Tuesday, August 12, 2014


In reality, a week in the country was actually four days,
 all filled with fun activities and some serious shopping.

We spent evenings at the campground, under the trees with a glass of wine,
 but come daybreak we took to the road.

We drove as far as Sonora and Jamestown,
 to Fiddletown and past the surrounding vinyards and wineries of the Shenandoah Valley,
 and to Volcano and Sutter Creek where we spent some time with my sister. 
 We stopped for lunch along the way and for dinner when we got closer to the campground.
  The Captain barbecued one night and I made a salad...

...that was the closest we got to anything remotely connected with the drugery of everyday life.

We drank lots of iced caramel lattes and had a very relaxing time and it all brought back a lot of very fond memories.

Not too long after we moved to Grass Valley, we bought a small 5th Wheel.
  We rented a space in this very campground by the month and drove up to our "cabin in the country" every weekend. 
 We were both working at the time and it was a treat well within our budget.
  At the beginning of the week the anticipation of the coming weekend made it all worthwhile.

As time went by we retired and became busy with working on the Cottage and the garden and we didn't go so much anymore. 
 We finally sold the little fifth wheel and bought our first motorhome.
  We had fixed it up to our liking and I can just imagine the dealer's face when he went to pick it up and saw the big, beautiful, blue roses that I had stenciled all over the walls.
  It was so cute and I wish I had pictures to show.

A new RV park opened up in Jackson and we started taking our motorhome there. 
 This is the first time we have been back to this little camp for quite awhile.

The trees have all grown and the duck population has increased,
 but it still has that serene, cozy feeling that it had all those years ago.
  We will be back again.


We did a lot of shopping, but not a lot of buying. (If you can believe that).

We picked up one very old, very dirty, but in my opinion, very great...

...piece that will be saved for another time.

This mama was very protective of her babies and was giving them constant advice on the evils of the world,
 when she could catch up with them, that is!

We watched happy little kids fishing with their dads...
which reminded us of Jake and his dog, Cooper, (above) fishing from the very same spot 16 years ago.

Every little kid should get a chance to go camping.

We also saw a neighboring camper's dog slip his leash and almost decapitate a duck!
  Lots of quacking but no harm, no fowl!!

We spotted a mountain lion behind the campground (true story..we both saw it).
It was quite a ways away but it was much larger than a regular cat, but there was no mistaking it was from the cat family. 
It was light tan in color and very sleek with a long tail.
 It may have come down from higher country because of the fires that have been going on in that general area.

I don't have any pictures to substantiate these last two occurances.
 You will just have to take my word for it.

And look what was waiting for me when we picked up our mail...
I am in Heaven!!!



The sun setting over the Shenandoah Valley.

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  1. Oh Judy what a great time you and the Captain must have enjoyed. Your days together are what I envision my retirement with Mr Rosemary Lane to be once the kid have struck out on their own. The pic of your Jake with his Cooper is so precious. Actually it looks almost just too close to a picture Chris and I bought a few years back of a boy on the beach with his arm around his dog. What a beautiful statement of love!
    Glad you are home safe and sound. Wishing you a wonderful week!
    XO Barbara

  2. Hi Judy,
    It looks like you had such a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to seeing what treasures you found.
    Your motorhome looks like such a cozy home, away from home... decorated and filled with charming details. I love it!!

    Simply adorable picture of Jake and Cooper... where does the time go???


  3. What a wonderful trip! That area of California is one of my favorites, it is so beautiful and charming. The photos are great too, thanks for taking us along.

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  5. Me again - trying again, to be a little coherent!! What I wanted to say, is that you give such a sense of the lovely little holiday this must have been. You made me wish to hope in the RV for just such a trip - but first I'd have to find an RV!!!

  6. Judy, that sounds like a wonderful break from the every day. I love the photo of your son with his dog while fishing. I hope you get more camping trips in soon. Hugs, Pam

  7. Ahhh what a relaxing post. Your trip sounds fabulous. Love the fishing picture, such fond memories. We are going away for a couple days at the end of September for our 50th anniversary - just the two of us on Orcas Island.

    We love the area you were traveling in - we used to roam about that area when we lived in Orangevale - our kids had many wonderful adventures.

  8. What a special, relaxing time you had! I think the fishing picture is an award winner. It touched my heart, and yes, I wish every little guy could go camping and fishing in their childhood. As for the magazines waiting for you in the mailbox, I would be thrilled with that little gift too! I like your choice of reading material:)

  9. Looks like a wonderful and restful get-a-way. I have always wanted a little trailer to pull, but that's not going to happen now. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful post with us.
    I was also happy to start receiving my magazines - I don't want to be bothered, just relax and look at the pictures and then I go back and take my time and read. Sometimes I read them 2 or 3 times.. Enjoy.

  10. Love the pictures but that one of Jake and his dog is so cute.
    Sounds like a fun and relaxing time


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