Tuesday, September 22, 2020


The First Day of Fall...

It's funny how life goes. 
 You can be moving along 
just as smoothly as can be and...
it can all change in an instant. 
 Because that seems to be
 how things are going around here. 
 I find myself looking back
 to when all was good. 
 For me 
that seems to be one year ago. 
 Speak about one year and 
that seems like
 a far away place but,
 think back to what you were doing 
one year ago and
 it seems like you 
were just doing 
it yesterday.

I received a catalog 
in the mail yesterday. 
 Seeing Christmas items
 makes me yearn for
 my annual birthday trip to Home Goods,
 where I started collecting
 some new Christmas goodies.  
I know I can
 do that all on line but
 it just isn't 
the same.



One year ago,
 I was decorating
 the kitchen for autumn. 
 This year, 
I am doing the same and
 with all of the same stuff.
  I'm trying to mix it up a bit
 so it will seem 
that all is new again but, 
I know it will be hard
 to fool discerning eyes.



I know I stated last year 
that I was trying to use 
less and make it seem like enough, 
but I don't think
 I really accomplished that. 
 I am saying here and now 
that I will try it again and 
I think I just might make it.
  When trying to use 
the same decorations over again, 
it can get to be 
a bit much
 even for me.

Things look pretty much the same
 in the kitchen area
 as the rest of the year. 
 The little touch of elegance
 with velvet pumpkins on a tiny wreath 
in the window and
 the offering of the olive branch 
seems to be enough
 to celebrate the season
 on one side of 
the sink...

...and an old cutting board
 lined up on the other side
 with a pair of chickens 
making the farmhouse sign look legit.

 You saw Ikea Little Sister last week, 
but now she is sporting 
an old scarecrow 
holding the seasonal offerings.

Believe it or not 
it is a little cool 
in the mornings and
 that makes your first cup of coffee
 special when
 sitting by the fire.

 Another artistic endeavor 
on the black board 
in the spirit of
 the season.



Just add 
another dried up wreath and 
the Ikea Big Sister
 is looking good 
for another year.



using much of the same stuff 
just turns out 
looking quite a
 bit different.  

I normally like to keep
 a candle on the stovetop
 this time of year, 
especially one that smells 
like apple pie baking in the oven. 
 This fall,
 I don't have one,
 another downfall of the Coronavirus,
 but I do have 
one called Inner Peace.
  A very soft and calming scent and
 something that we need 
to be reminded of 
so much now
 in these times.



So there you have 
another year under our belts.  
A very different year today,
 but still seems 
just like 


Did you notice that 
I have a new header style? 
 I didn't do it,
 I don't know how it got there. 
 One day I was loving 
my big red tomato and
 the next it was gone. 
 I'm guessing Blogger did it. 
It's not that I dislike it, 
except for the pictures 
not being big enough,
 but how can they do it
 without my permission? 
 I can see changing 
the style of the format 
that we are used to using,
 but not taking our 
actual photos and changing them. 
 If anyone knows the answer 
would you please explain it to me? 
I notice that this is all we have now, 
the old has been taken away. 
There are things 
that I like about it, and 
there are things
 that just seem ridiculous and 
have no apparent reason 
Is it just me?

Stay smart, stay well and remember:

In order to protect me and 
all my friends, 
please wear a mask.

If you are someone 
who reads this blog (and I thank you for that)
 and who, along with your friends, 
does not believe in wearing masks, 
do you understand 
that if the ones around you 
do not wear masks,
 then you are not protected?
 It is only a 
precaution against Covid and 
nothing about 
taking away your civil liberties!

It is a 
soft and beautiful first day of fall
 here in my neighborhood and 
as I sit on my porch 
enjoying the benefits of it, 
I have to remember 
the 200,000 lives that have been lost.

 Just because 
I didn't know any of those people
 does not make their lives
 any less important
 than my own or yours.

 There is not going to be 
a vaccine anytime soon,
 so if we all 
want to get back to whatever 
we think of as normal, 
wear a mask!

  Thank you!


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Kinga. I appreciate your visits. Stay well and Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  2. So love your kitchen! Cannot believe it is Autumn already. Where did this year go> Janice

    1. Thanks so much, Janice. It seems like the more that is going on the faster the time goes. That's good for some things, but not always for others..Stay well..xxoJudy

  3. Judy, I would love to sit in that adorable kitchen of yours. I like that you decorated it for fall. I like nice candles too, and have not shopped for anything like that. Oh I agree about the mask wearing. Those that won't wear them or just put them on their mouths...WTH.. do they not know the respiratory system, nose mouth and lungs. It's not about civil rights or the rights for this and that It's about health for the world. Stay safe. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thanks so much, Susie. I can't believe some people..Everyone that visits with me I know would wear masks, but there are alot that just read and look and don't comment, so maybe I can reach them too..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. If this is a repost, sorry. Dear Judy, I was taken aback a bit at your angst over having things the same, or the struggle to make them different. In these trying times, I think keeping a bit of the same is comforting. My mom was one of those individuals that kept everything the same for YEARS and YEARS. If you dusted and moved something a 1/2" inch to either side...she would glide across the room and swiftly move it back to its spot! If only we could go back a year ago...to where it was the same...sigh, HUGS, Sandi

    1. Thanks so much, Sandi. I didn't mean to give the impression that I was in the throes of angst or that I was struggling to do something different. Lord knows, I have enough on hand where it probably would never be a struggle to find something different. To put it bluntly, I am just a person who feels better about spending money! And I love going to Home Goods more than any other store I can think of. I don't have to spend a lot of money, under $5 would do me just fine, but I miss being able to go out. I am not in angst about that either but sometimes I just get a bug. OMG, I think I would have loved your mother!..Stay well my friend..xxoJudy

  5. Your kitchen looks so comfortable. I like your decor.
    I wish we could go back to last yr. also. Will life ever be the same.
    Happy Autumn. Thelma.

    1. Thanks so much, Thelma. I certainly hope so. The older I get during these times makes me wonder though. Thanks for your kind words about the kitchen. In every home that I have had, the kitchen has always been a fun place for me to "play house", even though I never liked to cook. The sign that I found, above the cupboards, that says " Kitchen for looks only" plays homage to that, but I do like to cook now so it is a fun place to be..Stay well..xxoJudy

  6. Judy- What a beautiful post. I am trying to simplify this year and using less than I did the last couple of years. My tastes have changed a bit and so that makes it easier. I agree with you about the masks. We re going to our nieces wedding and even though it is outdoors we are wearing masks. I am concerned because some of them are taking a bus to the location and we re in a 'hot area' for Covid right now and 2 of my kidsa nd their spouses are going to be on that bus.
    Blessings- Diana

    1. Thanks so much, Diana. I actually am enjoying doing less, but I am not throwing out the majority of the cubbies just yet! It is such a worry. We want to be able to enjoy our lives but I just can't help thinking how unsafe things are now. Hope you enjoy the wedding and all goes well..Stay well..xxoJudy

  7. Your place looks so cozy, Judy. I love the different angles of your kitchen. That upholstered chair is dreamy. There's nothing like "real furniture" in a kitchen, reminds me of my grandma's house! And I understand completely...I want new curtains. I still can't find the right ones online, I want to go to the fabric store, but I just don't know what to expect. Will people be masked or not? Scary. So I sit at home and stare at blank windows. Ugh. My daughter told me there's a saying going around on social media...2020 calendar- January, February, Quarantine, December. Gee, it sure feels that way...take care. xxoo

    1. Thanks so much, Kim. It sure does seem like that because that is exactly what it is. I fear December will still be quarantine too at least for me. Thanks for your kind words, since I am a grandma, that is music to my ears. Hope you can find your curtains eventually. I have been looking on line for Christmas but it seems to be really slim pickings. Home Goods doesn't even have online shopping. I found some black and white checked napkins but that is all..Stay well my friend..xxoJudy

  8. Dear Judy ~ I love your kitchen regardless of the year. It is filled with love, joy, warmth. Thanks for sharing. Wearing a mask is a responsible and respectful thing to do. Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks so much, Lorraine. I appreciate your kind words and I love sharing it all. I wish all would think like you, me and everybody that follows me but, unfortunately, there are some that don't. Maybe we can reach them eventually..Stay well sweet friend..xxoJudy

  9. Love seeing your sweet kitchen and especially as you are decorating for fall. So cute. We are finishing this week with summer weather temperatures but next week fall will come in with a blast of chilly air. Only 50's and low 60's. Sweater weather will begin. Have a great week. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Kris. I really love fall and am glad it is finally here. Our weather has been very comfortable lately but expecting low 90's this weekend so are not quite finished with summer yet..Stay well..xxoJudy

  10. If you figure out what happened to the tomato, let me know. That is SO weird. And I love your kitchen. Both years. Pretty much now I always shop my basement, even before Covid. But some things are moved around, others, just belong in a certain spot. I want to move into your kitchen and live there, please?

    1. Oh, Jeanie, I would trade you for your lake house or at least the time spent there. You are the only one who mentioned about the tomato so, no, I don't know anything else. I'm sure that Blogger did it. I actually hate to say it but I like what was done except I wish they had made my photos a little larger. I will play around with it and see if I can change it at all. I don't need a single thing to be honest, it just makes me feel good to bring just a little something new into the mix..Stay well..xxoJudy

  11. Oh Judy I just LOVE your kitchen! It is the essence of my mom's kitchen all the years we lived in the big house in Portland. It was my mom and dad's "dream house"... they had rented for 10 years and finally bought their first home. I was 8 yrs old at the time.. and they were there until they died in 2001. Their kitchen/dining room was all one big room, with a fireplace by the table, same linoleum floors as yours, white ceilings and beams and they eventually lightened up their kitchen cabinets from dark brown to a light beige. Mom ALWAYS decorated everything to the hilt, every holiday (like you!) and us kids loved it, and we loved the tradition of it all being the same, year after year. Maybe something new would be added or something put in a different spot, but we loved the tradition of knowing we would see our "old friends" come out every season! Her dining room was always so warm and cozy in the Fall, with the oranges and yellows.. bouquets of flowers from her yard, a centerpiece on the table, always candles, etc. And there was a sitting chair just like yours, to sit by the fireplace and visit with those sitting at the dining table! It brings back so many good memories, seeing your sweet kitchen. Hugs... Marilyn

    1. Oh, Marilyn, thank you so much. Yours is the kind of comments that make this all worth it. Your mother's kitchen sounds just like something I would love. I always wanted a big open plan room and tried to talk Jerry into combining the kitchen and the dining room when we were first remodeling, but he didn't want to, and now he says he regrets it but we are too old to change anything more. I wish I had more pretty flowers in my garden for bouquets. That was always my mom's thing too..Stay well..xxoJudy

  12. Oh and one more thing.. I noticed your header change and thought how pretty it looked! But have no idea how it could just change by itself and how Blogger could do that. I thought one needed a password to get in.. but maybe they can somehow do a "thing" that goes into all Blogger platforms and pulls photos from previous posts or something. I have no idea. I'm going to run to mine and see if my header has changed too! I was going to do it myself anyway as getting tired of the same one! Marilyn

  13. I have no idea either, Marilyn. I never thought about them having to know my password?? I was planning to change mine to a fall photo but they beat me to it. I do like it, except I would like to have the photos a little bigger, but I am going to play with it and see how it goes. Maybe I'll just get pissy and put my tomato back up!!..Stay well..xxoJudy

  14. Judy, its a treat to see your home dressed for fall. 2019 and 2020 look warm and wlecoming. Your touches say Welcome Autumn!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. I love fall and we are having some beautiful weather right now. Wish it would be this way all year long, with just one day for seasonal stuff!!..Stay well..xxoJudy

    2. Hi Judy, I SO love your warm and friendly kitchen. It all speaks of family, comfort, and togetherness. How lovely to set in that cozy chair and drink something warm while the smells of something yummy simmering on the stove. I love seeing your photos from this year and last. I try to change things up a bit, but sometimes you find things that click in decor and it's comforting to keep them as they are. Hope you're having a good first week of Fall!

    3. Thanks so much, Debra. The first week of fall has been really good. Good weather and smokeless skies. I'll take that any day. Sadly, my kitchen hasn't been a place for family and friends for the last while, but I will keep plugging along until it is. Hope you are having a wonderful fall so far. Your home is looking like you are..Stay well..xxoJudy

  15. Oh, Judy, 2020 is such a strange year and nothing seems quite right and everything is a little bit surreal. The Mr. and I like to hum the tune to the Twilight Zone every now and again, just to somehow take some sardonic humor out of it all. I haven't had my heart in decorating this year, either. The little pleasures of going to the craft store or Home Goods to get inspiration is gone now. Seeing everyone trying to stay socially distant and not able to see a smile with our masks on is just so sad, but I totally agree with you - we need to all wear them to protect one another. We all know someone who is immune-compromised or elderly - heck, I'm in my mid-60's now - and this is such a scary time. You did a wonderful job of decorating with what you have on hand and your home is beautiful all the time anyway. I so love your cozy kitchen and all your sweet things and cupboards and the little slip-covered chair with the sweet pillow. I get such inspiration whenever I come to visit! We'll get through this.....and we'll support one another and some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will remember how brave and resourceful we all were. Take care and enjoy the lovely fall weather. Sending hugs xo Karen

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I have been sitting here this morning with my nose to the window, like a kid in a candy store. My next door neighbor is having a huge garage sale (she always has the biggest and the best ones) and the cars are lined up down the street. No one gets out with a mask on. I don't understand people now. It seems like everyone is spitting in your face because of the rules put in place to just keep everyone safe. Needless to say I will not be attending, no matter how much it hurts! Yes, we will get through this and I hope all of us and our country can survive untill that time comes..Stay well..xxoJudy

  16. I love your post and all your beautiful Fall decor! Yes, Blogger is a little difficult but I am slowly relearning it. I thought it was just me... lol Have a great weekend and I will be looking forward to seeing more posts from you. I am trying to get back to posting more often. Love ya, Jean

    1. Oh, Jean, it is so good to hear from you. Thanks so much for your kind words. There is a lot to re-learn, not so sure that it is all worth it, but who am I to question? Glad to hear you are well and I hope you will post more often..Stay well..xxoJudy

  17. So many darling pieces, I'm wild over your herb hutch! I love hutches, my husband is building me one for outside so I can play the seasons away since I'm a garden girl. I adore homegoods, its the first place I went that wasn't a grocery store when they opened, mask and gloves and I am thrilled. Just so you know you haven't missed much, they were very low on merchandise for months, but I went last week and the store was about 80% stocked, I had a ball! Masks required and arrows on the floor to keep people at safe distances. I was extra thrilled they opened sees candy again too, a worthwhile trip to town!

    1. Thanks so much. I had to go back and see what was my herb hutch! LOL. That bottom is an Ikea piece. It has such great storage in all the drawers but they were sort of a blueish green pebbled glass and it was a little too modern looking for me. So I painted the glass inserts with blackboard paint and then wrote the names of herbs in chalk. The piece hanging above is old and found at a different time, but for some reason they just go together. I still haven't been to HomeGoods but I am trying to get up the nerve to spend my time during the holidays at Trader Joes to get the cedar garlands and wreaths. Hopefully!..Stay well..xxoJudy

    2. You are brilliant on you IKEA piece using chalkboard paint, I may need to hit IKEA now! I was inspired with all your fall decor and begin the arduous task of decorating, unfortunately my house always looks like Halloween with spider webs and 2" of dust since I rather garden than clean, first I have to do a spring cleaning to set up fall! Its a several day process I discovered, and best of all it will require an additional trip to home goods to see if I can wrap it up 😉 I will say I am more sore today than from decades of gardening, I lack the clean genes and muscles!

  18. I think your kitchen looks lovely, so Autumnal.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks so much, Jan, and Happy Autumn to you..Stay well..xxoJudy

  19. Judy,
    I just realized that I had not been by to visit for some time...I have been busy decorating and doing a billion things as always and I guess it slipped my mind...I am SO SORRY!! BUT what a treat in seeing your Kitchen which you know that i absolutely LOVE!!!!! And I adore that you showed shots that show the whole kitchen from different angles and shows so much fo the Kitchen!! Simply delightful!! I too try to change up my Holiday decor a bit but it us hard and I feel that it is like seeing old relatives again each Holiday, not wanting too much to change about them!!
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. Thanks so much, Deb. I haven't been very good about getting around to answer and visit either. I am not doing anything more out of the ordinary but it takes me longer to do nothing, I guess. Whenever I can't think of anything to write about, I go back to a year ago and that usually sparks some imagination. I do love seeing the old stuff come out of hiding but I sure do love getting something new once in awhile!..Stay well..xxoJudy


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