Saturday, April 6, 2013


Got this glass tray at Ross's
Regular price: $25.00
First reduction: $9.99
I bought for: $6.00

I thought I'd update you on my thrift store finds of late and some projects that are almost managing to get finished around the Cottage.

First, I've been on a pillow making rampage.  Just let me say, I love pillows and I have quite a few, but there always seems room for one more.

  I have bits and pieces of fabric that I have picked up, here and there, but I've come up with a different procedure, which probably isn't a new idea, but for me it is a simple and easy way to produce a pretty pillow at a low cost.  It's napkins. Dinner napkins.  

Every time I go into a store, I look for sales on napkins.  There is such a variety of patterns and colors that it is usually easy to find one that works at a reasonable price.

  With four to six napkins per package, it's pretty easy to whip out two to three pillows at one time.  The most expensive part of putting one together, for me, is the pillow form.  I know I could do it less expensively using stuffing, but I always seem to use either too much or too little and I try to pick up the forms when they are on sale.

  Here are a few that I've put together recently...

I had a piece of jute webbing and some buttons from garage sales that I used as trim on the top two pictures and just folded over part of the napkin and added black buttons in the bottom picture.

I showed this dresser scarf (left) a while back that I had picked up at the estate sale next door.  I had this remnant of fabric from Hobby Lobby and since the scarf had holes at one end, I cut it in half and used it as part of the pillow with some button embellishments (right).

Another favorite find at garage sales and thrift shops are curtain valances.  The ruffle on them is an ideal addition around a pillow, and so easy.  The ruffling is the hardest part for me.

This is a peek of a valance I used over an existing lamp shade.  The shade is quite old and the silk fabric is at the point of crumbling with the slightest touch, but I love the shape of it.  By adding the valance and some ribbon and letting the original shade's ruffle show, I have a new lamp shade for about ten cents.  This is part of a project that is just about ready to reveal!!!

This little cheese shaker is probably from the 1940's. I've had my eye on it at the next door estate sale since the beginning but it was always marked $8.00 and I didn't want to pay that, although it was probably worth it.  The last sale it was marked down to $3.00 so I picked it up along with the Blue Calico plate and the set of birds.  As it turned out, she let me take all treasures home for free, because I was one of her best customers!!

I picked up this match safe at a shop for $10.00.  I don't know it's age, although it reminds me of vintage and it looks like it was hand made.  I just thought it was different and cute.

"Keepers of the Light"
A Cheerful Giver, Inc., Elmer, NJ

I've read a lot of recommendations for candles in blogland, but I've never seen my favorite mentioned, so I'd like to add it to the list.

If you ever try this one, I don't think another could compare.  The company carries many different fragrances. The spicy ones for fall, I love the best, and they work well all year long.  They are made with double wicks so they burn evenly all the way down and never lose their fragrance.  They are not overpowering but your whole house will smell like you have been baking cookies forever.

  If there is any wax left in the bottom of the jar, I just put it in the freezer for awhile and it scrapes right out, and you are left with a very pretty and useful container.

  I will admit they are a little pricey, compared to some, $27.00 for the size shown. They have a smaller size and a larger size and if you can't find them in stores, you can order on line.  I think you will find them a worthy investment.

Not old, just a cute statement for the kitchen wall, picked up at my favorite little shop, Country Living in Amador City.

The animal shelter, Sammie's Friends, where the Captain walks dogs, just opened a thrift shop and I picked up this napkin holder for $2.00. It looks vintage so I thought it was something I needed and every little bit helps the animals.


Now on to the Super Hero....

We are fortunate (or not) to have one in our midst....

Drum roll, please....

Ladies and Gentlemen....

May I present to you....

...T H U N D E R   D O G...

On Easter Sunday evening, after days of sunshine and spring, we had rain and a thunder storm.  It really was the loudest I had heard in some time.

Now, you have to know Buddy.  He is ferocious to some big dogs he might take a disliking to, but when it comes to loud noises such as thunder and fire works, and even the overhead fan coming on, or the smoke detector going off, he turns into a 97 pound pile of quivering jello.

  He tries to hide under places that are not equipped to handle him, such as...

The results of one of his attempts to fit under our bed.

So when we heard about the Thunder Shirt, we had to give it a try.  I have to say it seems to really work.

  It's a little hard sometimes to predict when a loud noise is going to happen and once he becomes afraid, it takes a lot longer to calm him down but eventually we got him to at least sit still and not go looking for places to hide or trying to dig to China via our carpeting!

  The 4th of July will be a great test as it is always a very hard time for him and frustrating for us, and we can put the shirt on him earlier in the day so he has a chance to relax before the fireworks start, literally!!

Poor old guy. It is such a fearful situation for him. You can really see the fear in his eyes.

If your dog is bothered by loud or unexpected noises, or has any kind of anxiety problem, you might consider getting one of these shirts.

 Just google Thunder Shirt.  I am not a paid spokesperson for this product.  I just know it was $39.95 well spent and it works... with it...way better than without.

Hope things are quiet where you let spring begin.

The lilacs are starting to bud out.
Oh, happy days.


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  1. I LOVE this post, Judy!!! Your pillows are wonderful! I've just started sewing lessons; believe it or not, I'm 52 and never used a sewing machine in my life. I'm taking the class so that I can learn to make throw cushions, table runners, napkins, maybe even curtains. Your idea of using print napkins and then adding embellishments is a great one. I've pinned it for future reference. :)

    My friend has one of those thunder shirts for her dog. I've never seen it, but she's told me about it on the phone; I'm glad it works so well for your Buddy. Our dog is frightened of storms and fireworks, too.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. You've done a lovely job on the cushions - I especially love the ones with the jute band - well done!

  3. I love your pillows Judy. You suggested some great ideas for making cheap ones too. Your new match safe is sweet and rather unique. I've never heard of a thunder blanket before but think it's a great idea and hope it works for your sweet old dog. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Pillows are so fun! Yours turned out great.... I also love all of your estate sale finds.

    Amy Jo

  5. Love love love your pillows - such great ideas you have for making them. Under the bed in the guest bedroom I have put a number of pillow forms.
    Thanks for the tip on Thunder shirt. My Waldo (border collie) is so afraid of loud noises that I had to go and get medication from the vet. I hate to give him that he shakes so bad and won't leave my side. I am going to try the Thunder Shirt - thank so much.
    You really got some wonderful treasures.

  6. Such pretty pillows. We have had to give up on them.. my chairs and sofa sit void of any due to our almost 3 year old Chocolate lab. He thinks they are all his and drags them around until they are done in. Sooo we have not replaced them. Though I have been toying of trying some again.
    I am so sorry your Buddy has such a hard time :-( When we rescued Vic 2.5 years ago, we were warned about this, but thankfully we were spared. We got him in December and we were bombarded by New Years fireworks a few weeks later... he was excited to see the lights and cascade of colour. The noise, did nothing for him. We live in Florida, North Central Florida. That translates to BAD storms almost daily from Spring to fall. Noting. But I will recommend the shirts to a friend w/ 2 pups that are terrified of noises especially thunder .
    Hope the shits works for Buddy during the worst of it all. Poor little man...
    Hugs, Gee

  7. What a delightful post Judy,
    How inventive you are with your pillows. They are lovely. who would ever think of table napkins.!
    poor Buddy.. my sisters dog is so so petrified of the fireworks and thunder..she has to give her a pill.. she then just rests on the bed and sleeps.
    The thunder jacket sounds great..but how does it really work! does it omit something so the dog is calmer.
    As always you find good thrifts..
    Happy Sunday Judy

  8. Hey! Love your pillows, great ideas, I love your red plaid one best. The Sun Bonnet Sue dresser scarf is lovely also. I just received a quilt that looks similar to it. Years ago my late mother embroidered a very large lady on a bedspread, now my sister-in-law who is an awesome quilter has made it into a lovely quilt for me. You have just inspired me to go take a picture and do a post on it.
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give me.
    Blessings from Canada

  9. LOVE the pillows Mom!! You know your house colors and mine are really quite similar!! Just say'n :)
    Poor Buddy-boy!! Tell him Cruzer says "woof" translated that means that as long as your head is hidden no matter what else sticks out, they will never find you!! ;)
    LOVE Tami

  10. I love the pillows! I've made chair cushions for my bistro chairs out of table napkins. I'm glad you got the thunder jacket for Buddy. Our dog was petrified of the fireworks and thunder. I felt so bad for her and wish I knew about the thunder jacket. Visiting you from Seasonal Sundays.

  11. I love your pillows and those two sweet! I have friends and their dog is so scared of rain, thunder, fireworks...we've wondered if the Thunder Jacket would work. I'll share your thoughts with them!

  12. Wonderful pillows. I had heard of the thunder shirt. Good to know that it works.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. I've always loved Keeper of the Light candles and I too love the fall fragrances. Love candles with homey scents like banana nut bread, apple pie, cinnamon bunn!
    Thanks so much for joining the AMAZE ME MONDAY party!

  14. Hi Judy,
    Your pillows are lovely!

  15. Awww...poor buddy! But that is good that you found that thunder shirt-amazing!
    Your flea market finds are fun and lilacs?! How I love their fragrant smell! Nothing like it. Mmmmm! Have a great Monday!

  16. Lovely pillows you've made.
    How nice that the dogs are able to get a thunder shirt. Our dog, Sheeba, would have needed that one.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Love Elzie

  17. You crack me up Judy! Love the dog shirt. I love the decor too..of course it is looking so cute and cozy and smells good too!

  18. Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend! I really like the vintage look of the black and white pillow! :) Have a good rest of the week!


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