I love seeing your smiling face!! Happy, Happy Birthday my friend. I hope it was a wonderful day and an even better year. And you enjoy those chestnuts whenever you please. Christmas is a magical time and comes and goes so quickly. I say celebrate now if it feels right...my goodness at 80 you should be able to do whatever you like, whenever you like!!! xxxoo

  17. Happy Birthday to you, such an amazing milestone! I visited today with my neighbor who is 88 years old, and still walks with her dogs 2 miles a day. Vim and vigor she has lots of, and I know you do the same! May you have a blessed and very special time of celebrating your birthday!

  18. Happiest of birthday wishes are sent to you! You are such a beautiful lady, and enjoy life to the fullest!

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  20. Happy Birthday Judy! Every day that we are given is truly a gift, praise the Lord for that! xoxo


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