Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Everywhere you look
 there seems to be a sign of the
  coming autumn.

The seasonal buds
 are ready to pop open...

...a small breeze stirs
 and sends some leaves gently
 fluttering to the ground.

The autumn hued flowers
 are beginning to bloom at the same time
 the colors of summer are fading.

A pleasant sight
 nearing the end of summer...

...especially when these beautiful creatures come out,
 from behind.

There is no escaping
 the reason
 for  a changing vignette...

...or two.

A chance for a shot
 of a pretty, little, different looking butterfly
 turns into...

...an unexpected fleeting glance
 at Mother Nature's way of saying
 that Halloween is not far behind.


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  1. Beautiful photo's Judy. Yes, there definitely is something in the air at night saying that fall is fast approaching and i can hardly wait. I have been mulling around in my head what I want to do for fall and how I am going to decorate and you just gave me a little push. All of your photos are so vivid and colorful. Thanks for sharing all your beauty around you.
    Have a great week,

  2. Judy, I really like all your photos. I love the colors of autumn. But I hate that winter will be right behind it. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I love your little cupboard, Judy. It must be fun to decorate on it. Fall is my favorite time of year and already we are seeing signs here in Ontario, too. Just today I spotted a maple tree that was thirty feet tall and half of it was red and yellow leaves. It really shocked me as it is too early for that around here. Oh well, time to get out the snuggly sweaters as it will creep up on us fast now. Hugs, Deb

  4. Utterly lovely. The very tall vase - it is perfect with that arrangement.

  5. hello
    j'adore l'automne et ses belles couleurs , je vais aller ceuillir des baies rouges d'églantier pour me faire un bouquet
    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  6. I don't like to think of fall yet, Judy, and I have yet to accept that the summer season is waning. It is obvious when I look outside though. Beautiful photos and colours. The vignette in your living room with the beautiful blues and autumn colour is gorgeous! I love the vase and it's arrangement.

  7. Hello Judy,
    I loved this post!
    I too am ready for Fall... and hoping for a very, very long and beautiful Fall.

    I love that wire cloche of yours. I had one that was similar, and sold it at a yard sale.
    Oh well, maybe I'll find one like that at another yard sale :)

    Happy to see that pumpkin too.


  8. I am so not ready to turn lose of this short summertime. I'll hang on until the very last.
    No one at home at Ivy & Elephants yet this morning.
    Love all your pretty pictures.

  9. We are beginning to see our autumn pattern rains here on the coast. A few days of rain - a few of clouds and then a few of sunshine. I still have 12 kitchen cabinet doors to give one more coat on the front - so I'm hoping for those few days of sunshine before long. It is cloudy and cool today so I bake two loaves of bread and a batch of thin and crispy oatmeal cookies - must be autumn creeping up.

    I love your photos - the flowers and trees are wonderful and the changes in your house are some homey and sweet.

  10. Autumn to me is just peaceful, time to slow down. Your pictures as always are so pretty to see. Such a nice vignette with that gorgeous mirror.
    Ready for a quiet evening in the sunset with a cup of warm apple cider now.

  11. Just Beautiful Pictures today. You're so great at it!
    Sorry I've been a lazy visitor lately, but this summer has just disappeared - where I don't know. Haven't had time for anything it seems, especially not the things I should do in the garden!!!
    Here fall seems to have arrived already. It's rainy and Cold, and that after a really hot summet with higher temps than we normally gets! All summer flowers was in bloom too early and now I don't have more than one or two flowers that are showing any bloom at all, lol.
    Hope you'll get a nice weekend.
    Love Elzie

  12. Lovely photos! Your post is so peaceful and calming. Not ready yet for fall since winter follow close on it's heels, but it is my favorite season.

  13. I am catching up Judy.
    This is such a lovely post. With Autumn soon approaching.
    Your new cupboard and its makeover and vignette looks so stunning.
    Here, we are still in the midst of a lovely summer.. I want to enjoy outside as much as i can.
    xxxxx val

  14. How different are the seasons on opposite sides of the world ,we are awaiting spring and you welcoming autumn .Both seasons are beautifully colourful. Beautiful photos.


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