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One of the very sweet ladies that I follow is Lynnie from CottageGalStyle.  She is so charming and creative and her blog is always a delight.  Above is an example of her creativity, using fancy duct tape to cover a vintage travel case.  She has invited me to join a blog tour that is making the rounds right now.

It gives insight into the world of some interesting and fascinating lives that you may not otherwise have a chance to find out about.

I will answer four questions about myself and, hopefully, you will enjoy finding out a little more about me and through this same process, find out about a few, among many, of the bloggers that I hold in such high esteem.

So, here we go, on the subject of me:


Anyone who has read my blog knows that we are always working on the Cottage, but right now, I am really trying to perfect my furniture painting technique.  I think I've found the perfect line of paints for me, Shabby Paints, and I am sorting it out little by little.  I'm also getting close to revealing another room in the Cottage.


I'm not so sure that anyone's work differs from anybody elses to a great extent.  We all strive to keep a lovely home, cook a good meal, manage a healthy and beautiful garden, paint a pretty piece of furniture, see an amazing picture through our camera lens, and love and treasure our families, friends and pets.  It's just that in doing those things, we all go about them in our own way, and the outcome may be that we can teach others how to cope with a similar situation in a more productive manner.  It is a matter of self-expression, and the feeling of community, that makes it enjoyable and work for all of us, I think.


I am, and have always been, someone who loves to decorate and keep house.  My mom was that way and I guess I got it from her.  As a little girl, I can remember picking flowers from the garden to put in my bedroom to make it pretty.  When warm weather comes around my first inclination is not to garden but to clean my house.  With my sister and brother we would play house, where I was always the mother in charge, and I would write a script and we would put on plays for the family.

As I grew up and married and started my own homekeeping, friends would say, "your house should be in a magazine".  I would always respond with a "thank-you and a not really", but in my secret heart of hearts, I would wish, "would you enter me in one?"  I really did want it to happen, but it never did.  Somewhere along the way, I discovered other people's blogs and started reading them.  For quite awhile I thought, if I were to write a blog, that would be a way of telling about my home and the things that I enjoy.  One day, I jumped in with both feet, and Gold Country Cottage was born!  I truly love it and hope that those who read it feel the same way.  It seems this sort of thing has always been a part of something that I have enjoyed doing.


My husband, Jerry, or as he is known in blogland, the Captain, volunteers his time walking dogs every Tuesday at our local animal shelter.  I ride along with him and while he is tending to the dogs, I sit in my office
car with pencil and paper and a few Victoria magazines and outline my blog.  Sometimes I haven't got a clue what I will write about, but the minute I pick up my pencil a subject seems to pop into my head.  I only work on one post at a time.  I have to be organized in that way or I would never get anything done.  This applies to everything I do except when it's time for Halloween.  I usually write an original poem for that one so I get busy early on, jotting down ideas. After I have outlined what the subject is, I pick my photos that correspond.  I try to use photos that I have just taken but sometimes going back into the album works well too.  Sometimes the pictures, and what they represent, comes first and other times the ideas and the writing are what lead the way.  When I get back home, then I will use the computer to lay it all out.  From there I start my post and I will go over it a number of times to make sure I haven't misspelled any words before I push 'publish'.  I have always been a good proof reader and that is important to me.  Believe me, its a long process.  Maybe it shouldn't be, but that's how I enjoy doing it.

I have to admit that most of the time, I don't talk the way I write.  I usually am just a good listener.  There is just something about the writing process that brings out a fulfillment in me.  I love to make my thoughts into stories and to tell them with humor, imagination, quotes, and poetry.

"If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat."

George Bernard Shaw

OK, that should answer a few questions about me - now onto a much more interesting subject - my three good friends, that I have met through blogging, that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Photo submitted by Mill Hill Meadow

First on my list is Karin.  I have followed her for quite some time and always enjoy what she is doing.  She recently moved to a new home, changed the name and format of her blog, and I am loving, even more, how she presents herself in this new way.  In the past, sunflowers have always been front and center on her blog and I always think of her when I see one.

and her bio in her own words:

My blog is named Mill Hill Meadow.  I am a reformed home renovator.  After 20+ years of saving old homes, I have packed up my paint brushes, electrical wire and saws, so that I can spend more time enjoying life.

Photo submitted by Scene Through My Eyes

Second on my list is JoAnn from Scene Through My Eyes.

I have been to Washington State a few times and I thoroughly enjoy the beauty and everything else about it.  That is why I do not want to miss one of JoAnn's posts.  She takes the most beautiful photos of the wildlife and scenery around her state.  As a young girl she lived in Alaska and has now published a book about those times. She is doing a book signing as we speak, so she had to back out of this process, but I feel she is so worthy of mentioning.

Photo submitted by Val's Alentejo

I am anxious to introduce you to my good friend, Val. She and I met during my first week of blogging. I was so impressed that someone as far away as Portugal was reading my blog. She is such a talented, wonderful, and lovely lady and she leads such an interesting life among her olive groves. Her travels, family and animals truly fill her life with joy and she shares her blessings on her blog.    She is thoughtful as well, as she actually called me this morning to see if I had been affected by the earthquake in Northern California. Now I know what her accent sounds like and can picture her as we are chatting back and forth on our blogs.

Here is Val's link: and her bio in her own words:

My blog is called Val's Alentejo and it has become a part of my life for these last three years.  I have made such lovely blogging friends.  My blog is about my life living in central southern Alentejo in Portugal.  I enjoy gardening, love my roses, my travels, and quality time with my children and grandchildren.  I love my life here, passing time painting.  My four dogs and my horses give me great pleasure.

I hope you will visit with these three wonderful bloggers.  They will be posting their own blog tours on September 1 and, in my opinion, they have all sold themselves short in their bios.  They are a group of beautiful, talented ladies and spending time with them will be well worth your while.

Thank you so much, Lynnie, for including me.  This has been such good fun.


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  1. Travels through blogland.
    How lovely is this post.
    I read through it , and after blogging with you for more than 3 years.. its you. Your beautiful Victorian home.. so lovingly decorated and preserved. The hard work that you put into it. When i pop over to read your posts, i feel the warmth and loving vibes that you both share there.
    Thank you for inviting me to take part.
    I will do my best. Being oneself is, a good road to take.
    Your photos as usual are lovely.. but these on this post are stunning..
    Sending best wishes to you both..
    with love val xxxx

  2. Beautiful post Judy. Blogging is such a creative outlet from the pictures to the writing to the decorating and the cooking. I think somewhere deep down we bloggers in the genre long for those days gone by, an easier time when people didn't have all of the fast paced conveniences of today. When you actually took the time to smell the roses or coffee or to bake or build and not just purchase from a store. We experience a pride from doing these types of things which keeps us connected to our homes and family and the simple joys which goes along with them. Anyhow that is what I feel when I read Gold country Cottage, and quite frankly that is a feeling I really enjoy!
    Happy Monday my friend!!
    XO Barbara

  3. Hi Judy, I am sooo glad you blog! I have loved (and drooled over) your beautiful home for several years now. I have been meaning to tell you that after 32 years I finally got my dream home- an 1880s Victorian in the country on 5.6 acres! I am in heaven! I can't wait to see your new room- more inspiration! Angela

  4. Good Morning Judy,
    You have done such a beautiful job with your post! I am so impressed!
    I love having you as a blog friend, and I love that you are the kind of woman that enjoys making a house a home. You inspire me with your creativity.
    I am so happy to learn more about you, and to learn about the other bloggers that you've features. I look forward to getting to know them through their blogs.
    Thank you for the kind words that you've posted about myself, and the other bloggers... so kind of you.

    I hope that I can do justice to my part of the blog hop!

    Thank you for this opportunity too :)


  5. beautifully written, judy! your writing process so organized--i envy that:) and i agree that we bloggers are more alike than different:) off to visit your bloggers! have a great week!

  6. I so enjoy your posts Judy and your writing process - WOW. I feel so much better since I have been blogging. After retiring, not by choice, but do to health reasons - I was lost and depressed. My friend got me interested and through that I have met so many wonderful bloggers, like yourself. It was great learning more about you and the Captain. So keep on blogging ...... I will be checking out your favorite blogging friends.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  7. Love the barn with the sunflowers. Isn't it amazing how a flower can grow out of a slab of cement. I am continually amazed at that! Maybe that give me an idea for a blog post:) I love blogging. I find encouragement and love here. It's what I do to escape the hardness of the real world of people we call friends and family. Thanks for your lovely post. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Once again, I enjoyed my visit here, and found it so interesting to read your thoughts and answers about who you are. I appreciate the blogging friends you shared too, and look forward to visiting their blogs, when time allows. Thanks for the inspiration I found here this morning.
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Lovely post, and such a wonderful way to get to know a little about you.
    Hope you enjoy this gorgeous day today!

  10. Well, isn't this fun!!! Thank you for mentioning me - I'm so sorry that I couldn't be in this blog hop - but I'm going to enjoy meeting each of the new bloggers you mentioned.

    The information about you was wonderful - I love learning more about my blogging friends, and as always the photos of your home are fabulous!!! I like your method of making a blog post - mine is to look at my photos and then decide which ones to use (cutting some out is always hard for me) and then writing a post using the photos as inspiration.

  11. Thank you for visiting today. I am so glad Kerin invited me to be in her blog hop. I am so happy to meet you and your blog is beautiful and your photos are so pretty and so are all of your wonderful thoughts.
    I also love the soaps and lotions and goodies at the top.
    Thank you so much for stopping by today.


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