Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Happy Spring to all of you. 
 I can't believe
 that for someone 
who was so looking forward to it, 
I totally forgot to acknowledge the fact.

  These are some unsettling times and 
it is no wonder 
I can't keep my facts straight
 along with most 
everyone else.

 here in California, 
are literally shut-ins and 
I am glad to do so.

 I am so thankful 
for all the doctors and nurses,
 other first responders, 
grocery clerks, 
restaurants and
 the armed forces,
that are working so tirelessly 
to keep us as safe as we can be.

I am also very thankful 
to Governor Newsom, 
along with other governors
 throughout the United States,
 who had the foresight 
to take charge and 
handle this pandemic 
in a way that was 
timely and appropriate.

The numbers are staggering and
  we are in for 
a long haul and 
I wish everyone in the world 
 peace and 
a safe place
 to be.

As I mentioned last week,
 Tami and Tim 
were coming up to do our grocery shopping. 
 At that time,
 Santa Cruz county was to shelter in place.
  We asked them not to come 
but you have to know our daughter. 
 She is a very loving, kind person 
with a strong sense of responsibility.
  One of the points of 
sheltering in place
 was to take care and look after 
loved ones and
 that is the point she fixated on.
  No amount of talking 
would change her mind. 
 Must get that all from her father!!
  I made a big pot of spaghetti
 as they were planning, after shopping, 
to have dinner with us, 
spend the night and 
leave Sunday morning. 
 Jake and Jacenda 
were coming from San Francisco 
to stay with their animals
 while they were
 here with us.

Just before
 they left home Saturday morning, 
Jake called and 
said he didn't feel well. 
 I think it is only a cold 
but he didn't want to be
 close to them until 
he knew for sure.  
That meant they wouldn't spend the night, 
but would visit for awhile 
before heading back home to
 Bo, Rosy and the cats. 
 As they were on the road, 
Tami's supervisor texted her
 saying someone she worked with 
had contacted the virus.
  When she found out who it was, 
she knew she hadn't been around the lady,
 but didn't want to take 
any unnecessary chances with us. 
 So long story short,
 we put our grocery list 
in our mailbox, 
the kids picked it up, 
did the shopping and 
then left the groceries on the back porch.
  We gave virtual hugs and kisses 
through the window in the door, and 
they drove back home.

 We can't say enough 
how proud we are of our kids and 
the two of us will be 
eating spaghetti
 for a month!

As if that wasn't enough, 
Tami left this sweet bunny 
next to the groceries. 
 He is just adorable and 
I love him.

I have been watching 
a watercolor artist on YouTube. 
 Remember how I mentioned 
that the sound of Martha Stewart's voice 
relaxed me, well,
 I must have a thing for voices,
 as this talented artist
 is so soft spoken and 
she fascinates me.  
She also is really great 
about explaining what she is doing.  
She is Australian and
 her name is Louise De Masi.  
I think if I can learn 
how to do watercolors, 
I can learn from her. 
 I will keep trying and 
we shall see.

 Above is the original photo...

...and this is my rendition.

I'm not there yet!
 Not even close, but
I am proud 
that this is the first time
 that I have done the whole drawing
 without tracing.
 For me,
that is progress!

I am not
 going stir crazy yet. 
 I am a real homebody anyway,
 so this shouldn't be
 too hard 
for me...

...but, evidently,
 one member of the household 
is feeling it and 
sneaked out
 when our backs were turned.
  The spring sunshine 
was just to hard 
to resist.

Stay healthy and safe.


I want to thank everyone 
who tried to remember the woman 
from the Cooking Channel. 
 My special thanks to Thelma 
who recognized her as Laura Caulder and
 the show was called French Food at Home.
  She is no longer on that channel 
but thanks, also, to Adrienne,
 we can find her on YouTube. 
 I haven't had a chance 
to watch her again yet, 
but it will be great 
on the list of 
the shut-in's 

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  1. Hello Judy, glad to hear you are staying in. Your artwork is lovely. Kudos to you. Staying busy does help. What an adorable Bunny. Your daughter is so thoughtful and kind. What a joy. Stay healthy and enjoy spring. Thank you for sharing your sweet posts at Love Your Creativity. xoxo

  2. Thanks so much, Linda. It is always my pleasure. Stay well..xxoJudy

  3. I love your new bunny...he is so adorable. You are coming along so well with you watercolors, you should be very proud of yourself.

    I am much in the same boat as you down here in Southern California. I figured out that if I walked the circumference of my property 16 times I could get in my daily 2 mile walk. Sounds crazy I know but I am trying to be very, very careful.
    New activity today...I got out my old manual pasta machine and mixed up some dough, I plan on freezing the extra pasta, but tonight along with sauce from a tomato foraged from the garden I plan on a fresh pasta feast!

    Take care and stay well.

    1. Adrienne, that pasta dinner sounds heavenly. You are very ambitious to walk 2 miles daily. I am afraid that I have been too lacking in physical activity. My eyes do get a work out though, from watching TV. Does that count? Thanks for your kind words about the painting. I had a lot of trouble with the leaves but watched my little friend last night and am trying a new way to paint them. Hopefully the info sunk into me. She is a really good artist and fun to watch..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy

  4. Wonderful children you have. My daughter also offered to bring us food, but told her we have enough. Cute bunny, which reminds me that I should bring out some Easter myself. No Easter dinner here with family though as we are on shutdown too. Janice

    1. Thanks, Janice. Yes, I feel very fortunate that my daughter is the way that she is, BUT there is no talking her out of anything that she feels is something that she has to do. I had another conversation with her on the phone last evening and they are planning to come up again this week for more shopping. We will have no Easter dinner, as such, here either. Just the two of us spring chickens!..Stay well..xxoJudy

  5. Oh Judy you did so well raising these beautiful adults. What great kids you have. If all younger people acted like this wouldn't this world be paradise. Glad you could get your groceries. I am doing this with my mom. I get her groceries and then drop them in the lobby of her senior living and then she comes out and picks them up. We wave to each other from behind the glass door. At least I know she is getting food in to eat. I feel for her senior living. They play so many cards, bingo and have lots of social activities that keep them feeling good that are now on hold. I hope soon they will be able to come out of their apartments and socialize once again. If we all just stay safe and in place we can get there sooner. It is so hard. We had a beautiful day today in the 60's and sunshine. Buddy and I took a long walk and he and I both feel better. Nice to see buds on our trees here in Illinois and the river is flowing and not frozen. Glad you are enjoying that California weather. The bunny is so you and so adorable. Stay safe sweet friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Kris. That is not a good thing to keep the seniors apart. I remember when my dad was in senior living, it was so important to keep the interactions going among them. This must be a hard time for them but it is what needs to be done now.. Glad you and Buddy are getting out for some fresh air. I go out in the garden with Robin and she runs around but if I walk too far my back starts giving me fits. It does make it nicer when the sun shines and glad you are getting a break in the weather..Stay safe my friend..xxoJudy

  6. Judy, these are strange times indeed. I find myself scared to watch the news and yes unable to not watch it hoping that there will be some miracle announcement and we can all get back to normal. The numbers are staggering, especially here in NY. And the sun isn't shining, which makes the days feel even darker, but in trying to find a silver lining, I guess it's keeping people indoors more. Which is good...The forsythia hedge is in full bloom so that will have to provide sunshine for now!! Glad you are staying safe!! Happy Spring!! xoxo

    1. Kim, my comment back to you is further down on the list. Don't know how the skip between your's and Sandi's happened..xxoJudy

  7. Bless your kids, ours are calling and doing wellness checks on US...strange to deal with them on that level, since we have always checked up on them. And, like yourself, I'm content to be a homebody---! We did take a little ride today in the sunshine...but that is about it. And, we are always self-sufficient so other than perscriptions we are always good for quite awhile...a definite plus when living from scratch--and not relying on processed foods. Your photos are always lovely, and I enjoy seeing your blog, take care...and hopefully we will all get through this!, Sandi

    1. Thanks so much, Sandi. I'm glad your kids are checking too. We are very lucky to have families in times like these. I appreciate your kind words and we will get through this, but it will be awhile yet. The reports coming out of New York are unfathomable. It is hard to even imagine all this as reality..Keep safe..xxoJudy

  8. Thank you, Kim. We are having nasty rain for the past two days but we need it so trying not to think badly about it. I had to go to the drug store yesterday to pick up meds. Kim, I can't help it but I was so scared. I just froze when someone came down the aisle where I was waiting and I still can't get over it. This is so hard but as long as I am in my home, I can handle it. Am practicing painting and watching alot of Netflix. Will do a post on good movies to watch. Every little bit helps, I think..Stay safe and keep well, good friend..xxoJudy

  9. Hallo liebe Judy, habe heute deinen blog zum erstemal besucht.bei dir ist es sehr schön.
    bleibt alle gesund!!!
    Liebe Grüße aus Germany/Deutschland
    Brigitte Schmidt

    1. Thank you so much Brigitte. I don't know how to get in touch with you except for here, so hope you will come back and read this. I appreciate your visit so much and hope that you will return. Hope you are staying healthy also..xxoJudy

  10. Well, first of all, I am holding your family in my heart and hoping they haven't contracted the virus. I'm very glad you are taking the best possible safety messages to heart. I will think good thoughts for them.

    I love your pretty watercolor! First job? Well done, you!

  11. Thanks so much, Jeanie. So far they are all doing well so we are thankful for that. The news out of New York is just so terrible. In some respects nothing seems real now. Thanks for your kind words about my paintings but I will leave it at that. I am going to keep trying as I am beginning to enjoy it more and more..Stay safe, my friend..xxoJudy

  12. I don't find myself scared really. We do go out for rides and local park for some different scenery and every one keeping their distance, throwing a frisbee around etc..
    We were riding Tuesday and saw several cars in our area from New York. I must admit it made me a little uncomfortable with what is going on there. I mean it's a big place with lots of people making transmission easier. Stay home, right?
    I am hoping and praying that all is well with your family and things will get better. I just believe it will soon.
    My son had bronchitis two weeks ago and it scared me at first but he's over it now. Some sniffling from the pollen right now I guess some are having. I am

  13. Thanks, Betsy. Yes, I am having small symptoms of seasonal allergies but, thankfully, that is all. We are staying close to home with Jerry going out to walk Kai but no one else is around. Seems like people around here are paying attention. I did have to go pick up some meds the other day and CVS here does not have a drive up so I had to go into the store. There was hardly anyone there but I have to admit that I was scared when someone walked by. I wore rubber gloves but didn't have a mask. Most others did. I hear that there is a problem with New Yorkers going other places. I can't hardly hold that against them except it does put others at risk, and that should be a big no-no now. Heard that they just passed the bill. Lots of money but wonder if it will be enough?.Keep well my friend..xxoJudy

  14. Hola guapa, que fotos mas bonitas, el conejito, el conejito decorativo es realmente precioso, me ha encantado. Cuídate mucho, un abrazo

    1. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you like it. It is all such a great distraction in times like we are having now..Be safe and take care..xxoJudy

  15. That is so sweet that your daughter made such an effort to do your shopping for you - a very special girl with a very special Mom and Dad! Hope they are staying healthy despite the cold and it is not anything more serious. Love all of your sweet photos and the darling new bunny, and of course your charming little pup soaking up the rays. I'm sure there are lots of happy pups with their families home with them all day now in these challenging times. I am so grateful for the governors, as you say, they are the ones who have stepped up for us. Here in WA state we have Gov. Inslee who has been unfairly targeted, and I am so grateful for his foresight and strong leadership. California has the world's 5th largest economy and WA state has Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Costco and Starbucks, along with the West Coast's major ports. These governors have a lot on their plates and now this, and they are doing a phenomenal job trying to keep us all safe. I know we will get through this and we will all learn some valuable lessons of what is really most important in life. Glad you are staying safe in your beautiful home and I pray we can soon see the end of the tunnel. Sending hugs xo Karen

  16. Thanks so much, Karen. I agree with everything you say. These governors and mayors (mostly) around the country are trying so hard to keep us all on the right track. It sure doesn't help matters when they are spoken about and to, like little kids on a playground. I feel so badly for them, and the press, that have to take this type of stuff from someone who should be bigger than their ego! There I've said it and if you didn't know before, I am no fan of Trump. Enough, I am so thankful for my kids, but wish I could talk them out of it as I feel they should be staying home also to keep themselves safe..Take care, my friend, and stay well on your beautiful mountain..xxoJudy

  17. Judy,
    Glad to hear that you are safe and sound....I LOVE that sweet bunny!! And you are very talented as I can only draw stick people!!Love your water color!! I am doing well being at home because I am a homebody too and I am adjusting to this just fine!!
    Stop by if you can, I have been giving personal updates on each of my post...
    Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  18. Judy, somehow I missed this post - it went to my spam folder and as I was cleaning it out this morning, there was THIS post! Your daughter and family are SO WONDERFUL to come up to shop for or bring groceries to you! Are they still doing it? I'm glad they only left things on yoru porch, as was way too soon to be intermingling with them! So glad you did that - at least you could see them through the window. And the bunny she left is just adorable! she is so so sweet and thoughtful. I love your watercolor painting - I like watching watercolor artists on YouTube but so far, haven't attempted anything other than doing a "wash" on a card as a background! I keep thinking I want to do it, but so far haven't. Guess it's not my passion (yet) but I still love the look. Take care and hang in there! Hugs... Marilyn

  19. Thanks so much, Marilyn. I guess that was why I thought I hadn't heard from you. Glad to know that you are well and safe. I am still debating on watercolor paintings. I, too, watch YouTube and they all make it look so easy that I (almost) always think I can do that. But then the light of day hits and not so much! I really feel more comfortable with acrilycs but then, that too is debatable! I know you have seen my last posts so you have answered all your questions..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy


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