Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Small ceramic bunny: Mine, as a child
Basket: Bunnies by the Bay, Washington

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We did, and I'll tell you all about it, but first, let me show you what The Captain and I had planned...

As you know from previous holidays, we don't normally have real dinners around the table at the Cottage.  We have 'pretend' dinners, which means the table is set, pictures are taken, and then off we go to gather at someone else's home.  So here are some pictures taken of this spring and Easter's make-believe tablescapes.

Pink and White china: Wood & Sons, England, ordered out of Spiegel catalog
Small cake plate: Bavaria
Milk glass sherbet cups

Silverware: Wm. Rogers, 1904

Now, skip ahead a few days and there is an important phone call.  Our kids are coming for Easter!!

The Cottage is a buzz with joy and excitement.  The kids don't want to put us out at the last minute, so they have offered to take us out for Easter dinner.

Teapot: ME

Are you kidding me?!! the table says.
To miss a chance for a real, live holiday dinner with beautiful, happy faces surrounding me?  Not on your life!!
So get cracking, Mama!!

And that's exactly what Mama did...

Sister and Brother Bunny: Hobby Lobby
Table cloth: HomeGoods
Pink carnations: Courtesy of The Captain
Daffodils and camellias: Cottage garden

Napkins: Garage Sale
Bunny Napkin Rings: I made
Sparkle eggs: Dollar Store
Tin Chargers: A catalog item

Glasses: EBay and garage sale

Utensils: Ordered from Early American Life magazine back in the 1970 's.

Fruit salad: Recipe courtesy of the Pioneer Woman, Food Network

Corn bread muffins with honey butter

Carrot cupcakes with sour cream frosting

Also served but neglected to take pictures!!:

Pork tenderloin with honey, mustard and black pepper glaze
Grilled potatoes with cheese and bacon sprinklings
Green beans with tomatoes and onions
Sparkling cider

We had a wonderful time with Tim, Tami, Jake and Jacinda.  They came up for Sunday only, which meant a long day of driving to and from for them, and they came bearing gifts for the spring garden...

These make me smile just looking at them

Bless their beautiful hearts and our life and our table couldn't be more full and more happy.


Teacup: "English Beauty"
Royal Albert
Inquisitive little peeps: Dollar Store

"Winter's done,
 and April's in the skies;
Look up with laughter
In your eyes." 

John Masefield

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  1. Tutto meraviglioso!Adoro le porcellane,piatti,bicchieri,conigli,fiori,Tutto!A casa tua c'è il profumo della primavera!Baci,Rosetta

  2. How wonderful that your family came to visit for Easter dinner and you got to eat at home at your beautifully set table. Your spring/Easter tables are all beautifully done. The first table settings are so pretty with the white milk glass. Have a wonderful week! Pamela

  3. Beautiful table scape!LOVE your dinnerware and glasses too! YUM those cupcakes look delicious!Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

  4. Oh Judy what a wonderful surprise that they were able to be with you on Easter. Your table is stunning and the food looked delicious. So glad that you had a great visit with your family. Loved the rocks for your garden.
    Happy Spring

  5. what a lovely, festive holiday you had...the table looks beautiful and the menu sounds delicious.

  6. I am so happy for you Judy,
    Your table eventually was not just a table scape.
    Your table looks lovely.
    Best of all, is to have had Tammi and family with you.
    a great menu.
    all looks great.
    happy week Judy
    val xx

  7. Judy, What a lovely surprise to have your children join you for Easter dinner. Your "pretend" table is beautiful. The colors of the china you used and the white sherberts couldn't be prettier. Love those colors together. You put together a delicious looking dinner too!
    Mary Alice

  8. What a beautiful table. I LOVE the tin chargers! I'm going to look for some...

  9. What a wonderful surprise to have your family come for dinner! Your table looks gorgeous, Judy. I really LOVE the tin chargers and the pretty dishes. Your meal sounded fabulous and I know everyone enjoyed themselves.

  10. Hi Judy,
    How nice and fun for you to get to set your table and use it! So glad you had family come. Your table looks gorgeous! Love the Wm. Rogers flatware.Ant that little white bunny from your childhood.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Judy, I just love your pink and white china! What a lovely surprise to have your family join you for Easter dinner. You have set a beautiful table. I lOVE cornbread muffins and the fruit salad looks amazing. I could eat just those alone. Thank you for sharing at my HOME.

    You asked how I dry my roses. I leave them in their container until most of the water is gone. By the time the water has evaporated they are ready to use. Most of the time they turn out really well using this method. Hope that helps.


  12. Oh so pretty!!! Beautiful dishes and Easter decor! So happy your family go together to celebrate...

  13. Wow Judy you can throw together a great party. So happy to hear you had a real dinner and real family faces around that beautiful table. So happy for you. Everything looked beautiful.

  14. As always Judy it looks so beautiful. I am pleased your family descended on you for Easter and you had a wonderful meal.It sounds divine!

  15. Wish we could have stayed longer!!! We had a FANTABULOUS time!! Ate jelly beans all the way home ;)
    The table was beautiful, the food was delicious, a great day that went by way to fast!!! LOVE YOU BIG!! Tami

  16. So glad you got that wonderful Easter surprise. The table was just gorgeous. Now you have another great memory of family to add to your collection!

  17. Judy, this is a beautiful post!!! I love both of your tablescapes; they're truly lovely. The linens, flowers, bunnies, and your gorgeous dishes, stemware, and silver just made for really pretty pictures. I'm so glad your kids came to eat with you and the Captain for Easter, and the garden stepping stones are precious. Your meal looks and sounds delicious. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  18. Judy,
    OMG!! What a beautiful post!! LOVE your tablescapes and decor!! So glad that you got to spend Easter with your family!! That is always the best part of a Holiday, is't it??



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