Monday, December 2, 2019


Carolers and choirs
 spread good cheer 
throughout the holiday season. 
 St. Francis of Assisi,
 the 13th century patron saint of nature, 
in seeking a way to tell
 the Christmas story,
 was believed to be the first
 to celebrate this custom, 
but it was the Victorians 
who made it truly popular. 
 Many of today's 
most beloved carols 
were written during this era.

This Christmas,
 we at the Cottage,
 are hoping you will join us 
for a holiday tour 
that will highlight some of the 
sounds of the season and
 the spirit that they bring 
to each and every room.

 As you open the front door, 
we invite you to...


"Welcome to my Christmas song
I'd like to thank you
 for the year

So I'm sending you 
this Christmas card
To say it's nice 
to have you here...

The angels are stepping out 
with their sparkly deer and 
their golden hearts
 to spread the 
magic of Christmas. 
They remind me of 
classy ladies of New York 
walking their large poodles 
down 5th Avenue.

Our little greeter 
carries a large stocking
 filled with all kinds of goodies
 for whomever comes through the door.
  I purchased the stocking 
from Mary at Sew Simple Sew Pretty,
 her Etsy shop.  
Kris of Junk Chic Cottage
 mentioned her in a post and 
I wanted to support her 
small business as well. 
 It is very well made and
 I am so happy with it.

I'd like to sing 
about all the things
Your eyes and mind can see
So hop aboard the turntable
And step into Christmas with me.

Our first tree 
is set up in the guest room. 
 I made it about 40 years ago 
for our bedroom and 
it has been appearing
 in a bedroom 
ever since.

For being dragged around 
for 40 years, 
the little beauty still 
looks pretty good...

...and a gift of angels 
from the kids 
stay close by 
every Christmas.

Another little group 
of choir candles 
keep things merry
 in the guestroom.

A little dose of humor
 always makes 
everything more merry.

A few 
simple amenities for
 the lucky guests.

If we can help to entertain you
Oh, we will find the ways
So Merry Christmas one and all
There's no place 
I'd rather be
Than asking you if you'd oblige
Stepping into Christmas
 with me."

Elton John

This song was released in 1973 and
 reached #1 on the 
Billboard Christmas Singles chart.

  This is not your 
usual Victorian Christmas carol,
 for sure, 
but I had never heard it and
 if you haven't either, 
I strongly suggest that you google 
the song title and
 watch the YouTube video.
 (You might catch a glimpse of 
the pink boa 
I made my wreath out of) I wish!

 It is Elton John at his finest
 and if you enjoy him,
 you will be tapping your foot and
 oozing Christmas spirit.

 No one could 
better describe
 the moment.

Please return next time
 when we step into the parlor
 and the music continues
 in harmony with 
The Christmas spirit.


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  1. Wow! I really enjoyed the tour. I love your style. Your bedroom is gorgeous, especially the Victorian tree. I can't wait to see your parlour. Thelma.

  2. Every vignette, wreath, beaded garland -- it's all perfect. A truly magical Christmas home. I can't wait to see more!

  3. Oh dear! what a beautiful decoration. waiting for the next one..

  4. Hi Judy! Oh, your home is so beautiful. I have always loved your romantic style! Love seeing your precious Christmas treasures.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Very magical at your house Judy. Love your vignettes. The mantel is so sweet. The victorian tree is so pretty. Wishing you a dreamy white Christmas.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and those wax choir boys and girls made me smile. My gramma use to collect those. Janice

  7. Thank you for the tour. Everything looks so pretty and very, very festive. I love your holiday posts!

  8. Judy!!
    I so look froward to your posts especially your Christmas ones and you have outdone yourself, my friend!!! The picture of the mantle with that sweet pink tree and Santa just stole my heart!! everything is so pretty and so my style which you know...What a pleasant change from the black and red buffalo checks that is out there all over...Not that I don't care for it but EVERYONE and their brother is doing the same thing!! I rejoice in your own style and originality!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! So it took me so log to return the favor...

  9. I am swooning over all your decor shown today. This is so wonderful. I love those sweet little angels your family gifted you. They are very sweet. Gifts from the\ heart are the best. Love that sweet pillow too. Love all the vintage. Oh my going back through your pictures one more time.
    Have a great week.

  10. Judy, your home is so beautiful and all of your Christmas treasures make me smile. Today I also saw a few things that made me well up a little and long for days long gone by...the choir candles, the little pink house and the sparkly buck nearby. We had those exact items on display growing up. It's funny how things can make you "feel" something...thank you my friend, for that little taste of home this evening. I needed that...xo

  11. Oh how beautiful your home looks, Judy! It’s so warm, cozy and inviting! Since I’m a tea lover, I was drawn to that gorgeous teapot. All your vignettes are welcoming. Love everything!

  12. What a lovely grouping of photos! I used to do a pink tree in the bedroom, but it has been a few years...Definitely next year...and I love your charming vintage candle carolers...I so remember those...we lost so many because of too hot storage!

  13. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Stacy. I appreciate it and hope you will come back for another visit..Happy Weekend..Judy

  14. Judy... your "cottage" is just so beautiful and magical. I love it all! I even went and found the Elton John song and you're right, it's very catchy and somehow, I missed that song in 1973 and never recall hearing it! I WAS an Elton John fan and still am! I remember that pink boa too. I love the little choir candles. My mom used to have a set that she put out every year.. pure nostalgia. I think I saved them up until a few years ago, and when we moved from Washougal, WA to this area, they somehow got into a box that went to our moving sale! I was so bummed. The lady had the sale at her house, and posted pictures to show me, and there they were on her table! I was very upset but was too late to get them back as I had already moved. See yours brought back such good memories. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your guestroom with all the pink and flours and that floral wallpaper! Oh sigh........ it's all so very old fashioned and wonderful and the mantel with the pink tree is just wonderful. It's ALL wonderful! You have tours every Christmas. Ha Ha... people would be so enchanted, but of course, who wants to let the public tromp into their house? not me! I did have a nice TG with my son and his fiance but I was exhausted when we got home! The travel and one night in a motel, then 3 nights there in a strange bed, etc. and a very busy day on our last day, and the long drive home (some in the dark and ice) was just too much. I think I just want to stay home for the holidays from now on! Looking forward to your next "tour"!! xoxo Marilyn

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  16. Oh, all your carolers are darlings! How cute it all is.


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