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"In some expectations of your coming...
I had already commenced filling the vases with flowers,
 so that you might have an attractive place to rest after your long journey."

Louisa Harrison
April 26, 1843

And for your long journey reading this post. There are lots of pictures.

This painting hung in my grandparent's home since I was a little girl.

We live in what is known as an old miner's cottage, which means that when the property came into our possession there were not a lot of amenities.  The man we bought it from made use of two rooms only: the kitchen and one bedroom plus a porta-potty.

  We could, however, see the potential that the Cottage possessed, and the writing on the wall, so to speak - signed on the dotted line, never looking back.

This was in June, however, and the weather was nice and warm.  So we were relatively comfortable then, but as summer waned, and winter approached, we realized that the behemoth of a heater sitting under the floor boards was not adequate, to say the least, to keep us cozy and comfortable.

We immediately installed two gas stoves and those serviced our bedroom and the public rooms comfortably, but the guest bedroom fell sadly lacking in the warmth department.  So when we took on this project of sprucing up the guestroom, we decided to remedy that, and that's how this reveal came to be.

You've seen these heaters before. There is a light bulb in there somewhere, and when turned on, it appears there is a flame burning the faux logs. Fancy, yes? And it really does throw out enough heat for a room this size.

We purchased this little electric heater.  Cute, right?  But didn't think it did anything for the ambiance of the room, so we came up
 with this:

You might remember this shelf in the kitchen over the settle bench. The Captain made it awhile back out of  door mouldings that were left over from the master bedroom remodel. We replaced it with the Black Kow advertising tin.

Then we took this:

This is the same moulding in the shape we bought it in. Would have loved to use it just like this but we had too many different  pieces that didn't match. You understand this project is all made out of bits and pieces that we had on hand left over from other projects.

After that we did this:

Base board 

Next came this:

One plain old board and a piece of trim off of an old dresser.

And then this:

A bulls-eye trim

That brought us to this:

Most of the pieces laid out together.

Then came this:

  These look like old tin ceiling panels but actually they are plastic. We got them at Lowe's and they come in different colors and styles. These happen to be silver.

Which turned into this:

I painted the panels with AS white with touches of pink and finished off with AS dark wax and then sanded them.

That was all well and good, but you know us, more is more, right?

So we added this:

This mirror frame came off of an old dresser that we had for years stored in the garage. The dresser was long gone, but we kept the frame. We thought it might come in handy someday.

I knew I wanted to display these pieces and I thought that they looked like they had been sitting around in the dust for sometime, and that was my inspiration for the look...

This is a tiny lamp. I got it and the shade at two different garage sales but they are a match made in heaven.

This was part of my grandmother's sewing basket.

This is a little silk frame with ribbon embellishments. I've had it for sometime, but it is not old.

This clock case was donated to my daughter's breast cancer sale she has every year. I saw it before anyone else did! The hands are missing and I don't know if it works, but I don't care. It is all crazed and chipped and, if you look closely, you will see lily's of the valley.

Isn't she beautiful!

So, I had in mind what I wanted it to look like when it was all put together..

I wanted an elegant but simple style.  I wanted it to appear that it had been sitting in the ol miner's cottage forever and needed a good clean up.  And I wanted it to look like the old miner's Mrs. had taken a brush and a bucket of water and lye soap and just gave it a new lease on life.

After all that, this is what we ended up with:

"It is the loveliness of little things that imparts life to a room."

Barbara Milo Ohrbach
"Antiques at Home"

Have a lovely day...


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  1. bonjour
    nous avons mis 10 ans pour restaurer notre
    à part l' eau et l' électricité , il n'y avait
    nous avons abattu tous les mur intérieur
    + une partie de la façade pour installer
    une véranda
    aucune idée de départ , tout c' est fait
    petit à petit
    une idée , en amenant une autre
    peut-être un jour je ferais un billet
    votre linteau de cheminée est une très belle réussite
    à bientôt
    edith (iris)

  2. I am in love with the mantel and mirror. It is so clever how you put it together. I love the plastic tiles too. I would never have known that they were not vintage.

  3. Judy,

    It turned out beautiful! I love that little lamp. It does look like the shade was meant for it. The clock was a great find. The Captain did a wonderful job bringing your vision true.

    Amy Jo

  4. Judy your last reveal is stunning. I adore everything you pulled together. What a gorgeous finish. I have the same heater in my studio. It truly heats the room nicely.
    Every detail on the mantel is perfect. Love the clock. You created a show place and magazine worthy wall.
    What a talent you are along with your hubby.
    Love it.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  5. Oh Judy, you and your hubby did an amazing job on this fireplace. It looks like it was always there! I love the old clock and the old mirror frame from the dresser. What a cozy, delightful guest room you have made. Everything looks so sweet! Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  6. Oh Judy, that is perfect there on that wall! Isn't it fun to create something like that from "stuff" you had just laying around?! You and the Captain did a wonderful job with it. I like the contrast of the white doily, candlestick and clock face. That clock is really pretty, glad you found that. Your photos are all so beautiful, thanks for sharing all that charm. Have a great weekend! Gina

  7. Your home is lovely and what an amazing fireplace you've created...just beautiful!!!

  8. Well I'd say the look you were going for you got!! It's gorgeous! Truly one of a kind. And perfect for your guest room!
    When we're finished with our bookcases (if we ever do, sigh), our mantle is next. Thank you for the inspiration. Mimi

  9. Oh goodness, Judy, I'll bet your guests never want to leave that cozy, beautiful room. I know I wouldn't!! What a fabulous job you did in enhancing the electric fireplace. Thanks for sharing the transformation.

  10. I LOVE it!!!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL!! The
    Captin" still has his touch!! He can take something that I say.... 'WHAT,are you kidding me"?? to, work his magic on it... and then I find myself looking at these beautiful pictures saying..."WHOOOOA"!!! Nice job team J&J!!! LOVE YOU, Tami :)

  11. What a lovely story Judy,
    I can only say that the end outcome of all the work is stunning. Its all so beautiful. What a difference.. The Captain is a whizz.
    one can see you had a hand in it too.
    I am sure your little old miners cottage has lots of stories to tell us.
    wishing you a happy tuesday..

    Judy. I hope that you have had no more trouble with my e mail.. It is at the bottom of my blog page.
    had some blogging hitches..but I think all is ok now. Hope that you are receiving my new posts.

  12. Just gorgeous! Your vignette is lovely. Your pics are so sweet. Visiting from Amaze Me Monday. Blessings!

  13. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love how awesome it is Judy! Your vignettes in every room are beautiful, but this mantle is divine!
    hugs from here...

  14. This is really nice Judy. I love salvaged projects like this. Love the faux tin and the mirror is just stunning. You and your husband did a wonderful job of putting everything together and decorating it so nicely. Have a great week!

  15. Charming, charming, charming! I would love to come stay the night in that beautiful room, your photographs are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

  16. Judy,
    OMG!!! This si just stunning!! A true work of art!! I am so jealous!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  17. Oh, Judy, I love it! What a wonderful job you and your hubby did.
    We have a little white stove, very much like yours, which I would have turned into something similar to what you have done but then Hubby surprised me with a fireplace a few years ago for Christmas. It's electric, but still a fireplace with a mantel. Depending on where we move to down the road, I am keeping my little white stove, which I use a lot this time of year in our den.
    Maybe someday we will have a little fireplace similar to yours. You have done a fabulous job and it just adds so much charm to your guest room. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  18. Wow, Judy! This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  19. Judy, this is just simply beautiful. Very impressive. You both did an amazing job with this restoration. Congrats.


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